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The right bike helmet for children

What you and your little ones should look out for
Girl with curls and helmet cycling in green hilly landscape

An unforgettable cycle tour with the whole family starts with good equipment. In addition to a bike in the correct size, the right helmet is one of the most important items for a safe and carefree cycle. Whether in a specialist bicycle shop or online, there is an abundance of different helmets and models everywhere. But which one is really the right one for you and especially for your children? What does it depend on? This blog article is intended to help you make the right decision when choosing a bike helmet for your children, so that you will soon be able to enjoy cycling on holiday.

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Girl with curls and helmet cycling in green hilly landscape

The size is crucial

The right size is the be-all and end-all for the right helmet, and it is essential to find out exactly what yours is before buying. On the internet you can find a variety of different size charts for children and adults. However, the only decisive factor is the actual head size, which you can determine as follows:

  • Take a tape measure and place it around your child's head at forehead height, about 1 cm above the eyes and ears. Do this as shown in the picture.
  • At the back of the head, bring the tape measure together and read off the size.
  • Keep the tape measure taut and do not let it sink to the neck.
  • It is best to add 1 cm to the measurement.

This way you can find the ideal size for your child's bike helmet and have a good guide for shopping.

Young woman with measuring tape to measure her head size for the right bicycle helmet

The helmet must fit

In addition to the size of the helmet, the fit and the correct position are crucial for the safety of your children. Because the best helmet is of little use if it sits crooked. To ensure that the head is protected in the best possible way, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The bike helmet must be positioned straight on the head, just in front of the eyebrows.
  • It must not protrude too deeply into the neck.
  • The helmet should cover the forehead, the temples and the entire back of the head well.
  • Next, you can adjust the tightness, depending on the model, by using a rotating ring or Velcro fastener. This should be tight, but under no circumstances should it constrict or press too hard.
  • The helmet strap should also fit snugly on the head. However, it should neither press nor touch the ears.
  • Finally, check the chin strap, which should also be tight, but should not pinch your child's skin. You can check this by placing a finger between the closure and the chin. It should not fit any tighter than that.

Finally, fix the fastener at the back of the neck and the helmet is perfectly adjusted and the cycle tour can begin.

Girl tightens her bicycle helmet

Material & appearance

Both play an important role: the material and the look of the right bike helmet for the little ones may not be important for their safety, but it certainly is for comfort. It should simply feel good and your children also want to look cool with it ;-) For the kids, it is often the decisive reason to buy! Because if they really like the helmet, there are no discussions when it comes to putting it on. It is also worth taking a look at the type of material to check that you are really buying a product that is free of harmful substances.

And where can you find the right bicycle helmet?

Our unreserved recommendation: At your local specialist shop! It doesn't matter whether it's a large retailer or a small bike shop, it absolutely has to be a specialist shop where you will be advised by experts.

Even if you are now well prepared, you should still go through everything again in detail when buying, be able to ask enough questions and have enough time to try it out. And don't forget: Be sure to take the kids with you when you buy. This is necessary for trying on the helmet anyway, and the kids can then choose the helmet themselves and the chances of wearing it without any resistance increase even more ;-)

EXPERT TIP: According to ÖAMTC, the helmet should definitely have the EN1078 test mark, because this represents a certain existing safety level.

And one more thing: Some of you may think, why buy a new helmet when we are all well equipped? If that’s the case, then great! But maybe our article will help you check the current state of your helmets. It's important that you and your kids don't wear a helmet that has already been in an accident. After just one good impact, the safety of the helmet is no longer fully guaranteed and it should definitely be replaced!

Red bicycle helmet on bike

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