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Cycling in the heat

5 Tipps for cycling at high temperatures

Temperatures above 30 degrees can really take it out of you when cycling. The body not only has to generate the energy to reach the Day Finish, but is also busy regulating body temperature. In order for you to keep a cool head during your cycling tour in high heat and to really enjoy cycling we have compiled a few helpful tips for you:

1. Headgear and sunglasses

We highly recommend you wear headgear in hot temperatures, in order to prevent a heatstroke and spare the body unnecessary stress caused by unprotected sun exposure. A light-weight bicycle helmet with sun shield and air vents is ideal. It is also vital to protect your eyes, since glaring sunlight is detrimental for the eye. When cycling in sunny weather we always recommend wearing good quality sunglasses. By the way children’s eyes are particularly sensitive to direct sunlight, which is why the eyes of the tiny cyclists need to be protected by them wearing sunglasses with a reliable UV-filter during the summer months at any rate.

2. Sun protection for the skin

We cannot stress enough how important it is to protect exposed skin with sun screen in order to avoid uncomfortable sunburn. Please use products with sun-block or a high sun protection factor and apply sun screen several times daily.

Pay particular attention applying plenty of sunscreen to very exposed spots such as the nose, ears, neck and calves.

3. Suitable clothing

When cycling in the summer heat it is best you wear light-coloured clothing, which reflects the sunlight. Dark clothing on the other hand absorbes the light and heats up the body unnecessarily. Clothes made from special functional materials transport persperation away from the skin from the inside to the outside of the material and hence cause more efficient and faster evaporation. Many cyclists recommend clothing made from pure merino wool. Advantages of this amazing natural fibre are especially the natural UV-protection and the comfortable wear. In addition to that materials made from merino wool are highly breathable and dry considerably faster than cotton for instance.

4. Drink plenty of water and fluids

Since the airflow during cycling causes the perspiration to evaporate very quickly, cyclists often do not realise dehydration early enough. In order to avoid dehydration we recommend you drink plenty of water, fruit tea or fruit juice mixed with sodium-rich mineral water already before you start the cycling tour.

For the tour you ideally need to bring two bottles of water and drink regularily whilst cycling even if you do not feel thirsty.

5. Take breaks

Cycling in the heat is very taxing for your body system, hence in such conditions we recommend you best cycle at a comfortable pace and do not demand top performances from yourself.

Also do not forget to have breaks in the shade at regular intervals. If you have the chance to cool down in the refreshing waters of a stream or a lake, then we highly recommend you seize any oppportunity you get.

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