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Bremen on the Weser

Hanse Loop Tour

Between Weser and Elbe

8 Days / 7 Nights
Bremen on the Weser

In addition to the absolute highlights of the Alte Land, enchanting coastal landscapes, and the Wadden Sea, you can anticipate uniquely tranquil nature, maritime towns, and the mesmerizing play of the tides along the cycle routes between the Weser and Elbe rivers. Your journey culminates in the charming city of Bremen! Take the opportunity to visit the iconic Bremen Town Musicians and perhaps indulge in a "Sluk ut de Lamp" at the historic Spitzen Gebel.

Your adventure commences in the captivating city of Bremen, where Hanseatic traditions and Nordic architecture envelop you in their charm and indeed, you wouldn't want it any other way! For the initial leg towards Bremerhaven, you have the option to select between two tour routes; whichever you choose, the city greets you with its distinctive maritime ambiance. Continuing along the Wurster North Sea coast, you'll traverse picturesque dune landscapes until you reach the coastal gem of Cuxhaven.

From the coastal regions, venture back inland, where you can unwind at the "Moor-Therme" in Bad Bederkesa. Your next stop is the irresistible charm of Stade, captivating visitors with its allure. Your journey unfolds amidst countless fruit trees, leading you to Jork, renowned for its picturesque half-timbered houses, and onwards to Buxtehude. Passing through the town of Zeven and traversing beautiful heathland, you ultimately return to Bremen, concluding an exhilarating eight-day adventure!

  • From the Town Musicians to the Schnoorviertel: In addition to its rich history and architecture, vibrant Bremen also boasts a thriving art and music scene. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Universum Science Center, delve into the artistic treasures at the Kunsthalle Bremen, and revel in live music performances at the city's inviting bars. Don't miss the chance to wander through the picturesque alleyways and cozy cafés of the Schnoor district, where you'll encounter the iconic statue of the Bremen Town Musicians, a must-see attraction!
  • Explore the thousand-year-old city of Stade: The charming harbor and the stunning old town, adorned with numerous historic buildings, define the essence of this Hanseatic city. Explore the Schwedenspeicher Museum of Regional History, take a leisurely stroll along the river promenade, and delight in the local cuisine at the city's charming restaurants. For an insider's experience, consider embarking on a boat tour along the scenic Schwinge river—an unforgettable way to soak in the city's beauty from a unique perspective!
  • With a sea view in Land Wursten: Meaning "sausages" in German, the name may evoke a chuckle, but this picturesque landscape bears little resemblance to its savory namesake. Historic villages and serene dykes define the coastal region. Here, you can explore the Wadden Sea, savor traditional fish dishes, and cycle along the coastline. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the "Crane House" museum for fascinating insights into the region's nature and culture.

CuxhavenThe stages, ranging from 40 to 90 kilometers, offer diverse terrain but are generally easy to navigate. The final two stages follow the cycle path from Hamburg to Bremen, ensuring excellent conditions. Each day begins with a hearty breakfast to fuel your activities. Should you have any questions or concerns, our local Eurobike representatives are on hand to assist you—providing you with an all-round carefree package for your cycling vacation!

Northern Germany captivates many with its serene seascape and top-notch cycle paths. Whether exploring East Frisia or the Mecklenburg Lake District, the allure of the region speaks for itself. Dive deeper into the category of cycle tours in northern Germany on our website for an unforgettable adventure.

Itinerary at a glance

Take a photo with the Bremen Town Musicians before reaching the dune coast in Cuxhaven and relaxing in the Moor Therme in Bad Bederkesa. Beautiful towns include Stade and Buxtehude, and in Worpswede, you can indulge in art.

Welcome briefing and distribution of rental bikes (if booked). Discover the historic old city of Bremen.

Variant 90 km: You follow Weser cycle path to the north through Lemwerder, Elsfleth, Brake and Nordenham. By ferry (optional) you go to Bremerhaven.
Variant 70 km: You cycle on a direct route from Bremen to Bremerhaven.

Enjoy the colourful and lively impressions on your bike route today. You cycle on asphalted roads through the land of Wursten before you reach Cuxhaven, the well-known harbour city.

Today you cycle into the heartland. Along small roads you reach the health resort Bad Bederkesa with thermal spa. A nice lake makes sure that you will have a refreshing bath after your bike tour.

You go via Hechthausen and Himmelpforten along the river Oste to the 1000-year-old city Stade. Visit the historic town hall, the old harbour and the churches of St. Cosmae and St. Wilhadi.

Manors and farm houses are accompanying you on your way to the city of Jork. You should stroll through the city and visit the half-timbered houses and the town hall. Your overnight stay is in Buxtehude which is famous as tale and muse village

Enjoy the pleasures of cycling on the new cycle path between Hamburg and Bremen where you pass the villages of Hollenstedt and Sittensen before you reach Zeven.

Moor and moraine, forest and heath, dunes and ranges: the wide meadow landscape accompanies you along the romantic artist village Worpswede. It is the home of painter, sculptor and musicians since generations. By bike or Moor-express (every Saturday and Sunday afternoon) to Bremen. In the afternoon individual departure or extension of your stay.

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Easy - all routes lead through flat and slightly hilly terrain. You cycle on asphalted or paved roads, side roads and cycle paths. This tour is convenient for beginners or groups.

Prices & Dates

Category: 3***- und 4****-hotels and guesthouses

Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accommodation as already mentioned
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome briefing (German, English)
  • Luggage transfer
  • Carefully developed route description
  • Detailed travel documents 1x per room (German, English)
  • App for navigation and GPS-data
  • Service-hotline


  • Bike rental, including rental bike insurance

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Bremen train station
  • Hamburg or Hannover airport
  • Parking garages close to the hotel, no reservation possible

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price!
  • Train journey with Moorexpress to be organized by your own
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • This tour is a partner tour.

Join us in achieving greater sustainability by choosing our digital route book, rather than the printed version. As a small thank you we will give you a discount of €20 per room.

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