Four life hacks every cyclist should know

The best bike tips and tricks

Life hacks not only make everyday life easier, they can help for life. So there are a few things for bikes that a cyclist should know when they hop onto the saddle.

Which four life hacks are worth your while, when you and your bike next take to the road, Eurobike will tell you!

service at the bike chain

Hack number 1: remove tires with the help of a spoon

Sometimes cycling really sucks. You pedal hard, and suddenly you hear a strange noise coming from your tire. When you look closely you discover there’s a flat tire. Removing a tire from the rim can be challenging. Especially if you do not have the perfect tool to hand.

Our tip: just pack a spoon in your bike bag! You will also find instructions for changing a bike tube on our blog!

How is it done? First, it is better to turn the bike upside down - saddle down, so that you can access the tire easily. Now simply take the spoon upside down and guide the end of the handle along the bike sheath. This makes it easy to remove the tire from the rim.

Hack number 2: No more rusty saddles

Everyone has had this problem – you want to adjust the height of the saddle but it’s rusty.

 It won’t move an inch because rust has formed around the seat post. There is a very simple solution! The saddle can easily be removed when you use lubricant.

To prevent the saddle from getting stuck again, lubricate the post with Vaseline. This will prevent the formation of rust in the future, and the seat can be easily moved up and down. Vaseline costs almost nothing and is available in every drugstore!

By the way: Tips and tricks for the perfect bike saddle can be found on our blog.

Hack number 3: Snow chains for the bike

City dwellers in particular like to ride their bikes to work. However, it can be dangerous in winter, when snow or ice is on the road. You don’t need to leave the bike in the basement on snowy days. With this life hack, cycling in winter becomes fun.

Grab some cable ties and attach them to the tire. For optimum protection, a cable tie should be placed between each spoke. Simply cut off protruding ends. Make sure the close is always pointing downwards. So you have optimal grip on slippery and snowy surfaces.

Hack number 4: grease the chain with a toothbrush

A bike takes maintenance like a car. That is why you need to make sure the chain is always well lubricated. We have a tip to make it easier.

Grab two old toothbrushes and tape them together at the bottom. The heads should now face each other. Now put some grease on the two brushes and clamp them around the chain. Just turn the pedals a few times and you’ll have a cheap and practical devise to grease the chain.

Do you need to try these tips straight away! Go ahead. Get your bike in shape!