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Five Life Hacks every cyclist should know

The best bicycle tips and tricks

Life hacks not only make everyday life easier for us, but also help in certain situations. And so there are also one or two helpful tricks for bicycles that cyclists should know when hopping on their bikes. It does not matter whether your bike is dirty, you have a flat tire or you are simply more visible in the dark – our selected life hacks will definitely help you. Thanks to these tips, you can get your bike fit again for the cycling season without spending a lot of money or time. The Eurobike team will now tell you exactly which five life hacks we are talking about!

Have fun and good luck with the implementation!

1. Life hack: Remove tires with a spoon

Sometimes it gets really tough. You pedal hard and suddenly you hear a strange noise coming from the tire area. Once you look closely you have already spotted the flat tire. Removing a tire from the rim can be a big challenge. Especially if you do not have the perfect tool available needed for the task at hand.

Our tip: just pack a spoon in your bike bag! You will also find instructions for changing a bike tube on our CyclingBlog!

2. Life hack: Vaseline for a rusty saddle

Everyone has had this problem before or knows it: You want to adjust the height of the saddle, but the saddle is stiff. It does not move an inch and is stuck due to rust forming on the seat post. There is a simple solution for this! The saddle can be easily removed if you use lubricant. To prevent the saddle from getting stuck again from now on, we have a great life hack for you. Lubricate regular petroleum jelly around the seat post. This will prevent future rusting and makes it easy to move the seat pad up and down. In addition, Vaseline costs almost nothing and is available in every chemist!

By the way: Tips and tricks for the perfect bike saddle can be found on our CyclingBlog.

3. Life hack: Snow chains for bikes

City dwellers in particular like to cycle to work. However, it can be dangerous in winter when there is snow on the road or conditions are icy and slippery. However, there is no need to leave the bike at home on snowy days. With this life hack, cycling in winter becomes a real guarantee for fun. Grab some cable ties and attach them to the tires. For optimal protection, a cable tie should be placed between each spoke. Simply cut off the protruding ends flush with a Stanley knife. Make sure however that the lock always points downwards. That way, you achieve optimal grip on slippery and snowy surfaces.

4. Life hack: Grease + remove rust from wheel chain

A bicycle needs to be serviced and maintained just like a car does. It is therefore important that the chains are always well greased. However, there is a trick so that you do not get completely covered in grease and grime. Grab two old toothbrushes and tape them together at the bottom with duck tape. The toothbrush heads with bristles point towards each other. Now put some grease on the two toothbrush heads and clamp them to the chain. Simply turn the pedals a few times and you have a cheap and practical device for greasing the chains.

Derusting the chain: Not only the bike saddle can be derusted with simple home remedies, but also the bicycle chain. Simply soak the entire chain in citric acid for two to three hours, rinse and de-grease. After that, the bicycle chain is like new again.

5. Life hack: Glowsticks for increased visibility

As a cyclist you should always make sure that you are clearly visible to motorists. This is particularly important in the dark. At night and when visibility is poor, a front and rear light are mandatory anyway. Reflective clothing is also recommended for added visibility. If you want to be on the safe side, we can present you with a great life hack on the subject of ‚light‘, glow sticks on the spokes. To do this, fix glow sticks firmly to the spokes with cable ties. The movement of the bicycle tire creates a beam of light that cannot be overlooked in the dark.

Do you have to try these 5 life hacks right away? Then off you go. Get your bike in shape!

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