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Are you looking for specific information on your favourite destination, would you like to book your next cycle tour without complications or simply browse through the Eurobike holiday offers? Our online travel search will take you quickly and safely to exactly where you want to go. Thanks to specific filter options such as duration, dates and destination, you can narrow down the search to suit your individual needs. How the search works and how you can use it to find your perfect cycle tour is explained here. Tips and tricks included. Have fun with the Eurobike travel search!

Find the perfect cycle tour

See for yourself how quickly and easily the Eurobike Travel Search works. With just a few clicks you can find your perfect cycle tour and all your wishes will be taken into account.

You can find the Eurobike travel search on our website at or on our homepage at the top right. We explain all the other details below.

Travel search on the home page

Eurobike Homepage
Quick search

Home page options

If you are already familiar with the Eurobike website, you will of course be familiar with our home page. We offer you a total of three search options on the home page, as you can clearly see in the image on the left. At the top right of the main navigation you will find the word "Travel Search" including a magnifying glass. If you click on it, a new field opens below it with three input options: Search term/code - Where are you going? - When to go? You will also find these options without an additional mouse click below the home page image. The more information you enter here, the more specific the search will be. But you don't have to fill in any of these fields. If you simply click on the button "Search tours", you will see our entire holiday selection at a glance. Tip: For a more detailed search with advanced filters, we recommend using the magnifying glass.

Filters and advanced search options

Tour search

Detailed travel search

Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you directly to our detailed travel search. At first glance you will see all our cycling tours. As we have a wide range of cycle tours all over Europe, we make your search easier with the help of some filters. Again, you do not have to select any of these filters.

  • Search term: This can be filled in individually.
  • Time period: Here you can enter the start and end dates.
  • Travel destinations: Select your preferred country here.
  • Tour tyle: What is your preferred type of travel?

In addition, we have highlighted the most popular search queries with their own buttons. This will help you find your dream trip even faster.

More Filter

Advanced search options

Do you already have a very precise idea of where you want to go on your next cycling holiday? Thanks to the advanced filter options, you can make your search even more specific. Here you can select the duration in days, the tour character and other wishes. Tip: Multiple selections are possible for all options. All clicked filters automatically appear at the bottom and can be deleted at any time by clicking on the "Reset filter" button. To do this, simply click on the "X" next to the word.

Other wishes for your cycling holiday

  • Individual tours: Our tours can be booked from as few as one person.
  • Guided group tours: Here you pedal together in a group.
  • Year-round classics: These cycle tours are available all year round.
  • E-bike tour: These cycle tours are particularly well tailored to e-bikes.
  • Family tour: Families also feel particularly comfortable on our tours.
  • New tour: Here you will find an overview of all new tours.
  • Short holiday: These cycle tours are of shorter duration.
  • Sporty tour: Challenging cycle tours for sporty cyclists.
  • Eurobike original tour: Benefit from our special advantages: detailed travel documents, high-quality rental bikes, luggage transport, support before, during and after the trip.
  • Cycle with charm: Here you enjoy even more comfort and a higher hotel standard.
  • Eurofun quality tour: Trips with high Eurobike quality, run by our partners.
Tour search mobile

Travel search on your mobile phone

Just as described above, the travel search also works on your mobile phone. This means you don't have to use your laptop or computer, but can also search for your perfect cycle tour quickly and conveniently while on the move.

Personal advice and the Eurobike travel catalogue

We are happy to help you

Of course we are also there for you personally! Our travel specialists are always happy to help you find your next dream trip and are on hand to offer advice. Our annual travel catalogue also serves as a great search tool, source of inspiration or simply for browsing through our extensive range of cycle tours.

Your way to your dream holiday: You can either flexibly find your next dream cycling tour online on our website, in person with our travel specialists or with the help of our clearly designed catalogues. We hope this blog post has given you a good overview and look forward to welcoming you soon as a guest on one of our perfectly organised cycle tours.