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Travel Story: The Carinthian Lakes Cycling Tour

An unforgettable cycle tour full of nature, culture and enjoyment
Cyclist on cycle path along the Glan

During our last cycling vacation, the Abano Terme - based in one hotel tour, my three friends and I decided that our 2023 destination would be Carinthia. Known for its favorable weather, Austria's southernmost province promises pleasantly warm temperatures of up to 24 degrees, and we are eagerly looking forward to our fourth tour together, which will be the Carinthian Lakes cycle tour.

Cyclist on cycle path along the Glan

Our cycling tour begins in Villach. After picking up our bikes, we head straight for the Drau cycle path, making our way towards Klagenfurt. The turquoise waters of the Drau glisten under the sun, and soon we reach the stunning Wörthersee, whose equally turquoise waters captivate us instantly. The numerous cafés along the way tempt us to take our first break. We decide to stop in the celebrity town of Velden to visit the famous castle on Lake Wörthersee before continuing our journey into the city.

The route is well signposted, and with the help of our Eurobike app, navigating through Klagenfurt is effortless. In the evening, we explore the charming old town with its winding streets and visit the statue of the Lindwurm, a legendary creature said to have once lived here.

Lake Klopein

The next morning, our route takes us through quaint villages and past idyllic landscapes to Lake Klopein. This charming lake is renowned for its warm, pleasant waters and scenic surroundings. We cycle around the lake, enjoying the spectacular views as part of our journey. Tonight's accommodation, Hotel Menüwirt, is located just outside St. Kanzian and is famous for its excellent cuisine. We choose to dine at the hotel and are not disappointed!

Jetty on Lake Klopeinersee

Hochosterwitz Castle & St. Veit

St. Veit, a small town with a medieval charm, is our destination for today's stage. An idyllic cycle path through the forest leads us to the Völkermarkt reservoir, which, unfortunately, is still shrouded in fog this morning. We continue along the Glan-Gurk cycle path, passing Hochosterwitz Castle, where we pause to visit this renowned landmark. Afterward, we continue to St. Veit, exploring its narrow streets and visiting the meadow festival currently taking place. We then head to Taggenbrunn for our accommodation, a delightful winery.

Castle garden of Hochosterwitz Castle

To the Glanegg castle ruins and back to Villach

The final leg of our Carinthian Lakes Cycling Tour takes us back to Villach. We ride through fragrant forests and along the Glan to Glanegg, passing the famous Glanegg castle ruins. Our journey continues directly to the picturesque Lake Ossiach, where we take an extended break to enjoy the stunning lake view over a cup of coffee. The route then follows the Drau River back to Villach. We spend our last evening in the charming pedestrian zone, savoring a glass of wine and enjoying the Mediterranean flair of this lovely little town.

View of Lake Ossiach

My culinary and cultural highlights

During our bike tour through Carinthia, we also experienced some culinary highlights. The region is known for its delicious specialties, which consistently delighted us. One such example is the Carinthian Reindling, a sweet yeast cake filled with cinnamon, sugar, and raisins. The Reindling was fluffy and aromatic, pairing perfectly with a cup of coffee. The famous Carinthian noodles are homemade like pasta filled with a mixture of cottage or fresh cheese, potatoes, and spices, then served with butter and grated cheese.

Hochosterwitz Castle

Hochosterwitz Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Austria and is perched majestically on a steep rock. Be sure to plan a stop here on the stage from Lake Klopeiner See to St. Veit. We braved the steep climb up to the castle and were rewarded with a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. Simply amazing. The castle itself is well-preserved and offers an insight into medieval life. The beer garden at the castle is highly recommended.

View of Hochosterwitz Castle

Taggenbrunn Winery

Carinthia, though not traditionally renowned for winemaking, boasts excellent wines produced across approximately 45 hectares within the stunning Alpe-Adria landscape. Situated amidst this picturesque region lies the Taggenbrunn vineyard, renowned for its premium Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Traminer, Muscat, Veltliner, and Riesling varieties. Set against gently rolling hills, the vineyards offer breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. Indulging in a dinner paired with wine tasting at the Heurigen restaurant comes highly recommended for a complete experience.

View of the Taggenbrunn Winery
Jetties on Lake Klopein


The Carinthian Lakes Cycling Tour proves to be more than just a journey around stunning lakes. It unveils idyllic Carinthian landscapes, rich historical sights, and, above all, the warm hospitality of the locals, which truly made our experience exceptional. As they say, anticipation is the sweetest joy, and already, we're eagerly planning our next cycle tour with Eurobike on our way back home.

My favorite place

The highlight of my Carinthian Lakes cycle tour was undoubtedly the viewpoint overlooking the Taggenbrunn winery. Nestled amidst picturesque vineyards, it offers a breathtaking panorama of the Carinthian hills and the charming town of St. Veit. Whether wandering through the verdant vines or relaxing on the winery's terrace, savoring regional wines, one can fully immerse in the beauty of nature while sharing tales of the day's cycling adventures.

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