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The most beautiful cycle tours for summer

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Cycle break at the Faaker See

The sun has got its hat on, the temperatures are warm and you are in the mood for a cycle tour? We promise: a cycle tour is pure exercise wellness for the soul and we have selected three wonderful holiday destinations that we can wholeheartedly recommend to you in order to leave the stress of daily life behind.

Cycle break at the Faaker See

A cycling holiday is a special experience at any time of year, that much is sure! It's simply the perfect way to experience the feeling of freedom, to escape traffic jams and the hustle and bustle, and to enjoy the nature around you. Our carefully planned tours take our cyclists through beautiful landscapes, into idyllic traditional towns and past unique sights. But the heat of the summer months still puts you off cycling? We tell you which destinations are perfect and how you can really enjoy a summer cycling trip as a time-out.

Summer holidays in the Salzkammergut

Time to recharge

Do you know why people have been drawn to the beautiful Salzkammergut for summer retreats since the time of the emperor? It is above all else, the amazing combination of mountains and lakes, where turquoise-blue, clear water meets lush green meadows and rugged mountain peaks. The postcard idyll of the entire region once enchanted Emperor Franz Joseph and served as inspiration for many creative minds, and quite honestly? Once you've been there, you'll understand it immediately!

Our Salzkammergut-Tour offers a unique combination of nature, culture and relaxation. The individual cycling stages are finely tuned: flat sections along the lakeshore alternate with slightly hilly sections, offering plenty of variety at a relaxed pace. Our tip: We always pack our bathing suits and a thin microfibre towel in our saddle bag so can take a dip in the cool water whenever we need to cool off. At each of the crystal-clear lakes (drinking water quality!) you can always find idyllic spots and beautiful natural bathing areas. There are a total of 76 lakes here, the 170 m deep and 47 km² large Attersee, which is on the programme on day 3 of the tour, is only one of them!

Exercise can make you hungry, that we’re sure of! Indulge in culinary delights during your cycling adventure and experience the region with all your senses, because the culinary delights of the Salzkammergut are just as exciting and unspoilt as the landscape. Traditional meals lovingly made by hand using ingredients from the region such as fresh fish, mushrooms straight from the forest and cooked in new ways – the chefs here can draw from the surroundings, and you can really eat well everywhere. Whether that is ‘Erdäpfelkas’ on bread in an Alpine hut or fish in a gourmet restaurant. It simply tastes good, you will agree, when you taste your way through the cuisine of the Salzkammergut!

Culture, crafts and authentic customs are kept alive with pride in the Salzkammergut. The region is simply rich in stories, if you consider that its impressive history began 7000 years ago with salt mining around Hallstatt!

You can read an authentic report that conveys up-close impressions and makes you want to cycle in the travel report on the Salzkammergut round trip.

  • Spoilt for choice: Many other beautiful tours in the Salzkammergut invite you to hop on the bike.
View of Hallstatt

Lake longing in Carinthia

Cycling in the south

Carinthia is the southernmost region of Austria and it profits from its proximity to the Adriatic and scores with an almost Mediterranean, yet mild climate. Excellent conditions for a cycling holiday even in the summer months! The landscape is gently rolling, the Alpine panorama lines the background and a refreshing lake or river that invites you to rest is always nearby. Our top holiday tip is the Carinthian Lakes Tour!

Unlike the lakes in the Salzkammergut, the Carinthian lakes are warmer and reach up to 28 degrees to attract numerous bathers every year. The most well-known of them all is the Wörthersee which often serves as a film set and has a very special magic and appeal. Velden is still a society meeting place and celebrity hotspot with its famous casino and beautiful lakeside promenade. If you don't like the hustle and bustle too much, you can quickly pedal along the Keutschacher Seental, an idyllic alternative.

