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Bicycle tires in profile

Flat bicycle tire

Anyone who rides a bike more often knows that the contact points with the bike are particularly important for a comfortable and safe ride. A comfortable saddle, suitable grips and non-slip pedals form the basis for a pleasant time on the bike. However, the contact points of the bike with the ground should not be forgotten. The tires have an immense influence on the riding characteristics of a bike, which is why choosing the right tires is one of the most important factors when buying or renting a bike.

Flat bicycle tire

In this article we want to introduce you to our rental bikes and in particular to different types of tires to finally be able to tell you why our rental bikes and their tires are perfect for covering longer distances on our bike tours.

Our rental bikes

The basis of all our KTM and Velo de Ville rental bikes is a sturdy, durable aluminum frame. Our standard rental bikes are equipped with either hub or derailleur gears and have reliable V-brakes. You want an even higher quality equipment? Then you should take a look at our rental bike PLUS. This is equipped with hydraulic brakes, offers a finely graduated gear shift and a Suntour suspension fork for the extra comfort on your bike trip.

Those who do not quite dare to make a trip under their own power can of course also opt for one of our e-bike rental bikes. These are equipped similarly to our normal rental bikes, of course with the small but subtle difference that they have a motor. So you can save your strength during the trip by the electronic support when pedaling and enjoy the time on the bike to the fullest. With four different power levels, you'll always find the right assistance to help you out up to a speed of 25 km/h.

No matter which bike you choose - all our bikes are regularly serviced and are of course equipped for everyday use with lights, mudguards and a luggage rack to which bike bags can be attached. Of course, we have also selected a suitable saddle and suitaable grips and pedals so that you can cover the stages during your bike trip as comfortably as possible.

Influence of different tire profiles

The tread of the tires used has the very greatest influence on the handling characteristics of a bicycle and on how the tires behave while riding. A rough distinction can be made between three different types: Slick tread tires, treaded tires, and lugged tires. Each type has its own purpose and thus its right to exist.

Slick tread

Slick tread refers to tires that have no tread at all and are therefore completely smooth. As a result, they offer the best grip on dry roads, but this quickly diminishes as soon as the road becomes dirty or has many bumps. Therefore, they are only suitable for driving on asphalt roads. Tires with slick tread are often very narrow and have a very low rolling resistance, which is why they are mainly used on road bikes.

Road bike tires with slick tread

Tread pattern

This is a lightweight tread that, as you can tell from the name, consists of stripes rather than lugs. The texture gives you a reliable grip even on rougher terrain or dirty roads. Thus, they are ideal for bike paths and also for slightly rougher terrain. Since the tread has a light profile, the rolling resistance is somewhat higher than in tires with slick tread, but they are more universally applicable and are suitable for trips on asphalt as well as on light gravel. The range of use moves from city bikes to touring bikes.

Tire with tread pattern

Studded tires

The tires with large lugs are known mainly from mountain bikes, but these are also used in not quite so aggressive form for gravel bikes. Due to the lugs, you also have a very good grip on loose soil, roots, stones, gravel and even muddy ground, because the tire can adapt optimally to the surface. This prevents slipping away, and cornering grip is also significantly improved. What is helpful off-road, however, makes the ride on paved roads more arduous: The lugs generate a high rolling resistance, which means that the tires are not ideally suited for riding on paved surfaces.

Mountain bike tires with lug tread

Breakdown protection

Especially when it comes to the reliability of the bicycle during a bike trip, puncture resistance is also of immense importance. To prevent unnecessary punctures, tires are made of cut-resistant high-tech fabric or reinforced by inserts between the carcass and tread. Some tires even offer reinforced sidewalls or several protective mechanisms at once. Protective strips, made of Kevlar for example, are often used to prevent sharp objects from piercing through the tire. Inserts made of rubber are also very popular, as stones, shards or other sharp objects simply get stuck in them without causing any damage. Some manufacturers even advertise "unflattable" tires. Even if these offer excellent protection against damage, you can never assume 100% puncture resistance.

Flat bicycle tire

Our tire - The Schwalbe Marathon (Plus)

Our tire of choice is the Schwalbe Marathon (Plus), which is used in the standard variant on our normal rental bikes. The Plus variant is intended for our e-bikes. Four criteria in particular play an essential role for us in the selection:

  • Smoothness: Because the tire is relatively thin and has a tread pattern, it offers above-average smoothness on asphalt, but is still versatile enough to provide a pleasant ride on rougher terrain - so it's perfect for the trails you'll encounter on our bike tours.
  • Durability: the more durable the tire, the less often it will need to be replaced. With the Schwalbe Marathon Plus, it's even possible to get over 10,000 kilometres out of a tire before it needs to be replaced. This means less maintenance for us, which in turn means more rental bikes for you as guests, as maintenance times are minimal. If the tire does need to be replaced, we have of course made provisions: Around 500 spare tires are always in stock with us.
Schwalbe Marathon tires on Eurobike rental bike
  • Puncture protection: The Schwalbe Marathon tire offers a 3 mm thick puncture protection insert, which is made of a special rubber. Thus, a puncture during the bike trip can be almost completely excluded and a stress-free cycling vacation is virtually guaranteed. If something does go wrong, we are of course available with our on-site support. In addition, it is worth taking a look at our blog post "How to replace or repair an inner tube".
  • Safety: The three previously mentioned factors naturally play a decisive role when it comes to safety during the bike tour. Smooth running, durability and puncture protection all play their part in the safety of our rental bikes and hopefully also in ensuring that you can enjoy your cycling vacation without any worries.
Schwalbe Marathon tires on Eurobike rental bike PLUS

Overall, the Schwalbe Marathon (Plus) is therefore the perfect all-rounder that covers all the features that are important on a bike trip. Even the sidewalls of the tires are extra reinforced to take into account the higher driving weight when traveling with day luggage on the bike. The Plus variant is again somewhat more resistant and thus ideally suited for e-bikes, since stronger forces are generated there by the motor during the ride.

Here you will find our most beautiful e-bike tours.

We hope we were able to give you a good overview of what you should consider when choosing tires for your bike! Regardless of whether you are traveling with your own bike or a rental bike - we look forward to welcoming you perhaps soon on one of our tours. For example, how about our bike tour "Castles of the Loire" or the bike tour "Munich Lakes Tour"?

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