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In profile: Our Sabine

The lively bavarian tells uf of her everyday work

Dear cycling friends,

Today I would like to give you a very special look behind the scenes of my everyday work. What you experience as a customer service representative, what tasks and sometimes challenges you are faced with, the funniest experiences and my favourite trip. I have a lot to share, so I better get started. 😉

My story at Eurobike

I have been part of the Eurobike team since 2015. Time enough to be able to say I’ve seen (almost) everything. But let’s go back to the beginning. I got to know Eurobike from the other side during my previous work as a customer adviser in a Eurobike partner hotel in Passau. At Eurobike I received a warm welcome straight away and felt at home in the new team

The tours I am responsible for were consistent from the start. As a ‘real Bavarian’, I was assigned the cycle tours in the Munich area. I now know the region better than the back of my own hand and it gives me a lot of pleasure to organise cycling tours in Bavaria, and show off my home region.

From the first inquiry to the trip

Currently – in January and February – there is a lot going on in the office due to the early bird bonus and various trade fair visits. Countless bookings are received every day, which I try to process as quickly as possible. When I receive a booking, it is time for me to request the individual hotels on the respective trip. Ideally, all partner hotels requested still have room and I can confirm the trip immediately. Unfortunately, this is not always the case so I have to request 3-4 hotels so the cycle tour can work as planned. About six weeks before the trip, it’s my job to send you the travel documents and take care of luggage logistics. If there are any questions from customers, I am of course always happy to help.

Other areas of responsibility

In addition to the great team, another reason why I enjoy working at Eurobike is the variety of tasks. My activities change depending on the month. From the main booking months before the cycling season to short-term inquiries and bookings, answering and preparing travel feedback or answering questions on the service hotline in the high season, to revising the homepage at the season end. As soon as the last cyclists are back home, it’s time to start preparing the tours for the next cycling season. As you can see, there is a lot to do and we never get bored.

A few things to laugh about

With so many tasks, you naturally come across a funny request or two. I had a lot of fun, for example, when I customer said she was 161cm tall (159cm without shoes). Or when we were asked whether could offer a Rhine tour on the Danube. Once I was asked on the phone veeerrryyy sllooowwwllllyyy whether I am human or a machine – these are the moments that cheer up everyday work.

By the way: Although I have had the pleasure of getting to know many Eurobike cycle tours, there is one that is my absolute favourite!

Which is it? Guess! Here is the answer.

Sabine Jäger

Do you have any questions about my everyday life or one of my cycle tours? Please get in touch! Best regards,

Sabine Jäger
Product Management
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