In general, most of the cycle paths on the individual stages run directly along the picturesque shores of the lakes and the connections along the Drau on the Drau Cycle Path - you really immerse yourself in the wonderful nature of the pristine surrounding countryside. Carinthia is not only a land of lakes, but also of castles and palaces. It is simply impressive what imposing buildings have been created here, especially the mystical Hochosterwitz Castle casts a spell. But the small, tranquil villages and towns also have charm and surprise you with their Italianate buildings and southern flair. Stroll through the old alleys in Klagenfurt's historic old town and enjoy a little dolce vita feeling! And finally, a selfie with the Lindwurm?


Indulgence while cycling should not be forgotten. Whether that is regional cuisine or experimental gourmet cuisine, Carinthia offers an interesting cuisine, with many influences –from Slovenia to North Italy - and supported by tradition. Just take the Carinthian Kasnudel, the national dish and culinary heritage par excellence! It's actually quite simple - a simple pasta dough made of water and flour, topped with a filling of curd cheese, eggs, potatoes and mint, which is probably only available in Carinthia. It is a down-to-earth, honest dish, but every cook has his or her own recipe secrets. The special thing about it is the "Krendln", a technique with which the ends of the dough are twisted together. And so, with a wink, the saying goes: "A Dirndle dos net krendeln konn, kriagt koan Monn!", meaning that women are only marriage material if they have mastered the art of "Krendeln".

Carinthian Kasnudel

Ciao Italia!

For those who would like to head further south towards the sea, then we recommend one of our tours along the Alpe-Adria cycle path. From Villach to Grado in 6 days? Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

The route begins in Villach, from where it is only a stone's throw to Italy along the Gail cycle path. A special highlight of this tour is the path through the Canal Valley on the old railway line, where there are countless bridges and viaducts with wonderful views and many tunnels.

Take time for a little break in a mountain village and listen to the babble of voices and languages of the locals: Italian, German, Friulian and Slovenian meet here and bear witness to the special history of this valley steeped in history! Many historically interesting sights, finds and remains of Roman settlements line the way, after centuries of traders transporting Nordic iron to the Mediterranean region, for example.  It is worth taking a closer look!

Particularly exciting on this tour is the mix of nature-rich, unspoilt routes in the midst of an impressive mountain landscape into the Friulian lowlands and the urban flair of the magnificent Renaissance city of Udine, continuing on the tracks of the Romans until you can smell the sea breeze of the Grado lagoon and finally put your feet in the warm sand. Simply wonderful!

Grado, the small sunny island, is a jewel of the Adriatic with its historic, car free old town and labyrinth of narrow, flower-filled alleys, historic walls, picturesque squares, hidden cafes and restaurants - and in the middle of it all, the impressive Basilica of Sant'Eufemia from the 5th century. The cuisine in this corner of Italy is naturally high on the agenda. You should try fish or seafood, freshly caught by local fishermen! And it doesn’t matter if you eat in simple traditional Trattoria or in high-class restaurants – wonderful regional Gradese cuisine is served everywhere. The speciality is "Boreto alla gradese". A simple stew consisting of freshly caught turbot, polenta, vinegar, pepper and garlic, which used to be the main food of the fishing families in the fishing huts of the lagoon. It is served with some white polenta and a glass of Refosco, the red wine from the area. Our tip: Visit places that belong to the association "I ristornier del Centrum", the members are committed to passing on the city's culinary tradition from generation to generation.


Our 5 tips for the perfect summer cycle tour

  1. On all cycle tours, it is generally important to make sure that you always drink enough and protect yourself from the intense sun. Sunscreen should always be handy in your handlebar bag!
  2. When it comes to clothing, it is best to choose light functional materials, as they wick moisture to the outside, making even sweaty stages fun.
  3. Cycling is not only about sport, but also about enjoyment. Get involved with the country's typical cuisine, try something different.
  4. And allow yourself to relax! Benches, footbridges or meadows - you will always find a nice place to take a break and enjoy the surroundings.
  5. In our Cycling tours in summer you will find even more inspiration for your cycling vacation in the warm season.
Trinkpause am Ossiacher See
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