Almost everyone makes these mistakes on their first cycling holiday

“Oops – if only I’d known this before!”

Finally, it’s time for your long awaited cycle tour! Are you a little nervous because you don’t know how to prepare? This is completely normal and you are certainly not the only one to have questions. The Eurobike team will give you some tips to ensure your first cycling holiday goes without a hitch. And if one or two mistakes happen, you’ll have a funny story to tell everyone back home!

Don’t forget your cycling shorts: you need to pack these for your holiday

Often underestimated or even forgotten: cycling shorts! You may underestimate the need for special cycling shorts, especially if you’re not a regular cyclist. If they are tight and wrinkle free, you’ve found the right pair!

Everyone would like to control the weather. But sadly this is not the case, so you must be prepared. It is important to have clothing to suit a variety of weather conditions. A rain jacket and waterproof trousers should definitely make their way into your bag. So wet weather won’t spoil your day! Cyclists often underestimate the sunshine. Read here what you should consider when cycling in the heat!



Eurobike helmet and pannier with view on the Tegernsee

Check your equipment before you go

Safety first! Many people are not aware their own helmet is no longer safe. Even if there is no visible damage on the helmet, you should replace head protection regularly. The truth is that even without signs of wear, a helmet doesn’t last forever. A helmet becomes brittle over the years. Note: often the manufacturer points to the maximum service life on the packaging or in the description. If this is not the case, the Eurobike team recommend replacing the helmet with a new one every five years. In general: after every fall, a new helmet is needed!

Is your helmet new but not right? Then you should definitely take a look in the blog post ‘the right bike helmet’!

Get used to the saddle

Ouch! The saddle is comfortable, the cycling shorts fit perfectly, but you’re still in pain? This is because your buttock muscle is not used to cycling. Do not worry, it even happens to professional cyclists after a long break. To prevent pain, you should regularly hop on the bike before your cycling holiday. Only then will your butt get used to it. A great side effect: you keep yourself fit! The Eurobike team will tell you how you can boost your performance for your cycling holiday!

You are welcome to bring your own saddle on our bike tours, but please be aware an adaptor may be needed for the seat post. Haven’ found your perfect saddle yet? On our blog you will also find tips to find the right saddle.

Pay attention to your endurance

Another mistake during the first cycle tour is to overestimate your own stamina! Treat yourself to regular breaks during tours and use your energy wisely. Make sure you have enough fluids and high-energy snacks.

Basically, listen to your body and give it an opportunity to recover.

Do you feel prepared for your first cycling holiday? Perfect! Then search through our countless cycle tours across Europe and book your trip!

Robi on the bike
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