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Winter escape made easy

Cycle towards the sun!

Cyclist on the beach of Port Alcudia

A fresh breeze is in the air, accompanied by the occasional snowflake gently falling to the ground. Winter has officially arrived, and amidst the pre-Christmas stress and work routine, you may find yourself yearning for the sweet, warming rays of the sun in the south. Today, we invite you to dream and share with you places in Europe where you can unquestionably bask in some sunshine. 

Cyclist on the beach of Port Alcudia

The sunny island in the Mediterranean: Cyprus

Even in winter, a cycling holiday in Cyprus offers mild temperatures and hours of sunshine. The Mediterranean island unfolds its charm through a fascinating history that dates back to ancient times and accompanies you throughout your tour. In 10 days, your route takes you to the remote Karpas Peninsula in the Turkish part of the island. Idyllic villages and blooming almond trees line your path, while delicious and authentic local dishes await you between each cycling stage. Care to bet that Cyprus will enchant you too?

Hours of sunshine: between 5-6 hours per day

Best time to travel in winter: February

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Sun, flowers and pure nature in Madeira

Do you feel your heart quickening at the enchanting view of Madeira, the magical island? Its rugged coastal landscapes, lush and magnificent vegetation, along with a mild climate, establish Madeira as one of the most sought-after travel destinations for the cold season. Embark on a cycling tour across Madeira, discover the charm of the small coastal town of Porto da Cruz, renowned for its stunning views from the 'Miradouro da Portela' viewpoint. While pedaling, allow your mind to wander, and let your heart take the lead. 

Hours of sunshine: 6-7 hours per day

Best time to travel in winter: January - March

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Summer feeling in Sicily

As you might have noticed, these wonderful travel destinations share a common thread. It's not just the ideal conditions for a winter cycling vacation; each of the highlighted destinations captivates visitors with a picturesque natural landscape along the cycling route. Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, holds its own in this aspect. As you cycle through southeastern Sicily, you'll traverse the Val di Noto, cities designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2003. Charming fishing villages, the soothing sound of the sea, and the warmth of sunlight on your skin during a cycling break not only evoke a summer ambiance but also guarantee a fulfilling cycling holiday.

Hours of sunshine: 4-5 hours per day

Best time to travel in winter: February - March

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Sunny hours on Majorca

A dream in the summer, but also an absolute top travel destination in the colder seasons: a cycle tour on Majorca. Even in winter, cycling enthusiasts will find gorgeous natural scenery with hours of sunshine, stunning coves, and picturesque mountain landscapes. The mild weather accompanies you throughout the ride, allowing you to escape not only the winter chill but also recharge with new energy for spring. The heart of Majorca is yours to explore; let yourself be captivated by the island's charm. 

Hours of sunshine: 5-7 hours per day

Best time to travel in winter: March 

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Town Bunyola in Mallorca
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