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The most beautiful cycling trips in autumn

Extend the summer by cycling trips in autumn
Lake Attersee in Autumn

Softly, the breeze whispers among the vibrant canopy of leaves, as nature crafts an exquisitely stunning mosaic of colors across the terrain, while temperatures take on a more agreeable demeanor. With the onset of autumn, the most resplendent phase of the year commences. Yet, it's not solely nature unveiling its grandeur; countless locales across Europe are alluring cyclists to relish this exceptional season on two wheels. Allow yourself to be charmed by these captivating cycling tours in autumn, lean back, and amass ideas for your upcoming holiday. A yearning for exploration is undeniably sparked here!

Lake Attersee in Autumn

Moment Collectors

That feeling of 'I'm drawn to the world' is something everyone knows from time to time. The summer vacation might already be a distant memory, and that tingling sensation under your fingernails, urging for a new adventure, grows stronger with each cooler day and fading sunlight. For many, a vacation in autumn holds a special allure. While the temperatures are becoming gentler, the prospect of enjoying the colorful natural landscape, breathing in the crisp air, and soaking up plenty of sun before winter sets in remains. Are you ready for a little spiritual getaway to four of the most beautiful places for a cycling vacation in autumn?


With approximately 300 days of sunshine per year, the Balearic island ranks among the most cherished destinations for a cycling holiday. The spring and autumn seasons, in particular, are ideal for embarking on a cycling holiday in Majorca, as the temperatures become milder and rainfall is a rarity. Gazing out over the glistening sea, you can replenish your energy reserves for the colder months ahead while getting acquainted with the island's exquisite beauty. On tranquil roads, you will experience Majorca from an entirely new perspective – from the saddle. During the cycling tour "Majorca - Bull's Eye" you will leisurely travel from one stage to the next over the course of eight days. In the second-largest city after Palma, the town of Manacor, you can marvel at renowned works of art or take a pit stop on your journey in the wine-producing village of Binissalem.

Majorca View of the bay of Sant Jordi

Carinthian Lakes

A dreamlike setting straight out of a storybook awaits you in Carinthia. Nestled between mountains and the enchanting lake landscape, Carinthia is especially inviting for a cycling vacation in autumn. In Austria's southernmost state, you can expect not only plenty of sunshine but also the perfect blend of active adventure and relaxation for enthusiastic cyclists. As you pedal past the most beautiful lakes, you'll savor breathtaking views of the picturesque countryside, indulge in culinary delights, and explore some of Austria's most exquisite destinations. On our cycle tour Carinthian Lakes, you'll ride along the shores of Lake Ossiach, Lake Klopein, and Lake Wörthersee, relishing hours of pure cycling bliss.

View of Lake Ossiach in Carinthia from the jetty


Cycling tours through Tuscany are a true delight in every season. However, it's especially during autumn that cyclists truly get to experience its exceptional charm. With fewer summer tourists, the landscape undergoes a transformation, enticing with colorful foliage, gentle hills, and pleasant temperatures. On your bike, you'll explore the most enchanting spots, savor the finest wines, and thus bring your autumn vacation to a perfect close. During the Tuscany roundtrip, you'll encounter highlights such as the leaning Tower of Pisa, make a stop in the arguably most beautiful Italian city, Florence, and pedal through a landscape that's nothing short of a dream. This cycling vacation will linger in your memory for a long time to come.

Tuscany Cereal field


Not only a paradise in spring, but also captivates travelers from near and far in autumn. With abundant sunshine, towering mountain slopes, and diverse routes, the autumn vacation can be thoroughly enjoyed here, effectively extending the summer. During the Madeira circular tour, you seldom turn your back to the sea, and thus, the sparkling waters accompany you throughout the entire journey. Were you aware that the route also takes you by the natural swimming pools in Porto Moniz? These are formed from volcanic lava and are considered one of the main attractions of the quaint town of Porto Moniz. After a cycle ride, you can unwind here and bask in the sunlight caressing your skin.

Traditional house on Madeira

Our 3 Packing Tips for Your Cycling Vacation

Pack Your Travel First Aid Kit:

Your cycling vacation should never be without a small home pharmacy. Band-Aids, disinfectant, and a healing ointment should always be in your daypack. This way, you can quickly attend to minor injuries.

Don´t Forget your Swimwear:

Often, a stage of your journey can be combined with a quick dip in the refreshing water. That's why your swimwear should always be packed within easy reach. Also, remember not to leave your sunscreen at home.

Perfecting the Layered Look:

In the early morning, it can still be quite chilly, but as the day progresses, the sun gets warmer, and so do you. In such situations, it's best to dress in layers, a technique often referred to as the "layered look." This involves wearing multiple layers of clothing on top of each other, allowing you to easily shed or add garments throughout the day as needed.

Looking for more tips to create the perfect packing list? Here you can get more helpful advice!

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