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Cycling enjoyment in Switzerland

Experience the regional nature, culture and cuisine by bike

What comes to mind when you think of Switzerland? You are probably thinking of things like chocolate, Heidi or the famous pocketknives. However, the small Alpine country has much more to offer. In addition to wonderful mountains and sparkling lakes, there are numerous fascinating cities to discover. It’s perfect location in the heart of Europe is another factor that makes this country an ideal holiday destination.

Cyclists benefit from a well-developed and maintained network of cycle paths, reliable public transport and – just between us – you don’t have to be an elite athlete to enjoy a cycling holiday in Switzerland. . Switzerland offers the right route for every level of difficulty, and a variety of tours that exactly suit each and every individual level of cyclist.

Switzerland’s special features

The country with a lot of lived tradition is neutral. This characteristic goes back to the Congress of Vienna in 1814/1815. It is a central tenet of foreign policy.

You will find a lot of untouched nature in the Swiss region. You should certainly plan a visit to the Swiss moated castle on your next cycling holiday. It lies in Aargau, where the Aare, Reuss and Limmat rivers join together. The extraordinary river landscape is also known as the ‘Amazon of Switzerland’.

Did you know that the Inn, Ticino, Rhône and the Rhine rivers all have their source in the Swiss Alps? Or that there are more than 1,500 lakes in Switzerland? That means you are never more than 16 kilometres from the nearest lake. Aren’t these fantastic prospects?


Typical Swiss specialties and cuisine

Of course Swiss chocolate is world-famous. In addition to the highest per capita chocolate consumption in the world (11kg per person per year), Switzerland is one of the most important international chocolate producers. The Swiss have always been innovative, even in this market. For example, Daniel Peter was the first to produce milk chocolate, and Rodolphe Lindt developed the conching machine for better mixing the cocoa butter with chocolate.

Aside from sweet treats, there is a lot more to discover in Switzerland. The typical cheese fondue is an excellent example of a hearty meal. It originally came from French-speaking Switzerland, and today it is spread throughout Switzerland with regional variations. The most popular types of cheese to include are Appenzeller, Gruyère or Vacherin. The dish is rounded off with white wine and a shot of Kirsch.

2 people make a cheese fondue

Enjoy Switzerland sustainably

Substainability is not only a priority at Eurobike but it is also an important theme in Switzerland. For this reason, a few years ago the Swisstainable campaign was launched. The focus is on the idea of sustainable travel: enjoying original nature, experiencing local culture authentically and eating local food.

The idea of sustainable experiences can easily be combined with a cycling holiday. You cycle under your own power through the unspoilt nature and experience the country and people away from the crowds. If you should need a break from cycling, you can easily hop onto the train in Switzerland. For one reason, Switzerland has an excellently developed network of public transport, and for another, many Swiss trains have special “Velo” areas reserved for bicycles. This makes it easy to transport the bike to its destination.

Rhaetian Railway in the Swiss Alps

The most beautiful regions in Switzerland

Scarcely any other country combines so many different landscapes into a small territory. In Switzerland you will find Mediterranean flair, alpine mountain ranges with impressive mountain, beautiful lakes and crystal-clear rivers, rural idylls but also urban, bustling cities.

James Bond Romance in the Bern region

The canton of Bern with the federal city of the same name lies in the heart of Switzerland. The city of Bern is not only the political centre of Switzerland, but also since 1983 has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Aside from the city of Bern, you should take a plunge into the crystal-clear waters of Lake Thun or Lake Brienz, or, up on an alp, watch how traditional alpine cheese is made. Schilthorn attracts the world of James Bond; “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” with George Lazenby was created there and there is the magnificent view of the world-famous triumvirate of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Not far from the canton of Bern, the beautiful Rhône route towards Geneva starts in Valais. The diversity of Switzerland can be experienced again on the way. At the beginning, it is alpine, but becomes Mediterranean with vineyards and the sparkling Lake Geneva towards the destination. The ideal journey for leisure cyclists!

Lucerne and Lake Lucerne – to William Tell’s homeland

Historically, the region of Lucerne and Lake Lucerne has a lot to offer. The region is considered as the birthplace of the Swiss Confederation, when in 1291 the people of Uri, Schwyz and Unterwald gathered on the Rütli meadow to take the Rütli oath. William Tell, the famous Swiss freedom fighter, also comes from central Switzerland.

Lucerne, picturesquely located on Lake Lucerne, attracts tourists with Mount Rigi, nicknamed “Queen of the Mountains”, and the Kappelbrücke chapel bridge, and therefore is an ideal starting point to discover the region. Not for nothing is Lucerne known as the gateway to central Switzerland!

Those who are interested in architecture will get their money’s worth in Lucerne’s old town. The narrow streets with the nice cafes invite your to linger and go for a stroll. It’s worth detouring to the Lion Monument.

View of Lucerne

Ticino – a place of longing with Mediterranean flair

Ticino exudes Italian flair. No wonder, as the official language is Italian and due to the favourable geographical location, the mild Mediterranean climate can extend into Ticino. Enjoy the southern attitude to life with an espresso on Lake Maggiore, or stroll through Ascona, Locarno or Lugano.

The charming small town of Lugano, with its palm and lemon trees, is also the destination of a classic Alpine crossing over the Gotthard Pass. On this cycling holiday you will experience the full diversity of Switzerland. The starting point is Basel. Enjoy wonderful views of the impressive Jura mountain range, before immersing yourself in the beautiful nature of central Switzerland. After the Gotthard Pass, there is a steady downhill to the destination.

Airolo, Tremola

Farewell at the Zauberberg Magic Mountain in Graubünden

In winter, the “jet set” spend their holidays in St Moritz or Klosters. Graubünden though is known among literary connosseurs because of Thomas Mann’s novel, “The Magic Mountain”. This is set in the famous mountain health resort of Davos.

A special highlight in Graubünden is a ride on the Bernina Express. The railway line runs from Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland, through 55 tunnels and 196 bridges up to 2,253 meters to the glacier, the Ospizio Bernina with magnificent mountain views and back down to Tirano in Italy.

View at Scuol
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