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Travel Story: From the capital of the Piedmont to the Ligurian coast

Vanessa's highlights on her cycling tour from Turin to Sanremo
View of Mondovi

It is time again for me to plan my second "Team Members on Tour"-trip and discover one of our cycle holidays. Since Italy is one of my favourite travel destinations, it quickly became clear that it had to be a tour in this beautiful country again this year. Hence, I decided to explore the Piedmont region together with my mum, more specifically the cycle tour from Turin to Sanremo. With our bike helmets in our luggage, we start our trip in Munich, from where we fly directly to Turin. In the following report, I would like to take you along our wonderful holiday in the Piedmont.

View of Mondovi

Heading South to the Ligurian Sea

Off we go from Turin to Pinerolo

After an extensive breakfast, we jump on our rental bikes and cycle towards our starting point, which is revealed to us via the new Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App. However, before we start our route, we embark on exploring the town of Turin. From the Piazza San Carlo via the Piazza Castello we proceed via the Piazza Vittorio to the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I. From there we cycle up the hill to the Chiesa di Santa Maria del Monte dei Cappuccini. A breathtaking panoramic view over Turin awaits us from up here. After that, we proceed to the starting point, and we start the route towards Pinerolo. The route takes us through charming little villages such as Orbassano, Bruno and Possiaco. After an exploratory walk through Pinerolo we end the evening over a delicious dinner.

Past orchards and herds of cows to Saluzzo

The next day we start our cycle tour in the refreshing morning air in the direction of Saluzzo. Today the cycle route leads us through side roads with very little traffic and mostly on flat terrain. We pass marvellous fruit plantations and grazing herds of cattle. We cycle through small towns such as Baudenasca, Garzigliana and Cavour. Today we are very fast-paced and arrive in Saluzzo shortly after noon. Hustle and bustle await us in the medieval town of Saluzzo, due to a large market taking place. After checking in at the hotel, we stroll through the market, and we join in the festive mood of the people. In the evening, we listen to a concert and fall into bed, fascinated by this stunning town.

From Saluzzo via Mondovi to Millesimo

Today’s stage leads us on quiet little roads from village to village. The kiwi plantations are our constant companion and lush green hills accompany us to Mondovi. Once we have arrived in our Day Finish, we explore the place on foot. A funicular connects the district of Breo and the Piazza and invites you on a quiet and atmospheric journey. Once we have reached the upper town, the breathtaking Piazza Maggiore awaits, together with a marvellous view onto the Piedmontese Alps. In the evening, we are rewarded with a stupendous sunset view from our hotel room.

The route towards Millesimo kicks off with a few little ascents and leads us past numerous hazelnut bushes. Oversized benches invite you to take a short break to enjoy the wonderful panorama. We finally get to the high-altitude road with breathtaking views and clear mountain air. Numerous plant species grow to the left and right of our path, and a wide variety of butterflies flit around us and accompany us for a while. Shortly before our Day Finish, we stop at the Rocca Vignale-viewpoint and enjoy the quietness. Millesimo impresses with its old town centre and invites you to a stroll along the river Bormida.

Across the Alps to the Ligurian coast

Today is the day and we are crossing the Alps. Through the Bormida-Valley we climb steadily, but so gently that we hardly notice it. At the top we reach the pass of the Colle di Scravaion, and we let the eye wander over the surrounding hillscape. An unforgattable descent towards the coast follows. The scenery changes slowly and olive trees replace deciduous trees en route. The wind is also slowly picking up while the scent of the sea fills our nostrils, and so we know that our Day Finish Albenga is not far away. The town of Albenga enchants with its old town and narrow alleys, as well as its direct location on the coast. In the evening, we experience a breathtaking sunset on the beach.

Along the coast to the destination Sanremo

The next day we are taken to Imperia by transfer directly to the start of the cycle path towards Sanremo. We jump on our bikes and follow the cycle path along the coast. From time to time, we always take short breaks to admire the view and listen to the sound of the sea. Once we arrived in Sanremo we decide to continue cycling to the cycle tunnel towards Ospedaletti. Here you find 50 info-stations about the well-known cycling classic from Milano to Sanremo. A successful end to our brilliant cycle holiday.

Sights and Highlights of our cycle holiday

Starting with the town of Turin, each and every day finish turned out to be a highlight in its own way. Millesimo with its old town centre and the Ponte delle Gaietta or Albenga with its stunning historic centre and many restaurants. My personal highlight was the stage from Millesimo to Albenga on Day 6. First you cycle steadily and gently uphill and then you finally arrive at the top of the Colle di Scravaion-pass. From up there, you enjoy an incredibly fantastic view of the surrounding mountain panorama. This is followed by a descent of about 30 kilometres with the wind whistling past you, making you feel really free and lighthearted.

I especially remember the mountain road on the stage from Mondovi to Millesimo. There at the top we enjoyed clean mountain air and fantastic views over the hills of the Langhe. A little tip: The tour is particularly impressive at the end of June, as the lavender fields around Sale San Giovanni are in bloom and provide an unforgettable sight and fragrance. Naturally, we also took the opportunity to try Italian cuisine and feasted on pizza, pasta and fresh seafood. We collected unforgettable moments, which we will treasure and remember for a very long time.

My conclusion

This bike tour offers an excellent way to explore the Piedmont. It is easy going from the Alps to the Ligurian coast, leaving enough time for enjoyment and culture. The destination on the coast of Sanremo with its turquoise-blue sea and French flair is the perfect end to this fabulous cycle holiday.

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