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All-round carefree holidays: Eurobike Bike & Boat trips

Sail among the cycle paths

A cycling trip with a difference – this is the motto of the Eurobike bike and boat tours. Are you looking for a varied holiday with a difference? Perfect! The bike and boat trips combine sport and relaxation at the highest level.

What to expect? Excellent food, varied cycle tours and cultural highlights in between. So that you know how a day runs on the journey, the Eurobike team has created an overview for you. Read 


What the saying? Fail to prepare, or prepare to fail!
Tip: Check the last minute tips for the perfect cycle tour before embarking on a bike & boat holiday.

This is what a day on a boat trip looks like

On almost every ship tour the morning starts with a rich breakfast buffet. From fresh pastries and confectionary to fruit and cereals to cheese and sausage, there is something to suit every taste. After this good start to the morning, the bike tour of the day will be presented.But that’s not all, there are planned stops on each stage to enjoy a well deserved break and some cultural highlights.

Eurobike bike and boat tours offer two options for the perfect holiday:

Cyclists in the ship's restaurant

Option 1: The ship stays at the harbour

If the ship doesn’t sail on, our active vacationers explore the surrounding area by bike. Picturesque landscapes and enchanting towns lie along the cycle paths. You will discuss the round trip with the group leader each day. You return to the port where the ship is anchored. This is clear: after sport comes the pleasure.

Option 2: The ship sails to the next stop

In this option, you have a destination other than the port of the morning – namely the port of the next leg. In this variant, the ship sails to the next landing station and cyclists peddle diligently and follow on the saddle. Afterwards, nothing stands in the way of a cosy evening on deck! 

A pick-me-up in between can’t be missed! To satisfy your hunger, you have the option to put together a packed lunch at the breakfast buffet.

Eurobike tip: Pack everything your heart desires.

The daily stages amount to between 15 and 60 kilometres per day. The tour character differs for each stage. Basically, all routes are classed as simple and consistently lead through flat terrain. So perfect routes for leisure cyclists!

Snack in Copenhagen

Speaking of enjoyment: You won’t be short on relaxation!

In the afternoon/evening you will return to your floating hotel room. The sundeck on the ship offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the last rays of sunshine of the day and to recharge your batteries. After this recovery, you will be spoiled with a 3-course meal.

Still feel like a nightcap? Treat yourself to a drink at the ship bar!

Cyclists in front of MS Sir Winston Holland

Do you still have questions about the Eurobike boat tours? Take a look at our bike & boat FAQ page.

Bike & boat presents: Province of North Holland and Friesland

From the starting point of Amsterdam, you sail on the MS Serena for seven nights to the IJsselmeer and the North Sea beaches. This bike and boat journey is adorned with dreamlike tulip fields, gentle dunes and impressive windmills.

The highlights of the combined trip: Eurobike takes you to picturesque landscapes and beautiful fishing villages in Holland. On each of the six days, you can decide for yourself whether you want to cover the entire stage by bike or shorten the route by boat.

Willemsbridge Rotterdam

Not enough? All details on the bike and boat tour “North Holland and Friesland” can be found on the Eurobike website.

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