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What you should know when buying a bike

Is cycling your passion? You don’t use your bike simply for getting from A to B? Jackpot! Then it’s all the more important that you find a bike that suits you and meets your needs. It doesn’t matter if you prefer leisurely tours or exciting mountain bike rides – the right bike is what counts above all else. Because without the perfect bike, the ride would only be half as good.

Are you looking for a new bike? Learn now what you should pay attention to when buying a bike to avoid stiff shift levers and uncomfortable saddles!

Which bike is right?

Buying a new bike is anything but easy. It is therefore more important to have enough time to make your selection and to define your wishes.

Tip: Think in advance about your leisure companion. What type of cycling will you use your new accessory for? Which bicycle model suits you? Mountain bike, trekking bike, road bike, e-bike…the choice is huge. If you are already clear about what you want, then your dream bike is one step closer.

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Bike at a bike path

Frame size

Once the question of bike type has been clarified, the next questions about your new ride come. Particularly important for ideal use is the right frame size.

Good to know: You can easily calculate your required frame size yourself. Simply measure your stride length and multiply this by the respective bike type factor. If you want a mountain bike, simply multiply the stride length by 0.266 to find the optimal frame height in inches. Are you more of a trekking, cross or city bike type? Then the multiplication factor is 0.66 and you will find the appropriate frame height in centimetres.

Detail: The Eurobike team recommends that you always take a test drive for safety. So you can test the frame size and ride comfort before buying. So, get on the saddle and let’s go!

Speaking of safety: A properly fitting bicycle helmet is part of the basic equipment for every cyclist. Read what you should look for when buying a helmet on our blog.

Saddle, shift & co.

The saddle makes the difference. So, it is particularly important that the bike saddle is comfortable and adapted to the anatomy of the rider. You’ll find out what to do when the saddle presses and tweaks in our tips for the right bike saddle! So nothing will stand in your way from the pleasure of cycling longer routes.

Hub gear or derailleur? Tip: For the athletes among you the derailleur is a clear advantage due to the variety of gears. Occasional day-trippers and city bikers can’t go wrong with the user-friendly hub gear system. What are you waiting for? Test, test, test is the motto!

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Easter gift classics

You still don’t know what the Easter bunny will hide this year? No problem! It’s an ideal time to teach the kids the joys of travelling on two wheels, or for them to practice their skills. Practicing is twice as fun on a new bike. Easter joy and happy children are guaranteed!

Even with children’s bicycles, there are some things to consider when buying. In addition to the optimal size, the equipment plays an important role! Lighting, a helmet and breaks are the nuts and bolts of children’s bikes! The right size, a comfortable saddle and non-slip pedals and handles are the most important components for safe cycling fun. Those who are not sure when choosing a bike will find the best support in specialist retailers.


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