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Time for ice cream on a cycling holiday

The most popular ice creams on our bike tours throughout europe
Mallorca bike tour Palma

Summer vacation is just around the corner. The sun is shining brightly, the Eurobike cycling tours will take you to the most beautiful places in Europe, and you are deeply relaxed. Actually, these are already the basic ingredients for a successful cycling holiday in summer. What could make this vacation bliss even better? A refreshing ice cream that provides the necessary cooling on hot summer days.

But the choice is extensive. In addition to the classics such as vanilla and chocolate, each country has its own ice cream specialties to offer. In this article, we tell you what types of ice cream you should definitely try on vacation and give you an insight into the most beautiful summer destinations in Europe.

Mallorca bike tour Palma

Almond ice cream on Majorca

Crystal clear water, beautiful bays and lots of cycling fun are waiting to be discovered on the sunny island. Especially in summer, the Balearic island shows its best side

Between ancient olive trees and rare species of Spanish flora and fauna, you will discover very special cycling classics during a cycling holiday on Majorca. In addition to the cycling pleasure, indulgence must not be neglected. When the sun shines, it’s time for a break, preferably with an ice cream in hand.

Almond ice cream is considered the Majorca flavor “par excellence”. It is often made according to old family recipes and served in Majorcan cuisine with a gató (an almond cake). Almonds are one of the most important ingredients of Majorcan agriculture.

Spain is, after California, the largest almond producer, and so the almond ice cream is very appreciated by locals and tourists. Try for yourself this delicious ice cream, for example, the Majorca Loop Tour - the great loop bike tour or during the Majorca with Charm tour. 

Spanish almond cake with vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream in Germany

We are convinced that it is often the classics that impress. We have a few of these in store on our Eurobike cycling holidays. Germany, in particular, is hiding many great routes that are worth discovering. Whether the Munich Lakes Tour or the Palatinate Wine Tour, the possibilities are almost endless.

From the perspective of the cyclist, you discover the beauty of the country, ride through beautiful landscapes and see numerous sights. After an extensive bike ride, one scoop of ice cream or the other should not be missed.

Cyclist on bridge at Munich lakes

Here, too, there are real classics that convince in a sugary sweet way. Vanilla ice cream is and remains a classic, especially in Germany this variety enjoys a constant popularity. Served in a waffle cone, a cup or as a hot love with fresh berries, hardly anyone can resist a scoop of vanilla ice cream. In America, this ice cream flavour even has its own day, the National Vanilla Ice Cream Day is celebrated every year on July 23rd. So, enjoy on your next cycling vacation in Germany along with the pleasure of delicious vanilla ice cream, we leave the variation to you.

Stracciatella ice cream in Italy

Bella Italia is just a few pedal pushes away. Italy is the land of pasta, pizza, and picturesque landscapes. Our cycling holidays in Italy promise pure vacation feeling and offer the perfect combination of active vacations and relaxation phases.

During the rest periods, you can take in the sights of the cities at your leisure, enjoy the picturesque landscapes and lick a delicious ice cream. Particularly popular in Italy: The Stracciatella flavour.

Tuscany Cereal field

This delicious type of ice cream was invented in 1961 by a pastry chef in Bergamo. The same name is also used for a Roman-Tuscan soup in which raw egg is stirred, creating egg flakes in the broth that resemble chocolate chips in the ice cream. The term stracciatella, by the way, comes from the Italian "stracciare," which means "to tear." Melted chocolate is added to the finished milk ice cream, and once the chocolate is frozen, stirring it in the ice cream maker breaks it into shards. To us, this combination reminds us of summer, sun and sea and enriches your cycling vacation. 

Ice cream in Pinerolo

Ice coffee in Austria

Not ice cream in the traditional sense, but still very popular in Austria: ice coffee. For whoever does not know it, the Viennese coffee house culture is characterized by a very special atmosphere. This began at the end of the 17th century and is still a lively tradition today, especially in the capital city of Vienna. Since 2011 this belongs to the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO. In any case, do not miss this delicious drink during a cycle tour in Austria

Cycling break in the Wachau

Discover this special flair and the one ice coffee or another on your cycle tour from Salzburg to Vienna at first hand. On the way there, two of the great Austrian cultural cities are ready for you and a city tour, the festival city of Salzburg and Vienna, the stronghold for culture and pleasure.

Here you can linger longer after a bike ride with an ice coffee in hand and a stimulating conversation. With this delicious drink, you combine the pleasure of ice cream with an energy kick. Typically, it is prepared with a brewed coffee, which cools and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, often you will also find a sweet cream topping on it. 

Iced Coffee

Got a little taste for it? Now it's time to pick your ice cream and book your individual cycling tour. A cycling vacation with Eurobike can be this wonderful!

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