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The Making of our 30th anniversary video

A glance behind the scenes of the grand Eurobike story in a video

Incidentally we are very pleased to officially announce: In celebration of Eurobike’s 30th anniversary there will be a grand jubilee video. Featuring exciting interviews with our company founders and current management. Voices of our long-standing Eurobike staff as well as tons of funny, informative and never-revealed scenes of our business. The release of the grand Eurobike story on video is planned to be released mid September. So stay tuned! In advance we tease you here with exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures from the video shoot last May and tell you more about the making of our jubilee video.

From the idea to the film

The entire year we entertain you here on our cycling blog ‘RadlerBlog with stories from 30 years of Eurobike. However, a proper jubilee video telling our Eurobike story is something very special all together, which we absolutely wanted to accomplish. So we organised a day of shooting in mid May this year in marvellous spring weather and asked our founders Herbert Würtinger and Walter Schmid, our managers Verena Sonnenberg and Thomas Schmid as well as our long-standing employees for an interview.

Our companions relate

How did it actually all start? How did the Eurobike brand grow? When did Eurohike walking holidays come into play? Where are we today? Which special Eurobike-moment do you remember most? This and much more we want to find out and present it all packed in a video.

As a location we chose Mount Buchberg near our company headquarters located on the edge of Obertrum. Since from up here you enjoy a marvellous panoramic view onto the outline of the Alpine peaks. Everyone here who gazes into the expansive scenery understands, where our passion and enthusiasm for cycling and hiking stems from.

Behind the scenes of Eurobike

The second location for the shoot was directly on our company premises in Obertrum, since after all we also wanted to feature the work we do on site. We take you with us behind the scenes and also let our long-standing staff have a word, who have shaped our company for many years.

And this is how an entertaining, facinating and emotional video about Eurobike was created – from the early stages to the present day. The world premiere is set for mid September. We are super excited to have the pleasure to present to you then the video in full length on this blog. Stay tuned!

As the highlight of our anniversary year, we are celebrating a big jubilee party on Sunday, 11 September 2022 here at Mühlstraße 20 in Obertrum – with Cycists’ pre-lunch drinks, an open day and a colourful program for children.

Everyone who fancies joining us, has time and happens to be nearby is cordially invited to celebrate with us. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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