Almost everyone makes these mistakes on their first cycling holiday

Good to know! Top tips for your first cycling holiday

It’s well known that prevention is better than cure. Many newcomers are a little nervous before their first real multi-day cycle tour. Firstly, this is completely normal, and secondly, the Eurobike team is at hand to advise guests.

In addition to good physical condition, perfect equipment and the right nutrition, it is also important to know your own physical limits. But first things first! You will find out now what tips and tricks every cyclist should know before the first tour!

Tip 1: Comfortable and functional clothing

Cycling shorts are often underestimated and even forgotten. They are not only padded in the important areas and protect against an aching butt. You simply must wear them! If your shorts are tight and wrinkle free, then you have packed the right ones.


You should also consider the weather. Unfortunately, we cannot influence the weather. Therefore: pack clothing for different weather conditions. That means: rain jacket, thermal top and long cycling trousers. If you have sensitive ears, simply pack a headband or put up a thin hood under your helmet. Conversely, temperatures could be warm so make sure you also pack cool, breathable clothing!

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By the way: You are welcome to bring your own bike saddle on our tours, but make sure you have the right adaptor for the seat post. Haven’t found your perfect saddle yet? You can find tips for finding the right saddle on our blog.

Eurobike helmet and pannier with view on the Tegernsee

Tip 2: Safety first

That’s why you check your equipment before starting your cycle tour. Is the bike helmet still safe? Many people don’t know that the helmet shell becomes brittle over the years. Note: the manufacturer will often indicate the maximum life on the packaging. If this is not the case, the Eurobike team recommends replacing a helmet with a new one every 5 years. The basic principle is: a new helmet must be worn after every fall!

New helmet that doesn’t fit properly? Then you should definitely take a look in the blog post ‘the right bike helmet’!

Cyclists with Abbey Melk

Tip 3: Correctly assess your stamina

Ouch! The saddle is comfortable, the cycling shorts fit perfectly, but you’re still in pain? This is because your buttock muscle is not used to cycling. Do not worry, it even happens to professional cyclists after a break. To prevent pain,you should hop on the saddle regularly before your holiday. Only then will your butt get used to it. This is the only way to get used to the strain. Great side effect: you stay fit! The Eurobike team will tell you how you can boost your performance for your cycling holiday!

Tip 4: Be aware of your own limits

Hop on the saddle and off you go on your cycling adventure! Many cyclists usually think along those lines. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong approach. A cycle tour not only requires planning, but also preparation in terms of endurance. Treat yourself to regular breaks during tours and conserve energy. Make sure you have enough fluids and high-energy snacks.

Tip: With short interval units and strength training, you not only strengthen your muscles, but also prevent injuries. A stable body, better posture and more energy ensures you don’t tire out to quickly on the bike.

With these exercises you’ll be fit in no time!

Tip 5: Perfect time management using a speedometer on the handlebar

Do you still not know how long a route takes you? A speedometer on the handlebar ensures firstly, the perfect timing and secondly, self-control. It shows your total journey time as well as the kilometres and metres of altitude covered.

By the way: Please don’t be discouraged at the start. Even if a time is given for a 20km route you absolutely cannot manage, every start is difficult. Therefore, it is best to set milestones and take breaks after a few kilometres. A small snack in between, a dip in a river for hot feet and a visit to a sight along the way: breaks rebuild energy and make you want to keep going.

You can read more tips for the perfect timing for a cycle tour here!

If you follow these little tips and tricks, we are certain there is absolutely nothing standing in the way of your next cycling holiday! So work hard and start small! And soon you will be pedalling your way through Eurobike tours. Click through the countless cycle tours across Europe in the travel search and book yourself happy!