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Why you should definitely cycle along the Rhine in 2020

The best reasons to take a cycle tour on the rhine

Romanticism belongs to the Rhine like Amen to a prayer. Wherever you cycle on the Rhine Cycle Path, romantic landscapes are not far away. Pedal between rugged cliffs, steep vineyards, medieval towns and exposed castles on the river. The magical landscapes are your constant cycling companion.


The Rhine Cycle Path by Eurobike

With more than 1,230 kilometres, the Rhine Cycle Path is one of the longest cycle paths. You can explore around 296 kilometres of it with Eurobike. The routes not only lead you along the actual bank of the Rhine, but also along tributaries. Hard-working peddlers will find untouched nature and numerous vineyards.

Foodie tip: The fruity Riesling in Nierstein am Rhein is one of the best white wines in the world! Hope onto the saddle and let yourself be carried away by the fascination of the Rhine. It’s worth it…

Reasons to cycle on the Rhine

Reason 1: Simple route guidance without big hills.

Particularly on the trip from Strasbourg to Mainz, pleasure cyclists will get their money’s worth. The routes are easier to master and lead through charming places. Numerous places to stop offer opportunities for sightseeing. In addition, the mild climate in Alsace, Baden and the Palatinate is ideal for a cycling holiday. In this way, the rich culture of the French and German cities can be better experienced.


Reason 2: The Imperial City of Worms

The city of Worms is not only well known for the medieval Nibelung legend, but also as a Lutherstadt. The two queens Kriemhild and Brünhild once had a bitter argument about who should enter the cathedral first. Today the city has become a tourist magnet. In addition to the Martin Luther monument, the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe and the cathedral from the 12th Century, the old houses and market square are also worth seeing. The best thing is to see the historic city for yourself.

Worms Cathedral

Reason 3: An unmistakable amount of castles and palaces

Between Bingen and Rüdesheim in the south and the Siebengebirge in the north there are an incredible 60 medieval castles, baroque castles and fortresses. And you are right in the middle of this landscape, always passing by bike. Above all, the diversity of the buildings from different eras makes every art-loving heart beat faster.

Castle in Rastatt

Reason 4: The Cologne – Dusseldorf section

In addition to the sophisticated Rheinauhafen, the cosy old town and the magnificent cathedral in the south, this stage of the Rhine Cycle Path is a highlight. It starts off green and lush on the right-hand side bank of the Rhine, north of Monheim in the middle of the Urdenbach Kämpe. In Neuss the museum on the island of Hombroch is waiting. If you go down the stairs at the end of the ticket booth, you will enter the floodplain landscape of the Erft, one of the most charming locations in Europe. Art is a thread through vibrant Düsseldorf, you will find a vibrant art scene there.

Tip: The route between Cologne and Düsseldorf is part of our cycle tour from Cologne to Arnhem.


Do you need more reasons? There are definitely more! But the best thing to do is to see the versatility of the Rhine Cycle Path for yourself. So hop on the saddle!

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