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Hannes reports on our Veneto - based in one hotel tour

Prosecco Tour - based in one hotel
Cyclists in front of Hotel Relais Monaco

With my father's roots tracing back to Veneto (St. Pietro di Feletto, nestled some 30 kilometers to the north of Treviso), it's a deeply meaningful decision for me to embark on this year's Prosecco Cycling Tour, centered around a single enchanting hotel. As Austria begins to embrace the crisp embrace of autumn, I'm undeterred by the somewhat uncertain weather forecast for the Treviso region. Filled with anticipation and excitement, my car stands fully loaded, poised to journey southward.

Cyclists in front of Hotel Relais Monaco

Together with my wife, once again accompanying me on this tour, we arrive at our hotel in the late afternoon. The villa's atmosphere immediately captures our attention, and the expansive park and the picturesque drive through the vineyards bring us great joy. After savoring this ambiance for a moment, we step into the welcoming embrace of Country Hotel Relais Monaco. A friendly staff member from the 4-star hotel greets us warmly and provides us with the necessary documents for our tour. Following this, she guides us to our generously sized room and directs us to the rental bicycle storage area. Our e-bikes' batteries are already fully charged, ensuring we're all set to commence the first leg of our journey through the wine region the following day.

The Piave River and its wine route

A glance out the window, and our faces light up with delight, for the day bestows upon us the gift of exquisite, sun-kissed weather. Following a hearty breakfast, we eagerly straddle our e-bikes, commencing a journey that weaves through the rustic heartland. As we traverse the elevated paths, the scenery unfolds like a splendid painting, with vineyards stretching to the horizon and the occasional villa discreetly gracing the landscape. We are drawn to a lovely café where a glass of Pinot Grigio becomes an irresistible treat. This delightful wine originates from the Veneto region of Italy, renowned as the main producer of Pinot Grigio, also known as Grauburgunder. Our cycling journey continues, and with the warm glow of late afternoon surrounding us, we head back to our hotel after covering a satisfying 70 kilometers. Our trusty e-bikes are safely stowed, and their batteries recharge in the convenience of our hotel room, ensuring they are ready to power our upcoming day of cycling adventures.

Grape tasting in Piave

Excursion to the Sile Nature Park

The day's weather is less than pleasant - with fog and a chilly wind. Nevertheless, we start our journey albeit a bit later. This delay allows us to savor our breakfast for longer. The cycling route initially leads us to Treviso, followed by a 10-kilometer ride along a gravel path, tracing an old railway route. Enchanting palm trees along the way uplift our spirits. In Carpenedo, a bustling market captures our attention, prompting a short break to explore the offerings.

As noon approaches, the skies clear, revealing a brilliant blue and a welcomed rise in temperature. We continue our ride towards our lodging and in the evening, we treat ourselves to a customary Osteria experience, relishing in pizza and a glass of wine, a perfect conclusion to a splendid day of cycling.

Old railway line with Eurobike bike

Quick visit to Treviso

Our itinerary is thoughtfully designed, featuring alternating days of longer and shorter cycling tours, showcasing our flexibility to adapt. We're not bound by a rigid schedule, and after consulting our travel guide's advice on weekday traffic, we decide to commence our brief journey to Treviso at 10:30 a.m. In the northeastern part of the city, we encounter a network of enchanting canals, each offering tranquil spots to appreciate the natural beauty. We seize the opportunity to soak in the surroundings, culminating in a leisurely coffee break at Piazza dei Signori. Wandering through the city's picturesque Italian lanes, we eventually return to the hotel in the late afternoon. There, we are treated to a sumptuous 4-course meal, the perfect end to a delightful day.

Piazza dei Signori in Treviso

Excursion to the Prosecco Hills

Following breakfast, we are welcomed by the Italian station manager, Marco. Our bikes are loaded onto the trailer, and accompanied by six other international Eurobike guests, embark on a journey to the Prosecco region via the Eurobike bus. Upon our arrival in Valdobbiadene, renowned for the Glera grape, we commence our ride through gently undulating terrain, enveloped by vineyards on both sides. Along the route, we encounter several charming villages with plenty of opportunities to pause and savor the surroundings.

Basking in a pleasant 15 degrees Celsius, we indulge in the exquisite Prosecco outdoors before making our way to the wellness hotel. In the evening, we're treated to an exceptional Prosecco tasting, joined by all the fellow guests currently on the tour. With sausage, ham, bread, and wine, we have all we could desire. The enjoyable conversations with our Eurobike companions, all equally captivated by this tour, will be fondly remembered.

Prosecco Hills

When the weather doesn't cooperate...

As much as we were looking forward to this final stage, unfortunately, the weather is not on our side today. Heavy rain and strong winds have led us to decide to stay in the hotel for the day. We don't regret it at all, as the 4-star Country Hotel Relais Monaco is truly outstanding, where the 4 stars are more than justified. Here, every wish is anticipated and fulfilled to perfection. On days when cycling is not an option, like today, we find solace in the inviting pool or explore the newly designed spa area, which caters to our every need, be it an indoor pool, various saunas, or tranquil places to rest and rejuvenate. We savor our final evening at the hotel's bar. Then it's time to head to bed – as tomorrow, we must rise early because for us, it's "Ciao Italia," until next time!

Hotel Relais Monaco


The takeaway from this Eurobike cycling tour: Italy proves that a carefree vacation doesn't always require the sea.

The fantastic 4-star hotel, the unbelievably good food, and the breathtaking scenery make this cycling tour simply unforgettable.

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