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Useful information about buying a new bike

What you should pay attention to

Are you passionate about cycling and don’t only see the bike as a means of transport to take you from A to B? In this case, it is all the more important for you to find a bike that meets your requirements. Because for every route – be it a mountain tour, leisurely cycling or a tour with some electrical support under the saddle – you need a different bike.

Find out why you should pay attention to the frame size, the gearbox and type of tire when buying!

Which bike is the right one?

There is nothing more annoying than a cycling experience that quickly becomes a painful one. Be it because of bad posture, slippery pedals, rusting screws or because of a rock-hard saddle.

The question quickly arises: maybe I should have stayed with my old bike?

Tip 1: What type of bike do you need?

As in every area, the choice is large when it comes to choosing a bike. You should therefore think about which routes you would like to cover before you enter the store. Are you an ambitious mountain biker, a leisurely cycle path user or do you need a bike to run errands? The more clearly you know your planned use, the more likely it is that you will be satisfied with your new bike.

Once you have clarified these questions, the next stop is to go to a specialist seller. You describe your concerns to them and they will help narrow down the selection. Our team have summarised the differences between touring bikes and e-bikes for you!

Tip 2: The right frame size

Once the question of the type of bike has been answered, the next criteria for your new favourite bike will follow. The optimal frame size is particularly important to ensure you can use your bike correctly.

Good to know: You can easily calculate the frame size yourself. To do this, simply measure your stride length and multiply it by the respective bike type factor. For a mountain bike, simply multiply the stride length by a factor of 0.226 to get the optimal frame height in inches. Are you more of a trekking, cross or city bike rider? Then the multiplication factor is 0.66, and you get the right frame height in centimetres.

Not enough information yet? Find out everything you need to know about the cycling multiplication tables in the blog! Read it now!

Not enough information yet? Find out the ABC’s of bikes in the blog now!

Eurobike rental bikes

Tip 3: The perfect gears

Hub or derailleur gears, which one is right for me? In layman’s terms, it doesn’t really matter which gear you choose. The main thing is that you can easily get from A to B. Cyclists, on the other hand, usually have their personal preferences. Basically, the gear type is primarily a matter of taste.

In principle, derailleur gears offer more scope for athletes due to the variety. However, it also requires more care and can jump out of the frame. For occasional riders and city bikers, a user-friendly hub gear is sufficient.

Tip 4: Comfortable in the saddle

A cycle tour lasting several days is something nice – at least on the first day. But as soon as you hop back onto your bike the next morning, the cries of pain follow. The rear hurts and taking a seat on the saddle becomes an unimaginable challenge. Therefore: the bike saddle should be comfortable and suited to the user. The rental bikes on all Eurobike original tours are equipped with saddles from Selle Royale. These are made of high-quality materials and thus ensure a high level of comfort. If you prefer to bring your own saddle, or even travel with your own bike, it is important to find the right saddle for you.

Please note: The saddle width should match your pelvic bone distance. In well-stocked bike shops, it is measured using a gel cushion. This results in choosing the right saddle. You should choose the hardness of the saddle according to how you feel.

You can find out what to do when the saddle presses and pinches in our tips for finding the right bike saddle! So nothing stands in the way of cycling pleasure, even on longer routes.

Tip 5: Safety on the bike – thanks to the helmet

For safety reasons – the Eurobike team recommends that you always take a test ride. So you can test the frame size and driving comfort right before buying. So get on the saddle and off you go!

Speaking of safety: a properly fitting bike helmet is part of the basic equipment for every cyclist. Read about what you should pay attention to when buying the right bike helmet on our blog. P.S. There are also tips for children so that the helmet fits like a glove…

Tip 6: How expensive should a new bike be?

How much money you should spend on a reasonable bike depends on how much you plan to use it, and what for. For off-road riding you need more suspension than on well-paved roads. Depending on the physical condition of the user, you must also think about the handlebar position.

In principle, the following applies: for a good city and sports bike that is not immediately affected by rust, the price is 900 euros and up. From this price, the gears, breaks and lights are more robust and more precisely made, and you can assume all screws and cables are made of high-quality materials.

If you don’t want to spend so much money, ask a dealer you trust about last year’s models!

Tips when it pinches and rubs

Even if you have the facts for buying a new bike in your head, there are still a few more tricks to make a cycle tour more pleasant and, above all, more comfortable. In addition to an optimal seat position and the right choice of clothing, a few little helpers are worth their weight in gold.

Cyclists cycle along the Inn cycle path

Feel good when you are sitting correctly

First, the height and inclination of the saddle should be adjusted to suit the body size. When you are sitting on your bike, your toes should still be touching the ground with your legs straight down. If you touch the ground with the whole of your food, the saddle is too low. This can lead to knee problems. While cycling, you should make sure that the knee is not higher than your thigh when you are moving.

When the optimal height is reached, you can adjust the incline of the saddle. This should always be straight. However, if this doesn’t suit your pelvic bones, you can tilt the saddle forward a little, but not too much. We cannot recommend tilting the saddle backwards, as this makes it difficult to transfer power.

Eurobike rental bikes

Never without my cycling shorts

They are padded in the right places and prevent painful areas, especially the next day. It is important to find the right fit. Cycling shorts should fit snugly and be of good quality. The waistband on the trouser leg and on the stomach should allow enough freedom of movement. The seat pads should be matched to your pelvic bones. It is often the case that this is a bit narrower for men than for women.

The cycling shorts check: put the shorts upside down on the bike saddle and make sure the saddle is covered. This way you can ensure the shorts offer full protection when cycling.

Avoid friction

Pain is tricky and unpleasant. You don’t have to suffer friction, pressure and other pain during a cycle trip. With a little fat or petroleum jelly in the right places, your well-being can be increased!

Saddle covers made of lambskin or high-tech material also increases comfort. In addition, they are usually water repellent and non-slip. The Eurohike team has such covers ready for guests.

Last but not least, we have to mention: Practice makes perfect! The more kilometres you have in your legs and calves, the more pain-resistant and less sensitive you become. So hop on the saddle and travel the world on two wheels!

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