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The Eurofun Company Headquarters in the Course of Time

From farm to modern company building
Eurofun main office in Obertrum am See

Work, where others go on holidays to – Our Eurofun headquarters are nestled between forests, lush green meadows and Lake Obertrumer See. Here in the idyllic foothills of the Alps only about 20 kilometres from the Baroque city of Salzburg, we plan, organise and market our Eurobike cycle holidays and Eurohike hiking holidays for you. We have been at home in Obertrum, Austria, for more than two decades. Just as our tours have developed over time, our team has grown steadily, our company headquarters have also changed and adapted to the increasing demands.  

In celebration of our 30th Eurobike anniversary, we will take you on a virtual tour through our company building and tell you how a farm became a modern workplace for over 50 employees.

Eurofun main office in Obertrum am See

From Lake Holzöstersee to Lake Obertrumer See

The Eurobike cycle holidays did not start in Obertrum, but at the former Würtinger & Partner GmbH in Franking, about 25 kilometres away, situated on Lake Holzöstersee in Upper Austria. There our company founders Herbert Würtinger and Walter Schmid designed the first Eurobike holidays as well as the catalogues. But after four years, the two started looking for a new location. The town of  Obertrum am See, Mühlstraße 20 an abandoned farm caught their eye. Enough space for offices and rental bikes as well as the amazing location were ultimately decisive for the signed rental agreement. A new era in Obertrum am See was about to begin!

From farm to company building

For years Eurofun Touristik was only a tenant at the Mühlstraße location, however in 2002 we were given the opportunity to buy the entire farm and thus expand it according to our needs. In addition to a spacious bike storage, a new extension also provided more space for offices. The existing part was also completely renovated by the end of the year thanks to positive company development. Renovation work, conversions and new buildings took place continuously in the following years. Today,our company building has a new shine and a fresh modern design, whilst retaining its idyllic charm and feel-good atmosphere.

Rebuilding of the garden area in 2002

New Interior Design

The old farm was not only given a new coat of paint on the outside, but the interior was also renovated and embellished. Especially when purchasing new office furniture, it is important to us to ensure a healthy working environment. New floors, height-adjustable desks, ergonomic office chairs and comfortable furniture for the lounge were purchased.

Perfect location in Obertrum

In addition to the large amount of space for our rental bikes, Eurobike and Eurohike buses as well as spacious office aera, our company headquarters impress with its ideal location. The Eurofun headquarters are not located in a large, impersonal commercial area, but close to nature in the middle of an idyllic landscape. During our lunch break, we can relax in the sun on our farm without any street noise and with a view of the greenery, or enjoy a wonderful view of the Alps. Many of our employees commute to work by bike, because there are numerous well-developed cycle paths in the region, which make it easy to do without the car and do something for the environment. Did you know that our classic cycle holiday, the Ten Lakes Tour, passes almost directly by our company building?

Eurofun Head Office in Obertrum
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