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Tips & tricks for travel planning

How to plan the perfect cycling vacation

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Wouldn't you rather jump on your bike immediately, feel the wind in your hair, and pedal effortlessly to far-off destinations? Nevertheless, before you start packing your bags, donning your helmet, and swinging onto the saddle, it's crucial to ask yourself some key questions to guarantee an unforgettable cycling vacation in Europe. Within this post, we've gathered essential tips and tricks for your travel planning. Furthermore, our travel specialist, Christine, will divulge a few insider tips to ensure that your cycling getaway is nothing short of perfect.

Travel documents

Tip No: 1 Research

Research is crucial before any journey, including a cycling vacation. Therefore, it's essential to invest sufficient time in it. The following questions can be helpful:

  • What is important for me on my vacation?
  • What can I not go without even during a cycling vacation?
  • Which destination do I have in mind?
  • Do I want to ride an e-bike or a conventional bike?

While some prefer sporty cycling tours, others seek rich cultural experiences. Therefore, it's crucial to contemplate your personal priorities before booking a cycling vacation. The choice of the destination should also be taken into consideration. Do you favor the sunny south or the cooler north? Are you inclined towards taking a dip in the sea along the way, or do you prefer a mountainous landscape?

Once you've asked yourself these questions, you can start gathering inspiration from sources such as websites, travel reports, or travel catalogs.

Tip No. 2: Travel Duration

Would you prefer to take a shorter bike tour or leisurely explore the landscape over 8-10 days? The duration of the tour also plays a crucial role in planning a cycling vacation. Depending on how much time you want or can allocate, you can explore your destination more thoroughly or plan to spend more time in a particular location.

Your personal fitness level should also be taken into account. While some tours may involve fewer kilometers per day, others may include routes or stages where you'll cover more kilometers per day or tackle uphill sections. Before booking, it's important to consider the level of difficulty you feel comfortable with and whether an e-bike might be a good option for you, making it easier to cover longer distances effortlessly.

Group of cyclists on the Lech cycle path past Neuschwanstein Castle

Tip No. 3: Preparation

You've chosen a cycling vacation, and the excitement is palpable. Now, the question arises: What essentials do you need to prepare for your journey? First and foremost, consider your current fitness level. How do you feel, and can you hop on the bike a few times before the tour to mitigate potential muscle soreness and other challenges during the journey? Engaging in a few rides beforehand can enhance your fitness, making the cycling vacation more manageable and enjoyable.

The planning of luggage is also not to be overlooked, as different tours may require varying amounts of baggage. Thanks to Eurobike's luggage transfer, you don't have to worry about how to transport your luggage from point A to B, allowing you to pack a little more confidently. If you're still unsure about what to include in your luggage, our travel checklist provides a quick overview of the essential items.

To ensure a relaxed start to your vacation, it's important to arrange your arrival in advance. Do you plan to travel to your starting point by car, train, or plane? In our Eurobike cycling tours, the arrival is always made individually, so it's crucial to consider and organize your arrival during the planning phase.

Tip No. 4: Planning of activities

Another crucial aspect of vacation planning is organizing the itinerary. What do you absolutely want to see during the tour? What lies along your route, and how much time should you allocate for the attractions and activities on your cycling vacation? These are questions that can guide you in your planning. Our tours are packed with exciting highlights and wonderful sights waiting for you on a cycling tour. On our website, under the section "Travel Inspirations," you'll find additional ideas for thematic planning. You can explore our culinary cycling tours, river and coastal cycling paths, or island cycling holidays to discover the perfect highlights for your cycling vacation.  

Group of cyclists in front of the Arena in Verona

Tip No. 5: The right gear

As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Therefore, it's worth investing some time here and considering what makes sense on a cycling tour and what might be better left at home. Comfortable and functional clothing should definitely have a place in your bags, especially considering that you'll be on the bicycle for several days. Often, it's challenging to predict the weather with 100% accuracy, so it's advisable to be prepared for all weather conditions. Therefore, feel free to pack both a rain jacket and clothing suitable for both short and long periods for your cycling vacation. In our blog post ‘Mistakes on your first cycling vacation’ you will find more tips to ensure that your cycling vacation is not a flop. A small first aid kit in your luggage won't do any harm either. Pack enough cash and your ID so that they are always to hand.

These are the best Tips from our Eurobike Travel Specialist Antonia

I've been working at Eurobike for 1 ½ years now. Unbelievable, before you know it, you've already completed your second cycling season. There are many things that make my work so special. Firstly, the team spirit in our team is really great. Secondly, our work as a travel specialist is very varied. We really do prepare our guests' trips from start to finish, from booking the hotels to checking the luggage logistics and sending out the travel documents. One of my favourite tasks is definitely writing reports after a successful cycling trip. It's a very special experience every time and writing about this adventure gives me the opportunity to share my experiences. Cycling was already an important part of my life as a child. That hasn't changed much since I was an adult, because even today it still gives me a sense of freedom and independence. Combining this passion with discovering new countries and regions makes it perfect for me.

Antonia Kreiseder

Frequent questions, quickly answered:

Eurobike takes care of a large part of your travel planning. We take care of bike-friendly hotels, luggage transfers, travel documents, bike hire, etc. Of course, the Eurobike travel specialists are also available to answer any further questions by phone or e-mail. Nevertheless, it is very important to obtain sufficient information about your desired trip before booking.


First of all, you should think about the desired destination and the routes on offer. Although it is not possible for us to have the perfect solution for every individual wish, we have a wide pool of trips throughout Europe, where you are sure to find the right trip for you!

Make sure you also check the included and optional services.
"Which transfers, vouchers or train journeys are included in my trip? What else do I need to take care of myself in advance?" To avoid unexpected surprises, it is important to get an overview of the services on offer in advance.

Use our homepage to make sure that your desired travel period is available. Please also note that the climatic conditions at this time are suitable for a cycle tour in the region. Naturally, we base our season on the ideal times of year for the region in question. Our travel specialists will also be happy to answer any further questions you may have about the weather conditions at your chosen destination.

Even if Eurobike does not offer travel insurance directly, it is important to protect yourself against any eventualities. The best way to find out about this is to visit our homepage, where you can quickly and easily take out travel insurance through Allianz.
Many credit cards now also include travel insurance with the payment or you can contact your trusted insurance company. You should also check the cancellation conditions so that you are aware of your options in the event of cancellation.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.