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Stories from longtime Eurobike-Employees

Memories from 30 years of Eurobike

Unsere Semi on tour in Italien

30 years of Eurobike – These are also 30 years of stories from Eurobike employees who give our company a face with their lifeblood, commitment and passion for cycle holidays. In celebration of our anniversary, we would like to introduce you to some of these faces. Our colleagues who have shaped the company for many years tell you why they are proud to work at Eurobike and what moments have most remained in their memories.

But regardless of whether they have been part of the team or have only joined recently: each staff member is important to us and a key component in the now more than 30-year success story of Eurobike. Only with the special commitment of each individual can we organise perfect cycle holidays for our customers and make them want to go on holiday with Eurobike. True to our motto: Together we are STRONG!

Unsere Semi on tour in Italien

Claudia Wallner – Sales

How long have I been working at Eurobike and what are my tasks?
I have been with Eurofun Touristik since 1997  and am hence the longest-standing member of staff. I have worked in almost all areas – starting as a tour guide for our guided group holidays in Italy, then as a customer advisor with a focus on Italy. I also supported product management in the development of new cycle holidays in Italy, was a Eurobike team leader and have been in sales since 2017.

Why am I proud to work for Eurobike?
I am incredibly proud and grateful that I was able to contribute my part to the successful history of the company. What I appreciate most is the great working atmosphere, the nice colleagues and the variety. No working day is the same! I am a passionate cyclist myself and am interested in many exciting outdoor topics. I think it is simply amazing that we now sell our holidays worldwide.

Eurobike-Mitarbeiterin Claudia als Reiseleitung in den 90er-Jahren

Which Eurobike-moment do I remember most?
In the course of my 25-year career with Eurobike a ton of moments have piled up, which I will always treasure.

Definitely one of my most unforgettable moments was the job interview with our company founders Herbert Würtinger and Walter Schmid on a mild summer evening over coffee and cake outside on a bench in front of the company headquarters in Obertrum. Incidentally they asked me if I spoke Italian (‚Yes, a little bit!‘) and if I had ever driven a bus with a trailer (‚No, never!‘). Their response: ‚OK, we’ll soon have that sorted out! You can start right away.‘ Unforgettable then was also the moment for me, when I hit the car of the hotel manager in Sirmione on Lake Garda whilst pulling out of a parking space with the bus plus trailer.

I can definitely say that Eurobike has shaped my entire life. Since in 1998 I have met my current husband Norbert on a Eurobike cycle holiday. Back then he was a tour guide just like me!

Unsere Claudia auf der Via Claudia in Italien

Andi Schintlmeister – Head of Product Management

How long I have been working at Eurobike and what are my tasks?
In 1998 I started working at Eurofun Touristik as a tour guide for our Tuscany Cycle Holidays and our Bolzano-Venice Tour. From 2000 until 2002 I was station manager in Bolzano. In 2003 I swapped sunny Italy for the foothills of the Austrian Alps and have been responsible for all Eurobike and Eurohike products at the Eurofun ‚headquarters‘ in Obertrum for a period of 19 years now. I also take care of the smooth organisation of the cycle holidays on site.

Why am I proud to work at Eurobike?
It is just a cool varied job. We are a large, committed and highly motivated team. Everyone is very passionate about it! I get to travel a lot, I encounter different cultures. And last but not least we ensure that our customers get to enjoy unique holidays and take wonderful memories home with them.

Andi mit Eurobike-Gästen beim Picknick während der Radtour

Which Eurobike-moment do I remember most?

The best moments for me are those, when I get to read positive travel feedback from our guests. It is always very special for me when a customer takes the time to write to us about how much they enjoyed their holiday with us and appreciates the work behind such a perfectly organised holiday.

I just think it is great when we can pass on the passion and love for active holidays to our customers and when they remain loyal to us for many years and hence experience many unforgettable moments with Eurobike.

