Introducing the Eurobike station in Schärding

Discover our bike station in Schärding and find out why the place is not only worth seeing because of the bike station

The baroque town of Schärding is the starting point for our cycling trips on the Danube Cycle Path. But not only because of the Eurobike bike station, the small town on the Inn is worth a visit. In this blog post, we would like to introduce you not only the bike station, but also the baroque city itself.

Das Eurobike-Team ist vor Ort für Sie da

The Eurobike team is on site for you. The station in Haid has more than 1,200 bikes, including 120 e-bikes. Station manager Sebastian and his nine-member team all work hard to assist you with your trip. Should you have a problem with your bike, or need some insider trips, no problem! The staff in Haid know their stuff.

The Cycling Station: The team tasks are varied. The daily to-do’s include suitcase and bike transport.And should a guest be forced to leave the route, the bike transport is converted into a taxi. And something like that can happen as cyclists take on countless kilometres every day.

Another Eurobike comfort: The cycles and equipment are prepared for guests and travel documents are ready. In addition, the employees hold information talks with cyclists. Equipment care and a comprehensive bike service are also part of the job for the dedicated Eurobike team. So nothing stands in the way of you reaching the next stage!

Top information thanks to Eurobike! The local and knowledgeable team are happy to share their insider tips with cyclists.

Hotspot Schärding - The cycling spot on the Inn!

Travel along the Danube Cycle Path on two wheels. Past impressive landscapes with idyllic towns and auspicious gardens that invite you to linger. One of these small towns can be found on the western edge of the Innviertel. The area around Schärding has been inhabited since Neolithic times and due to its convenient location on the Inn it became a centre for trade. To this day, the small baroque town of Schärding, only separated from Bavaria by the Inn, lives up to its name.

With sights and a lively town centre, this small town has thrilled visitors every year. This is how a day in Schärding could look for you: take a leisurely stroll across the ‘Silberzeile’, which was historically one of the wealthiest addresses for merchants and today embellishes the town centre with its colourful facades. Later, after a visit to one of the cafes, enjoy the sun in the castle park, before finally hopping on the bike again.

Food is a top priority in Schärding

No matter if it’s hearty traditional fare or just a snack, there’s a great selection. More than 50 restaurants, bars and coffee shops can be found in Schärding. And good food also includes a refreshing glass of beer. Thanks to the over 400-year-old Baumgartner brewery, you won’t run short! If you are a fan of coffee, visit the Orangerie in the Baroque garden. The view onto the lovingly designed park offers wonderful relaxation.

Tour tip: You don’t only need to travel to Vienna from Schärding! The cycle tour from the Bavarian town Passau to Vienna is also recommendable. The Danube Cycle Path also takes you to the Austrian capital, away from the traffic.

Also on the Danube Cycle Path connoisseurs are not too short!

In addition to the incomparable view of Melk Abbey, it’s also worth taking a detour to the Wachau. One vineyard follows the last and one wine cellar sits next to another. The Danube Cycle Path contains so many delicacies and cultural jewels of Austria! Foodie tip: During your visit to the Wachau, you should definitely try one of the famous apricot dumplings – or Marillenknödel as they’re known.

At the end of the cycle tour, the best reward is waiting for you: a big Viennese Schnitzel in the capital.

Tour tip: The Danube Cycle Path is versatile and beautiful. Would you like to get to know other tours along the Danube? Then you will find a wide selection of routes in Germany, Austria or Hungary in our programme.