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Travel report: The Moselle-Cycle Path for families

A cycling experience for big and small
Porta Nigra in Trier

There are many nice things about being a tour operator! But one of the nicest things is exploring and checking the local trails for our cycle tours for families. Again and again, we head out and about in our travel destinations to check the travel documents, make changes and discover completely new things. This time it was the turn of the cycling holiday Moselle-Cycle Path for families, 6 days. You can read what I experienced here in my travel report about the Moselle Cycle Path.

A small note in advance: Along the way I met a lot of children with big smiles on their faces!

Porta Nigra in Trier

Trier, the city from Roman times

The Moselle Cycle Path is one of our most popular cycle holidays for families in Germany for a reason: it’s mostly flat, almost always runs on cycle paths, on at least on one side of the Moselle and offers a lot of nature and adventure along the river for young and old. Our tour starts in Trier, so this is also the start of my tour. I start at the Porta Nigra. For a moment I enjoy the leisurely hustle and bustle at the impressive city gate from Roman times and take in the fresh air, then I start pedalling. The first few metres from the city centre in the direction of the Moselle are quiet and the path is easy to follow thanks to the good signposts. After only a few metres I see the Moselle for the first time. It will be our faithful companion for next few days!

On the most beautiful path to Mehring

Quickly over the bridge and I swing myself onto the saddle. It’s not many kilometres to Mehring, but it’s already afternoon and I want to move quickly. You can feel the proximity to the city for the first few kilometres. In addition to a few cyclists, hobby runners, roller-skaters and walkers meet along the well-developed, approximately three-metre-wide path directly along the Moselle. But with every metre further down the Moselle, I have the cycle path more and more to myself. There are many small rest areas with wooden benches and playgrounds along the way. With the wind behind me, I continue on my way. After a leisurely 25 kilometres by bike, I have reached my destination of Mehring and I think I deserve some dinner! The Italian restaurant around the corner is perfect.

Bridge in Schweich

The Moselle meanders picturesquely

In time for today’s cycle start, the sun comes out. I should have good weather. Immediately after the first few metres in the direction of Piesport, I am amazed, because the Moselle seems to turn more than 180 degrees and the cycle path ends in nothing from my perspective. And indeed: A look at my map in the travel documents shows that the Moselle winds and meanders again and again. Almost like a painting. I already know this from our cycling holiday Danube-Cycle Path Linz to Vienna for families, 8 days with the famous Danube loop. The Moselle, however, looks more like it consists only of a series of turns. And that’s really the case: until after Piesport, it changes direction many times. Always fascinated by the natural spectacle, I enjoy the peace and quiet. Apart from me there is no other cyclists to be seen far and wide and I comfortably continue along the cycle path to Piesport.

Moselle Cycle Path

Through beautiful villages

When we arrived in Piesport, according to our travel description, the stage would end. But since I don’t have that many days available, I continue cycling straight away. There is still enough time for our cycling families to experience off-track adventures on this day. There are exciting tips for this in the travel documents. For me, however, it continues straight away. Past many small houses and restaurants, the cycle path runs for the first time on a longer section next to the main road. The path is arranged parallel to the street and not separated, but is very wide. Alternatively, you can switch to the other side of the street and choose the quiet side streets. Then I drive through Wintrich, Brauneberg and Bernkastel Kues as well as several smaller towns with great flair. The special thing about it: The cycle path leads through the middle of the beautiful villages again and again and offers a change from quiet natural passages.

The finest cuisine

In Zeltingen I take a break and also visit our partner accommodation here briefly to say hello. Then first of all, eating is the order of the day. The delicious breakfast was many hours ago and that is noticeable. Fortunately, there are many places to stop along the Moselle and there is something for all tastes: Hearty, regional and cheap in one of the Strauss taverns - buying wine is almost certain because you can always be won over by the delicious glass of wine - or modern, Italian, Greek...actually the cuisine leaves nothing to be desired. I choose a fine café because I can sit comfortably in the sun. It is a good choice as the food is superb. Then you continue through beautiful vineyards to Zell.

Path by vineyard on the Moselle Cycle Path

One goal in mind: Cochem

The last stage for me is on the plan, because I am on our shorter version of the cycling holiday Moselle-Cycle Path for families, 6 days to Cochem. A little info by the way: If you want to extend the tour, you can add a stage to Koblenz and cycle to the Deutsches Eck. The stage can be shortened as desired by taking the train. The cycle path is just as varied as the previous stages. It is nice to see that both in my direction of travel and in the other, the Moselle uphill, so to speak, many families are cycling. The kids in the trailer or with their own bike, fully equipped. At Bremm and its many half-timbered houses, the Moselle suddenly makes an almost complete U-turn, after which the landscape changes slightly again. Under an impressive bridge, it continues to Cochem, surrounded by beautiful greenery. The last few metres it even starts to drizzle a bit, but before it really rains I am at the walls of Cochem and have already reached my destination.


Moselle cycle path with children

The Moselle Cycle Path is quiet, but by no means boring. Because the variety is so great. Between the small but pretty cities and towns, the cycle path leads again and again through nature. Primarily along the Moselle, but sometimes also "cross-country" as in the section near Thörnich. The nature of the path is great and the length of the stages is ideal for families, even with small children. Bridges, castles, ferries, ships, natural areas, vineyards, campsites, restaurants...the path itself offers a lot to look at and be amazed at. With the additional tips in our travel documents, the Moselle Cycle Path can be an all-round successful active break for families!

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