Unser Andi unterwegs mit dem Rad auf Mallorca

Semiramis Feitler – Tour expert

How long have I been working at Eurobike and what are my tasks?
I have been working in customer service at Eurofun Touristik since 2011, initially as a travel expert for the Ten Lakes Loop Tour, the Chiemgau and our German partner holidays. Since this year I have also been in charge of the Polish partner holidays and have taken over the Alpe-Adria-Cycle Path as a travel expert.

Why am I proud to work at Eurobike?
In my now more than 10 years with Eurobike I had the chance to see the company grow and I am proud to be part of this great success story. In addition it is wonderful to experience that we pull together as a team, even in difficult times.

Eurobike-Mitarbeiterin Semiramis auf dem Donau-Radweg in Budapest

Which Eurobike-moment do I remember most?
There are many! I always enjoy again and again the many fun lunch breaks, company outings and events with colleagues. We are just such a great team!

Another highlight every year are the ‚Staff Members on Tour‘- trips, which we get to go on in order to familiarise ourselves with the routes and destinations even better. Unforgettable for me: cycling from Vienna to Budapest and from Venice to Florence.

Spaß mit den Kollegen beim Eurofun-Betriebsausflug

Valerian Höfler – Team leader of Eurobike-tour experts

How long have I been working at Eurobike and what are my tasks?
In mid-March it is going to be exactly eight years that I have been working at Eurofun Touristik. I started as a travel expert and gradually took on other tasks such as bike- and luggage logistics and the bike-app. For two and a half years now I have been team leader for the Eurobike travel experts and on top of that as a project manager I also take care of our Tourbook 4 booking program for Eurofun Touristik in Obertrum.

Why am I proud to work at Eurobike?
I was lucky enough to be able to turn my hobby into a job. I love cycling and sports in general and with our cycle holidays I can also inspire others with my passion for cycling. We are a super friendly team with a family atmosphere and flat hierarchies. It is just so much fun to work at Eurobike!

Unser Vali unterwegs mit dem Rad im Grünen

Which Eurobike-moment do I remember most?
It was my very first welcome meeting in Salzburg, where we greeted guests, handed them their Eurobike-bikes and provided details about the holiday. We had an Israeli group holiday for the Ten Lakes Loop Tour, who wanted to rent different bikes from us – normal bikes, electric bikes, children’s bikes, different frame sizes. I had to transport all the bikes from Obertrum to Salzburg, right in the middle of the city, and adjust them individually for each customer. Even through it was very stressful, in the end everyone was happy and satisfied and the cycle holiday could start.

Unforgettable for me too is the prank of my colleagues after me returning from my 5-week holiday in Alaska. While I was away everyone had bombarded me with emails with no work content, just as a prank – 215 emails in total. They just wanted to see my stunned face when I was back at my desk after my long time away and discover the unread emails in my box. However their plan did not work out, since I directly saw through the prank and very obviously acted unphased by the flood of emails. Simply wonderful: our heartfelt belly laughs!

Valerian bei der Ostereiersuche am Eurofun-Firmensitz in Obertrum

Sabine Jäger – Product Management

How long have I been working at Eurobike and what are my tasks?
I have been with Eurofun Touristik since 2015 and am responsible for our Bavaria Cycle Holidays as a travel expert. As I am Bavarian myself this is ideal for me. In the future I will also support our product management team and work on developing new, attractive cycle holidays for our clients.

Why am I proud to work at Eurobike?
Again and again I am just amazed at what great active holidays we offer and what wonderful working atmosphere and team spirit we enjoy.

Eurobike-Mitarbeiterin Sabine testet unsere Radreisen

Which Eurobike-moment do I remember most?
Our Eurofun-company outings are just so much fun and an experience for all colleagues. And of course the ‚Staff members on Tour‘-trips are great! Here for instance I got to go on the Allgäu Lakes Rally and hence was able to gather unforgettable impressions.

Sabine beim Eurofun-Betriebsausflug