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Spring into action in these warmer climes

These bike tours truly awaken that spring feeling
Harbour on the Tuscan coast

You can already sense the first warm sun rays on your your skin. Your bike is ready. Can you hardly even wait for the last snow piles to melt and for the winter to disappear? We can hardly wait either! That’s why we have put together some warm and spring-like tours for you!

Harbour on the Tuscan coast

Explore Tuscany’s beauty

Already in March Italy often gets pleasant temperatures of 15 degrees. That’s why the tour along the Tuscany coastline is particularly popular in Spring. The tour starts at the Leaning Tower of Pisa and goes past wonderful scenery. White sandy beaches, a pleasant sea breeze and fragrant pine forests are all included. The tour is topped off with great historical and cultural excursions. This tour really has got something for everyone!

Majorca’s spectacular landscape and its island flair

If you would like to get some summer vibes in the spring then we warmly recommend that you go to Majorca. The temperature can get up to 17 degrees in March and 23 degrees in May. Fans of sleepy bays, impressive dragon caves and charming little villages will like this bike tour in Majorca. You will notice a lovely orange scent due to all of the orange trees. Our opinion: away from the hustle and bustle of the party-goers, this island is well-worth a visit.

Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca

Leisurely tour through Northern Italy

For those who would prefer to stay on the mainland we recommend the bike tour from Merano to Lake Garda. The North Italian climate seems to have been made for spring cycle tours. On the way you will see breathtaking alpine scenery and well-designed wine gardens. At Lake Garda, Italy’s loveliest lake you can enjoy watching surfers, sailors and kitesurfers on the shining water. Reward yourself with some delicious Italian pasta and a glass of excellent house wine in one of the restaurants by the water’s edge. If you had to name one thing that the Italian’s are by far the best at, it has to be cooking. Do you not agree?

Cyclists on Lake Garda

Sporty challenge in Madeira

If you are looking for a more demanding bike tour then the Madeira loop tour is the right option for you! On this tour you get rewarded for having endurance and for cycling along, what are at times bumpy paths, with a breathtaking panoramic view. The flower island gets summer-like temperatures all year round. You might even dare to jump into the cool Atlantic. Our tip: don’t forget your camera!

Cyclist on the Paul da Serra plateau in Madeira

Discover cultural treasures in the heart of Italy

We recommend the city tour from Florence to Rome for those cyclists who are interested in culture. On the tour you will explore Italy and its cultural and historical treasures. The original urban landscape in many of the villages and towns between Florence and Rome has been preserved how it originally was. This tour will make you think that you have learnt how to time travel. It is impressive how much value the Romans used to place on specific structural details. Seeing that all roads lead to Rome, you will arrive there at the end of this tour! Rome impresses its guests with its wonderful architecture and impressive buildings like the colosseum.

Colosseum Rome

Discover the heart of Provence

The French region of Provence is also perfect for cycle tours in Spring. The tour through the Luberon nature park takes you through colourful scenery as well as old palaces and churches. You will see places, which enthused painters like Vincent Van Gogh. Enjoy the impressive scenery and explore France with all of your senses.

Lavender field in front of a village in Provence
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