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Our Rental Bike PLUS

The Ferrari among rental bikes

Our new star among the rental bikes is a bit sportier, a bit more comfortable, a bit more precise, maybe even a bit sleeker and certainly a bit better equipped – our Rental Bike PLUS! The already very high quality standard of our rental bikes is trumped here. Anyone who has tried it once will not want anything else and anyone not yet convinced should read on with great interest, because the advantages of these bikes cannot simply be described in one sentence. With these bikes, cycling is really fun and it will be a reliable companion on your individual cycle tour!

The brand-new rental bike with added comfort, technology and equipment

The most important tool for a cyclist is the bike. Full stop. With badly fitting cycling shorts cycling is uncomfortable, but possible. With shoes that are too tight, the cycle tour won’t be so relaxing, but you will reach your destination. But when the bike goes on strike, a cycle tour quickly turns into a nightmare. That’s why it’s so important to focus on quality and ride a well-maintained bike. After all, you have to be able to rely on the fact that it will get you to your destination safely, that it is comfortable and that the sophisticated technology will make the journey as pleasant as possible.

“I was very satisfied with this bike. Both the technology and comfort were excellent. I would use this bike again and again.”

Mr. Olaf H.

Herr Olaf H.

Best quality for high demands

As the name suggests, our Rental Bike PLUS is characterised by a big plus. Namely a plus in quality, comfort, technology and equipment. From the saddle to the gears to the brakes, this bike is state-of-the-art and you can really feel that with every push of the pedal, believe us. It allows a sportier sitting posture than our normal bikes and, with 27 gears, offers the greatest possible flexibility. This makes it extremely recommendable for our sporty cycle tours such as the sporty Danube Cycle Path or the sporty variant of Munich Lakes.

“I was extremely satisfied with my Rental Bike PLUS. It was as smooth as it was robust and comfortable. I would therefore choose this bike again next time.”

Mr. Bernd S.

Herr Bernd S.

With the new Rental Bike PLUS from Brenner to Rome – without a single breakdown

Our manager Verena Sonnenberg is also a staunch fan of our Rental Bike PLUS. Last October, the enthusiastic athlete cycled over one thousand kilometres from the Brenner Pass to the eternal city of Rome in just two weeks. Based on the routes of Innsbruck – Verona, Venice – Florence and Florence – Rome cycle tours she cycled alone through Italy. Her reliable companion was our Rental Bike PLUS.

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“I was absolutely thrilled with our new Rental Bike PLUS. With this bike you get a completely new cycling experience and the equipment is particularly useful for sporty cycle tours. This is a bike I would also buy privately!”

Verena Sonnenberg, Management Eurofun Touristik

Verena Sonnenberg, Geschäftsleitung Eurofun Touristik

Our range of rental bikes is growing

Our product manager Andreas Schintlmeister explains why the new Rental Bike PLUS is so recommendable, especially for the sportier guest: “Our modern Rental Bike PLUS is simply more precise, more comfortable and of higher quality than our other rental bikes in many respects. Personally, I like to ride a normal 21-speed rental bike just as much as I like the Rental Bike PLUS because the quality of our standard bikes is also excellent. But cyclists who cover long and strenuous distances will notice and appreciate the difference with the even better equipment of the Rental Bike PLUS (e.g. hydraulic Magura brakes HS11, Shimano Deore Xt or a very high-quality Suntour suspension fork”. For example, a sporty sitting posture is very important to many, while other guests prefer an upright posture when cycling. The new Rental Bike PLUS is another option in our excellent range of bikes and, like all our bikes, is a reliable companion on our Eurobike Original Tour.”

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