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The cabins of the Leafde fan Fryslân

The Leafde fan Fryslân features a total of 20 cabins. Twelve of these cabins are 2-bed cabins, approximately 9-10 m² each, equipped with two single beds. Additionally, there is a smaller 2-bed cabin, approximately 9 m² in size, and a junior suite, approximately 12 m² in size, both furnished with two single beds. Two single cabins, approximately 7 m² each, are also available. All cabins, except for the single cabins, are equipped with a porthole or deck hatch that can be opened.

Since 2024, four brand new suites (approximately 15-16 m²) have been available on the upper deck. These suites even feature a small private balcony and double glass doors.

Shower/WC facilities and air conditioning are available in all cabins.

The public areas of the Leafde fan Fryslân

The Leafde fan Fryslân boasts a maritime-themed restaurant offering meticulously prepared meals. Located on the upper deck, the wheelhouse features a cozy lounge area adorned with large panoramic windows and a well-stocked bar. This area provides the finest views over the water, complemented by seating available on the deck for relaxation.

Technical data of the Leafde fan Fryslân

  • Length: 64 m
  • Width: 7 m
  • Draft: 2.5 m
  • Cabins: 23
  • Capacity: 44 passengers
  • Decks: Lower deck, Upper deck


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