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The cabins of the MS Amore

The MS Amore offers a total of 19 outside cabins, each 14 m². On the upper deck there are six double cabins, four with single beds and two with French beds. On the middle deck, passengers also have four double cabins with single beds and one with a French bed. Eight of these are on the lower deck, four with single beds, two with French beds and two triple cabins with French plus single beds. There are also portholes there that can be opened. All 19 have their own bathroom with shower and toilet and individually controlled air conditioning.

Doppelkabine mit Bett

Technical data of the MS Amore

  • Year of construction: 2011
  • Type of ship: Motorsailer
  • Length: 40 m
  • Width: 8 m
  • Occupancy: 40 passengers
  • Number of cabins: 19
  • Passenger decks: 3
  • Sun deck: 250 m² for approx. 20 people
  • Onboard language: German, English
Seitenansicht der MS Amore