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Trend Destinations 2024

Adventure on two wheels - discover multifaceted destinations!

The new year has only just begun, and yet, amidst the cold and snow, thoughts of spring are already on our minds. Would you also like to start making travel plans already? January and February provide an ideal time for personal vacation planning. No matter where your destination leads you, you'll experience beautiful landscapes, magnificent sights, charm, culture, or unforgettable moments of enjoyment. Get to know the country and its people much better by exploring by bicycle.

Embracing cycling throughout the entire year is just as achievable as navigating through scenic mountain and waterfront routes. However, it's equally essential to prioritize culture and enjoyment. If you're in quest of the perfect destination for your personalized cycling getaway, we're ready to suggest popular destinations for the approaching year. Immerse yourself in our latest cycling travel recommendations.


Cycling Trend Destination No. 1: Cycling year-round in Portugal

Portugal stands out as one of the sunniest regions in Europe, offering the opportunity for year-round cycling exploration. The "Land on the Edge of Europe" is sure to both surprise and captivate you. Portugal's rich heritage from the "golden" age and its cultural treasures make it a genuine gem. Embark on a journey tracing the paths of renowned navigators or indulge in the nostalgic melodies of Fado while enjoying a glass of Port wine. Explore our array of cycling tours in Portugal for a comprehensive overview.

Cycling tours in Portugal

Tour Lisbon - Sagres

For all Portugal enthusiasts and sun seekers, we recommend the Lisbon – Sagres tour. Cycling along the captivating Atlantic coast, you'll journey from the vibrant metropolis of Lisbon, passing by unforgettable beaches and pristine fishing villages. Your gaze will always be directed towards the sea. Enjoy the sunshine, occasional ocean breezes, or develop a craving for Pastéis de Belém – a delightful sweet treat.

Cycling Trend Destinations No. 2: Destinations between mountains and water

Cycling amidst crystal-clear waters, picturesque mountains, historic cities, and traditional Austrian cuisine – these are the experiences you can enjoy on cycling tours in Austria. In Bavaria, combine cycling with fresh air, picturesque landscapes, a cozy stopover, or savor typical Bavarian beer amidst the mountain peaks. Alternatively, venture into beautiful Italy and indulge in our journeys offering fantastic views of the Alps. Treat yourself to a creamy gelato on a Piazza or take a refreshing plunge into the cool waters of the Adriatic. Gorgeous coastal stretches with Italian flair, cultural diversity, and a variety of natural spectacles will surely impress you.

Cyclists at the coast of lake Formarin

Ten Lakes & Sound of Music

The renowned lake region in the Salzkammergut is something special for everyone due to its beautiful nature and cultural diversity. Crystal-clear waters and enchanting riverside landscapes for refreshing breaks in between: Such expectations are absolutely fulfilled on this cycling tour through Salzburg and Upper Austria. You can count on it!

Torino - Sanremo

Embark on a recently introduced cycling tour from the Alps to Sanremo along the enchanting Riviera of Flowers. Pedal through picturesque towns brimming with culture, offering breathtaking views of the Alps, and meandering past vineyards and orchards. At the summit of Colle Scravaion, you'll be treated to a spectacular panorama of the Ligurian Sea. Your journey concludes in the renowned Riviera dei Fiori in Sanremo.

Alpe-Adria Cycle Path from Salzburg to Grado

Starting from the festival city, the path takes you from the Alps to the sea. The city of Mozart offers an array of cultural delights, along with charming small towns and striking natural landscapes. Amidst your cycling adventure, don't overlook the pleasures – culinary highlights await you at almost every corner, extending from Salzburg to Grado.

Munich Lakes Tour

Immerse yourself in the Bavarian white and blue lifestyle! Commence your adventure in Munich, relishing the fusion of the lively cultural metropolis with Bavaria's unique nature. This tour offers a blend of tradition and contemporary design, taking you past Lake Starnberg, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or onward to Bad Tölz, where you can follow in the footsteps of the famous "bull." Don't miss out on the culinary delights – whether it's hearty pastries, the world-renowned beer, or the legendary roast pork. Revel in the tour's highlights, featuring the diversity of lakes, mountain ranges, gorges, alpine meadows, and the vibrant capital city.

Cycling Trend Destination No. 3: France - Castles on river Loire

Experience cultural delights in France in the Loire Valley. Romance knows no bounds: Amidst the renowned castles of the Loire, you'll cycle through charming landscapes from city to city. The journey through France is best described with three terms: cultural richness, rural charm, and romantic architecture. Let yourself be transported back to ancient times of kings, ladies-in-waiting, or feudal lords. Immerse yourself in an extra dose of history along La Route Royale.

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