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Cycle tours to the most beautiful beaches in Europe

cyceling with the tides

Hop off the bike, take of your socks and shoes and feel the fine, grainy sand under your feet – what a wonderful feeling! For many of us, beach, sand and sea are simply part and parcel of a successful holiday. Where better to relax, unwind and recharge your batteries than on a secluded beach with a view of the sea? This brings that holiday feeling and the very idea of it is enough to spark that feeling of wanderlust. And that’s why our programme includes a number of cycle tours by the sea and along the beautiful coasts of Europe with the most beautiful beaches for well-deserved breaks during tours. Do you want to know the beaches we are talking about? Then read on!

Tuscany – an experience and a way of life

Anyone who has ever been to Tuscany will remember this picture-perfect area with joy. It smells of pine forests and a light sea breeze and you can listen to the song of the singing Cicadas and the waves as they break on the shore. You cycle through what is probably the most impressive landscape in southern Europe. The warming rays of the sun encourage you to cycle a few kilometres in the morning so that you can spend the afternoon on one of Tuscany’s dreamy beaches.

Our tour tips:

The Tuscan Coast

During the 7-day dream tour you will cycle from Pisa through the Macchia Lucchese Natural Park towards the Tyrrhenian Sea. Secluded beaches, rugged cliffs and the aromatic Mediterranean sea air will attract and seduce you to jump into the cool water. From Pisa you cycle on to Castiglioncello, Marina di Castagneto and Piombino. The last day of cycling includes a ferry ride followed by a tour of the picturesque island of Elba.

Pisa – Cinque Terre

Have you heard of the Cinque Terre? These are 5 enchanting, small communities on the Italian Riviera, which are famous for their colourful houses  built in terraces, and for their authentic charm. Again, Pisa is the starting point for this cycle tour. From here you cycle along white sandy beaches towards Viareggio, a famous seaside resort on the Tuscan coast. But not only the sea will inspire you, but also the historic cities like Lucca and small villages like Castelnuovo di Gargagnana. The crowning glory is the Cinque Terre – Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore – which were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites a few years ago. However, this place cannot be visited by bike. You will love it anyway!

The Caribbean of the Mediterranean

Not only the mainland of Italy can boast beaches that are among the most beautiful in Europe. The Italian islands also enchant with their crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and gorgeous stretches of coastline. Sardinia is even known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean and can compete with the most beautiful beaches in the world. Reason enough for us to offer two cycle tours here. One tour takes you to the North of Sardinia and explores the countryside to Alghero. You will be amazed, I promise. The other tour focuses on the world-famous coast of Sardinia with its beautiful beaches, authentic fishing villages and rugged stretches of coast. It’s the perfect mix of a relaxing beach holiday and an active cycling holiday.

Mysterious Sicily

There are many stories and legends about this island in the Mediterranean, which is very diverse. The tour starts in the late baroque village of Palazzolo Acreide and takes you further and further south, where you will find yourself on a secluded beach and looking out over the vast Mediterranean. From here you cycle almost continuously along the coast and come across a number of beautiful beaches and enchanting bays, which you will hardly be able to resist!

Yacht in front of beach

Visiting the sunny island of Mallorca

Mallorca has long since shed its reputation as a party island. Because here those looking for peace and quiet, sun worshippers, active holiday makers and foodies alike will find what they want on holiday. If you think this mix is ideal, then you will like the Mallorca tour. Cycle across the beautiful island, let yourself be spoiled as you discover a new bay every day, where you, far from the crowds, can dream away and cool off with a long swim. Look forward to the beaches of Es Trenc, Sant Jordi or C’an Picafort, which are among the most beautiful on the island.

The sunny Amalfi Coast

It is considered the jewel of the Mediterranean and has delighted guests from all over the world for centuries with its picturesque bays, crystal blue water and lush vegetation – the Amalfi Coast. It’s no wonder that the Costiera Amalfitana is one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Europe. The demanding cycle tour from Cetara to Salerno shows you the most beautiful sections between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno and of course you will also find the most beautiful beaches here.

View of the sea

The Baltic Sea Cycle Path

A beautiful beach doesn’t necessarily have to be in the south. The Baltic Coast, for example, shows that Germany can compete too. Our cycle tour along the Baltic Sea from Lübeck to Stralsund will take you past charming villages and dreamy beaches along the wild Baltic Sea to your destination. You can discover a few more cycle tours along the Baltic Sea Cycle Route here.

Beautiful North Sea Islands

The three islands Hallig Hooge, Sylt and Rømø and their beaches are the main characters in this enchanting cycle tour. Cycle through pristine nature reserves, meet flocks of sheep, watch the seagulls flying over the sea and relax on a secluded beach while to dig your feet into the sand and listen to the steady rush of the sea. You can find more cycle tours on the North Sea Cycle Path here.

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