Rhine Cycle Path


The most powerful and longest river in Germany convinces us with very clear arguments and enchants its visitors with its indisputable charm. Would you also like to go on a cycling holiday that offers you scenic, cultural and culinary highlights? Then you are in the right place here! Find out a lot of interesting information, insider pointers and tour tips for our cycle tours on the beautiful Rhine cycle path.

The Rhine Cycle Path in brief

The opportunities to indulge in cycling are almost endless on the legendary Rhine. On almost 1320 km of cycle paths through Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands you will learn to appreciate the area around the Rhine, the romantic landscape and the friendliness of the local population. The route runs from the majestic Alps over Lake Constance, through the Rhine Valley and past the carnival city of Cologne to the Dutch coast, where the Rhine finally flows into the North Sea at Rotterdam.

The most beautiful stages and cycle tours on the Rhine Cycle Path

Speyer – Heidelberg – Worms

The starting point of this popular cycle tour is the small town of Neustadt. From now on, one highlight follows the last. Enjoy the historical flair that you will feel here with every pedal turn. Look forward to fairytale castles and romantic landscapes and keep an eye on the magnificent Rhine.

Three Imperial Cathedrals on the Rhine

This cycle tour represents a culturally appealing stage on the Rhine Cycle Path. The starting point is the university city of Heidelberg. You cycle past the three largest Imperial Cathedrals in Worms, Mainz and Speyer and arrive in one of the largest wine growing regions in Germany to enjoy the wine culture.

Tour character

Speyer - Heidelberg - Worms

6 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

Three Imperial Cathedrals on Rhine

9 Days | Self-guided tour

Neckar, Rhine & vines

It is truly a cycler’s paradise in the area between the Neckar and the Rhine. Travel along the famous German wine route, always with a glass of wine in your hand, enjoy the southern flair of this region to the full.

Chur – Basel

The first part of the famous Rhine Cycle Path starts in Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland. From there it goes to Lake Constance, where you cycle after a small detour to Austria then towards Basel.

Tour character

Neckar, Rhine & Vines

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Switzerland / Germany

Chur - Basel

9 Days | Self-guided tour

Basel – Strasbourg

On the second part of the Rhine Cycle Path, the perfectly developed path leads you along the Rhine from Basel via Müllheim, Freiburg and Colmar to Strasbourg. Here taking one or more extra nights is really worthwhile – there’s so much culture on offer.

Strasbourg – Mainz

The third and last part of the Rhine Cycle Path continues from Strasbourg towards Germany. This tour is really suitable for everyone and impresses not only because of the beautiful landscape, but also because of the easy route.

Tour character
Switzerland / Germany

Basel - Strasbourg

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Germany / France

Strasbourg - Mainz

8 Days | Self-guided tour

The Rhine Cycle Path by bike & boat

Rotterdam – Cologne, MS Olympia

And our bike & boat fans can also look forward to wonderful cycle tours along the Rhine. The MS Olympia will be your warm host during your cycle tour. Whether Rotterdam – Cologne or Cologne – Rotterdam, the Rhine Cycle Path will definitely delight.


Cologne – Mainz, MS Olympia

And from the carnival city of Cologne you cycle on to Mainz. If you don’t feel like riding your bike, you can also enjoy a day on the MS Olympia! Of course this cycle tour runs in both directions.

Tour character

Rotterdam - Cologne, MS Olympia

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

Cologne - Mainz, MS Olympia

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Course of the Rhine

Source of the Rhine

The mighty Rhine rises in the Swiss Alps, more precisely in the canton of Graubünden on Lake Tomase. However, this is still the Vorderrhein. The Rhine runs from Chur, where the Hinterrhein and the Vorderrhein flow together.

River length

With a total length of 1232 km, the Rhine is the 7th longest river in Europe. The main part of its course, namely 696km, is in Germany. This makes the Rhine the longest river in Germany.

