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The Eurobike team in Tuscany

Alexander Larcher has been in charge of the bike station in Tuscany since 2017. A total of five other dedicated employees help him with organisation, logistics and equipment maintenance. Together they offer guests reliable support on site and reveal one or the other insider tip to them. So that you can enjoy your cycling tour stress-free, the entire station team around Alex will take care of all your wishes and problems. During the season there are between 180 and 200 bicycles in the station’s bike storage. Of these, 55 are already e-bikes.

Team of the Eurofun-Station Tuscany

Beginnings of the Tuscany Bike Station

Tuscany is not only suitable for a leisurely stroll through the small old towns, taking a souvenir photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa, tasting the delicious regional specialities or spending a day at the beach, but above all for cycling. That is why the cycle holidays in Tuscany are also among the Eurobike classics. For about 25 years, exactly these holidays have been taken care of by our Tuscany bike station. Since naturally the range of holidays has expanded over the last few decades, the station has also been enlarged and more employees hired on site.

Tasks and to do´s

The team around Alex offer a reliable and personal service on site. This includes the welcome meeting, the creation and handing over of travel documents, the individual adjustment of rental bikes for the guests, the bike service and daily luggage transport. Ultimately, perfect organisation forms the basis for a smooth on-site support. In addition, we at Eurobike offer a service phone line which can be reached at any time for any kind of problem.

Facts about Tuscany Bike Station

  • Station manager: Alexander Larcher
  • Staff: 5
  • Bikes: 180 - 200
  • E-bikes: 55
Alexander Larcher

Cycle holidays supervised by this station

The bike station not only looks after Tuscany, but also Umbria, Liguria, Maremma and Lazio, all the way to Rome. That is why it is responsible for all of central Italy, or rather for the heart of Italy. In this region we offer numerous beautiful bike tours leading between cypresses and vineyards over hilly landscapes to the sea. Holidays such as the Tuscany Loop TourFlorence – Rome or the Umbria Cycle Rally emphasize the beauty of Italy. And as a fitting end to a day of cycling, delicious regional specialities such as pasta dishes, pizza and a glass of wine await you.


Cyclists in Tuscany

More Cycle Holidays in Tuscany

So that you can enjoy your holiday without any stress or care in the world, we are happy to take care of you before, during and after the cycle holiday. You can completely rely on us!

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