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Discover the most beautiful river cycle routes

Between castles and rivers
View of Château de Villandry and its gardens

This summer you will find the perfect combination of culture & cycling pleasure on river and coastal cycle paths in Europe. For example, did you know that a total of more than 5,000 rivers flow through Europe? On your bike trip along rivers, you will not only cross bodies of water, but also national borders, because many of the bike paths often connect several countries with each other and thus offer even more variety on your Eurobike bike tour.

With a view of the enchanting landscape, you can pedal hard and see many an impressive building from the past along the way. Here, both pleasure cyclists and cyclists for whom the focus is on sport will get their money's worth. In this article, you will be inspired by our three favorite cycling routes and learn what makes a tour along Europe's most beautiful rivers so special.

View of Château de Villandry and its gardens

Feel that certain flair

Whether professional or beginner, most cycling tours through river landscapes will convince you with developed cycling routes and are suitable for every level of cycling. Due to the mostly flat course, this type of cycling differs from crossing the Alps by bike.

tours in the mountains. But no less impressive are the landscapes to be discovered, the lush green meadows and the rippling water that accompanies you along the way. Often the routes are a bit longer, but an extra portion of comfort is provided. Our service tip: Rent one of our e-bikes for your cycling trip. This way you will reach your destination faster and can use the time gained for a short sightseeing tour at your arrival destination.

Our 3 favorite river bike routes

Moselle Cycle Path

There is something very special about cycling along the Moselle. The river originates in France and then becomes the border river between Luxembourg and Germany. For the most part, however, it flows through Germany. We start our tour along the Moselle in the small French town of Metz. In total, the bike path covers 311 kilometers, along the bike route from France to Germany you will find all kinds of cultural treasures to discover. Metz is not only known for its stained-glass windows, here you can also visit numerous museums from the Roman and Renaissance periods.

Back on your bike saddle, you will continue to Perl and then to Tier, where you will be surrounded by the vast vineyards for the first time during your tour. The Moselle is the oldest wine region in Germany. Along the route you will find here and there on the Moselle terrace one of the noble drops to enjoy. As a Roman proverb says: Vinum bonum deorum donum. - Good wine is a gift from the gods.

Be a lady of the castle / lord of the castle once

You cycle on to Koblenz, where it is worth taking a short detour to the medieval Eltz Castle. The castle is lovingly referred to as a "fairy tale of stone" and has been enthroned majestically with its pointed turrets in the Eltz valley since the 12th century. The castle is also open to visitors, here you can listen to the history of the castle during a tour through the old walls. Dreams of the fairy tale castle.

Loire Cycle Path

The Loire Cycle Path is one of the most popular river bike routes in France and this is no coincidence. The Loire flows exclusively through France and finally flows into the Atlantic Ocean. Romantic castles and picturesque landscapes are waiting to be discovered on the 800-kilometer-long cycle route. But of course, there are also far less demanding routes. The right tour for every level of ambition can be found here. You can only fall for the French flair because between the stages some of the most famous castles will entice you, such as Villandry & Ussé Castle or Azay-le Rideau - to name only the most famous.

The castles of the Loire include more than 400 castle complexes. So, it is not surprising that a visit to some of the castles is an unforgettable experience, when you stroll along between grandeur and blooming castle gardens after a bike ride and soak up the sun's rays. There are no limits to romance here. In addition to the castles, rural charm and wildly romantic architecture await you on a bike tour along the Loire Route.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Chambord Castle is a real tourist magnet and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As the largest and most famous Loire castle, it enchants guests from all over the world every day and has also served as a dream backdrop in several films. The construction is particularly unique, as the castle was built during the Renaissance period. Upon closer inspection, one can see the Italian and French influences, and which can also be explored during a visit on site. Those who prefer to be outdoors can be enchanted by the French gardens.

Rhine Cycle Path

Modern, multi-faceted and with a variety of landscapes, the most modern bike path in the world presents itself. The Rhine Cycle Path stretches over 1,200 kilometers and winds through Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and on to the Netherlands. So, it's not surprising that this bike route offers some of the most varied views. Feeling the wind in your face as you pedal and looking out over the Rhine, you can discover culturally rich cities and towns on this bike tour. A popular route, which leads from Basel to Strasbourg, is a beautiful combination of urban flair and exhilarating nature. Along the way, there is always the element of water, which fascinates old and young alike.

Basel is one of the few cities with almost 300 summer days a year. The old town enchants with narrow streets and centuries-old buildings. Especially in summer, the Rhine attracts numerous residents and guests into its cool water. Along the route, you will pass the Maltese Castle in Heitersheim, which radiates princely splendor.

Strasbourg is always worth a visit

Always with the destination in mind, after a few kilometers on the bike along the Bruche Canal you will find yourself in Strasbourg. Did you know that the city center has been declared a World Heritage Site? Strasbourg is also known as the capital of Europe, not least because of its varied old town. One of the most important sights is the Strasbourg Cathedral. A magnificent 140 meters high, you can see it at any time of the day. Also, Petite France, a former fishermen's quarter enchants with colorful half-timbered houses from the 16th and 17th centuries.

All Cycle Path in one view

Cycle along Europe's most beautiful cycle paths and discover other great routes for your cycling vacation.

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