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Lake Constance in Southern Germany has Something for Everyone

It is the diverse routes that make the area around Lake Constance one of the most attractive places for cyclists within Europe. In the hilly region in Allgäu a bit more fitness is required. In comparison, the bike paths directly on the edge of Lake Constance invite you for a relaxed cycle ride. Whether you are a sporty cyclist or a fair-weather cyclist, there is a cycle tour at the right difficulty level for everybody near Lake Constance because we have so many different tours.

Sunset at Lake Constance

Three Countries connect on one Spot of the World: Lake Constance invites you for a Bike Tour

By cycling in the Lake Constance region, you do not have to differentiate between the German, Austrian and Swiss way of life. In this special place, one entirely new culture has developed combining parts from all three. This emphasises the characteristics of each of the regions. There is Austrian humour along with the well-known Swiss tranquillity. If you go for a glass of wine, the German hospitality will go a long way here!

Cycling-tours at Lake Constance

Cyclist observing Lake Constance

There is so much to discover at Lake Constance, so get cycling!

You certainly won’t get bored here whilst cycling through the magical area around Lake Constance. On one side it is the diverse landscape that makes each kilometre great. Little streams turn into large rivers and gentle meadows become colourful orchard gardens. On the flip side, it’s that there is a new highlight every day on the program on your cycle tour in Germany. Those of you who are interested in technology should definitely visit the “Zeppelinmuseum” in Friedrichshafen whilst on your bike tour. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, maybe you will be happier relaxing on one of the islands on Lake Constance. The islands, Mainau and Reichenau, are ideal places for relaxing. Enjoyment doesn’t fall short on a Eurobike bike tour. There is always enough time for a relaxing glass of wine at the edge of the impressive lake.

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