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Insider lake tips

The most beautiful bike tours in Upper Bavaria

Looking at the water, all too often you feel a fascination that can hardly be put into words. It doesn't matter whether the water is crystal clear, turquoise or deep blue, when it glistens in the sunshine, it delights young and old. Nothing is more relaxing than cycling along the shores of a lake or taking a plunge into the cool water after a successful tour.

On a cycling tour in Germany are hidden true lake jewels that you can discover and enjoy this summer. In this article, we reveal our favorite bike tours in Upper Bavaria that promise pure lake pleasure.

Lake Starnberg

A center-based cycle tour along Lake Starnberg is perfect for exploring the landscape. The starting point here is always your hotel, where you can return "home" every day and end the evening, for example, at the hotel bar. Let yourself be inspired by the Bavarian hospitality and enjoy the breathtaking view. A dream view of the Bavarian Alps and the glittering water make the cyclist's heart beat faster.

While you pedal, you can let your eyes roam over the lake and admire sailboats, stand up paddlers and the scenic beauty. A highlight of this tour is the excursion to Andechs Monastery. Here you can visit the monastery and enjoy refreshments in the beer garden. By the way, the beer garden is one of the most beautiful in Germany.

Lake Königssee

Lake Königssee is nestled between steep mountain slopes and creates a graceful picture. With a water temperature of only 16 °C, the lake is quite fresh, but in summer the temperature can rise to 22 °C and offers cool refreshment for tired cyclists' legs. This is how it can be enjoyed in the summer. On the saddle, you discover true natural beauty on the cycle tour from Lake Chiemsee to Lake Königssee.

On the way to Lake Königssee, you cycle along the Saalach river to Bad Reichenhall. The spa town is famous for its salt, which can be found all over Germany. After a short bike ride to Berchtesgaden, you'll reach Lake Königssee after another short ride. Whether you choose to enjoy the cool water or just soak up the view is up to you.

Munich's lake variety

The Munich Lakes Tour offers just that: Here you will cycle along three wonderful lakelands in eight days and find one or two highlights along the way. The Ammersee is the third largest lake in Bavaria and is often referred to as the "Bauernsee". The melting of ice-age glaciers created this delightful lake and is now home to many bird species. It's not only a true paradise for animals, but also for cyclists. Once you arrive at the lake, take off your helmet and get on the boat. After a successful bike ride, the boat ride promises peace, nature and an all-around wonderful time out. 

Continuing to Lake Starnberg, the bike route takes you along the little river Ammer to Weilheim in Pfaffenwinkel. Passing lush green meadows and forests, the bike route takes you to the shores of the lake. Germany's fifth largest lake is considered an important recreational area and is perfect for a dip in the cool water. You cycle past villas of Bavarian celebrities and finally reach Lake Kochelsee. Here you can really get into enjoying yourself. The lake is located on the Upper Bavarian foothills of the Alps and, together with Lake Walchensee, forms the two-lake landscape at Herzogstand. Whether it's a boat trip or a swim, you'll find plenty of space to relax after a leisurely bike ride.

On the trail of the most beautiful lake bike tours in Europe

With our Eurobike bike tours you can cycle past many of Europe's most beautiful lakes and discover the highlights in the surrounding area. Our travel specialists would be happy to provide you with some advice.

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