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The creation of our new cycling tour in Friuli

Joscha reports from the idea to the finished Eurobike cycling tour in Friuli
Grado lagoon signpost

How are new, Eurobike Original Tours developed in additional regions? Our discovery of the beautiful Friuli-Venezia Giulia began through the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path. This enchanting region in northern Italy offers everything a cyclist could dream of: mountains, waterways, coastline, cities, culture, wine, and Mediterranean cuisine. After finding ideal routes, we embarked on developing a new cycling tour in the Mediterranean Friuli. I'm Joscha, and I've been working in product management at Eurobike for many years. I'd love to share more with you.

Grado lagoon signpost

Today, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region has become one of the most sought-after vacation spots for Austrians and Germans. Yet, Friuli doesn't just attract traditional summer tourists or coffee aficionados drawn to the former Habsburg city of Trieste. This popular province in northern Italy, with its abundant offerings, also captivates cyclists like us. Friuli-Venezia Giulia is revitalizing its cycle tourism, and the infrastructure for cyclists is steadily expanding. Whether it's hotels catering to cyclists or the burgeoning infrastructure, such as signage for cycle paths, picnic areas, or bike parking spaces, cyclists are warmly welcomed in Friuli!

Phase 1: The idea

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” - Victor Hugo.

Having rediscovered the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region for cycling vacations, and with the local tourist conditions being ideal and still developing, the idea can now be put into action. We meet three key criteria: a stunning landscape, cultural highlights, and exquisite culinary experiences.

Now, the idea is being fine-tuned: How will the route unfold – where does the tour start and where does it end? Am I planning a loop tour, based in one hotel tour, or distance tour? We are diligently working on route proposals, calculating daily stages, examining road conditions, researching hotels, and exploring culinary and cultural points of interest.

Phase 2: Preparation at the office in Obertrum

Before we hit the road on our bikes, it's time to get down to business. We meticulously study the route using maps, travel guides, and Google Maps. The route is roughly planned out. An online planning tool helps us assess the topographical conditions from the comfort of our office. Finding suitable hotel partners at strategic locations along the route is crucial. Selecting the right hotels is paramount; they must offer quality and comfort while also catering to the needs of cycle tourists. We ensure that the stages are manageable in terms of length and terrain, while still allowing for culinary and cultural experiences as well as relaxation.

Once the preparation at the desk is completed, we move on to checking the tours in the region itself.

Eurofun Head Office in Obertrum

Phase 3: On-site tour check

We have finally arrived in the wonderful region of Friuli. It's only here, after an initial on-site inspection, that we determine whether our idea and planning can truly be transformed into a new cycling tour. Fortunately, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, it's feasible. To ensure this, we meet with hotel partners and assess the facilities on-site. Can bicycles be securely stored? Do all the planned details align with reality? Finally, we personally ride each stage kilometer by kilometer for you. This is the only way we can provide you with comprehensive details, route descriptions, alternative routes, and tips in our route book and in the digital Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app.


“The value of an idea lies in the using of it”- Thomas Alva Edison.

Joscha at Lake Griessensee

Friuli-Venezia Giulia in abundance – our recommendations

Having put our diverse ideas into practice, we are delighted to recommend our cycling vacations to you:

  • Friuli Loop Tour: Enjoy eight wonderful days of an Eurobike Original Tour on the Friuli Tour between vineyards and the sea.
  • Alpe-Adria Cycle Path, Salzburg - Grado: If you prefer a long-distance ride, cycle along the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path from Salzburg to Grado.
  • Alpe-Adria-Cycle Path, Salzburg - Triest: Would you like to travel all the way to the coffee metropolis of Trieste? Then take advantage of our 12-day Alpe-Adria cycling tour from Salzburg to Trieste.
  • Friuli - based in two hotels: Experience further tours with Friuli-based in two hotels, concluding in Trieste.

Cycle through the beautiful Friuli region and enjoy the stunning landscape, culinary delights, wine, and rich culture!

Joscha Koob

Joscha Koob

Product Management

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