Cycle path

The Rhine Cycle Path, also known as the EuroVelo Route EV15, extends over 5 countries, namely Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Holland. The cycle path which runs partly on both banks of the Rhine, is well developed and signposted and often runs directly on the bank and almost always with a direct view of the majestic river. There is still no uniform signage for the Rhine Cycle Path. In Switzerland it is signposted as Route 2, but you can mainly stick to the EV15 logo.

The most beautiful cities along the Rhine

River Rhine in Basel


Welcome to Basel, the city that can count 300 days of sunshine a year. Due to the pleasant temperatures that prevail here, life takes places almost all year round. Art and culture lovers in particular will enjoy Basel, because both are very important here. The Rhine flows like a blue lifeline through Switzerland’s third largest city and even serves its residents for swimming in summer. Look forward to eventful days in a city that is characterised by its contrasts.



The charming city of Strasbourg is the capital of the French region of Alsace. Strasbourg is known far beyond the borders of France because of its medieval charm and because it is a seat of some institutions of the European Union. The proximity to Germany can be felt in almost all situations and leaves its mark, particularly in areas such as culture, architecture and gastronomy. Do you count yourself as a foodie? Then the diverse cuisine of Strasbourg will be a special highlight on your trip along the Rhine Cycle Path.

Cathedral of Mainz


The old-half-timbered houses and marketplaces from the past give Mainz that very special charm that a city worth seeing should have. Make sure not to miss the famous Gutenberg Museum, where you can admire two original copies of the Gutenberg Bible. Other highlights are the Mainz Cathedral, the St. Stephan Catholic Church and the Museum of Ancient Shipping.

River Rhine in Coblenz


The German Corner, where the Rhine and the Moselle meet, has already attracted many visitors to the lovely city of Koblenz. Koblenz is one of the oldest cities in Germany and you become aware of this venerability with every step you take in this city. Visit the Electoral Palace, stroll along the waterfront, marvel at the majestic Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and take a ride on the spectacular cable car over the Rhine! You will have fond memories of Koblenz.

Cologne and the Rhine by night


Most of us are probably familiar with Cologne as a carnival city. For a week, the city turns into the centre of carnival and turns upside down. But of course Cologne has so much more to offer than the hustle and bustle of carnival. The city on the Rhine is also famous for the beautiful Cathedral, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. But the pretty old town, the chocolate museum or the Rheinpark are also real magnets for us visitors!

Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam


The pleasant city of Rotterdam in South Holland is home to the largest port in the world and is the linchpin of European shipping. This is also where the famous Rhine Cycle Path ends, as the Rhine flows into the North Sea nearby. An extra day in Rotterdam is definitely worth it – you can expect many sights, small bars and the friendly Dutch hospitality.

Useful information about a cycle tour on the Rhine

Cyclist having a break with a glass of wine

The cuisine on the Rhine

It is almost impossible to list all the delicacies that you will find on a cycle tour along the Rhine. In any case, you should treat yourself to some Swiss chocolate and try the famous Austrian apple strudel. Enjoy tarte flambèe in Alsace, sausages and sauerkraut in the Palatinate and wonderfully mild cheese in the Netherlands.

It is also noteworthy that many areas through which the Rhine flows are famous for their wine. It starts in the source area of the Rhine, where the wine villages of the Grisons are valued for their red wines. In Nierstein am Rhein you should definitely try a fruity Riesling, it is one of the best in the world. In Worms you can’t avoid trying a glass of Liebfrauenmilch. It is a lovely wine from the vineyards around the Liebfrauenkirche.

Did you know…

  • …that you can marvel at the world’s largest wine barrel in Bad Dürkheim?
  • …that the mild climate on the Rhine is even good to grow kiwis and bananas? So please don’t be surprised if you see a kiwi tree in the Palatinate.
  • …that you get a complete meal if you order ‘Weck, Worscht un Woi’ in Mainz? It’s bread, sausage and wine.
  • …that the University of Heidelberg had a prison for students until 1914? Today it’s only used for visiting.
  • …that the Rhine is one of the most used waterways in the world?
  • …that the Nibelungenlied is playing in Worms?

Perfectly organised cycle tours on the Rhine

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