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The Eurobike Season Review 2023

Let's look back on the year together!

The active travel year of 2023 was fantastic, and this is not only thanks to our numerous employees who fulfilled travel wishes every day, transported luggage from A to B, maintained bikes, and answered questions about our Eurobike Original Tours. We are particularly proud that we could offer you, dear guests, an active holiday that we hope you will remember for a long time to come. As we approach the new year, we take the opportunity to pause and reflect with you on this very special cycling season. 

A lot can be said about the year 2023. Not only did we arrange and execute fantastic cycling tours for you, but we also dedicated ourselves to several internal projects. We trust you'll find this report enjoyable, and we look forward to the pleasure of hosting you once more on one of our tours in the coming season.

Kick-off at the Bike Station

The 2023 cycling season begins!

The careful preparation for a cycling vacation is essential, don't you think? Because an individual cycling tour naturally requires thoughtful planning. Just as you engage with travel checklists and information about the regions you will explore, our staff at the external stations and on-site in Obertrum do the same. 

For this reason, our team members from the Eurobike Stations are invited to the headquarters at the beginning of each year to participate in training sessions aimed at ensuring a smooth start to the new season. This year is no exception. Read our blog post on the topic 'Season Start Stations & Information Meetings' for fascinating insights and learn about the details of how an information meeting unfolds. 

The Top 3

These were the most popular cycle tours in 2023

You don't need much for a successful cycling vacation in Europe. Good weather, beautiful scenery, and carefully selected stage locations. Our Eurobike team ensures every day that you can enjoy a carefree cycling holiday and only need to focus on cycling. Also in the year 2023, there were several tours that were particularly popular with you. We would like to share these with you and invite you to be inspired for your next cycling vacation.

Danube Cycle Path

One of the most popular cycling routes in Austria remains the Danube Cycle Path. It is not only an absolute classic but also one of the most popular cycling vacation destinations in Austria for Eurobike in 2023. During a cycling tour along the Danube, numerous routes and paths can be explored, keeping the Danube in view. The tour from Passau to Vienna is particularly popular among our guests and ranks among the top 3 most beloved destinations in 2023. 

On this truly special route, you will be accompanied by the stunning Austrian landscape, cycling past Baroque towns, fruit orchards in the Wachau region, and finally arriving in Vienna. There, you can discover the Viennese flair for yourself and explore landmarks such as Schönbrunn Palace or the 1st district. 

Danube Cycle Path

Salzburg - Grado

Starting from the historic city of Salzburg, the Alpe-Adria Cycle Path leads through Carinthia to the Italian Adriatic. An enchanting bike path that has made a lasting impression on our guests in 2023, earning it a place among the top 3. 

Embark on a cycling tour from Salzburg to Grado and immerse yourself in the perfect blend of two worlds. On one side, delve into the rich history of Salzburg's old town, tracing the footsteps of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. On the other side, each pedal stroke brings you through the awe-inspiring Alpine landscape, culminating in a delightful finale to your cycling adventure with a refreshing swim in the sea and leisurely relaxation on one of the sandy beaches.

Alpe-Adria Cycle Path

Ten Lakes & Sound of Music

Discover not three, not five, but ten of the most beautiful lakes in Austria on the Ten Lakes Loop-Tour. Amidst glittering waters in the Salzkammergut, you cycle from one picturesque town to the next, getting to know the Mondsee, Attersee, Traunsee, Wolfgangsee, and many more! 

This is one of the reasons why this beautiful bike tour is among the top 3 tours of the year 2023. Accompanied by the stunning nature and Salzburg's culinary delights, you will not only fulfill your cycling vacation dreams but also experience a wonderful cycling holiday in nature.

Cycling tours in the Salzkammergut
Seenpanorama beim Wandern ohne Gepäck mit Blick auf den Dachstein


In 2023, we worked on numerous projects related to our brand presence, including our new website, the new catalog, and many exciting new tours. Our catalogs have been completely redesigned and now feature a fresh and brand-new look (only available in German). The focus remains on presenting our beautiful cycling tours, but from now on, you will also find editorial and exciting inspirational topics about our travel destinations. 

Perhaps you've already noticed that our website has a new look? The simplified navigation is designed to help you find what you're looking for quickly, and the modern and clear design makes the travel experience even more accessible. 

Our Eurobike team is constantly working on developing new and exciting travel routes for you, and in 2023, an important milestone was achieved for the upcoming cycling season in 2024. Numerous wonderful routes are waiting to be discovered by you in the new year – all over Europe!


Not only were you on our fantastic bike paths and routes, but our staff was also diligently "on tour" in 2023. The most beautiful routes in Europe not only need careful planning but also thorough testing. For this purpose, our Eurobike team members travel to different locations to test these tours and make them even better for you. In the year 2023, a total of 23 Eurobike team members were "on tour." You can discover their travel reports in our cycling blog.

Joint company outings and events are also among our annual highlights and not only strengthen the team's cohesion but also provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the successes of the past year together. This year, during our two-day company outing, we had the pleasure of visiting the beautiful Palatinate. You can find out what awaited us on the journey in the Blog Post Company Excursion 2023.

Group photo at the Niederwald monument
You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.