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Embracing spring on the bike

The scent of spring is already in the air. Discover the blooming landscapes of Europe.
Apple trees on the Adige cycle path with snow-covered mountains in the background

The lush green of the meadows and forests, the song of small birds who have returned from their winter homes – all are unmistakable signs that spring has reached our lands.

With the rising temperatures, not only is nature coming back to life, but it is also time for the first cycling holiday of the year. Take the opportunity to pedal through blooming landscapes, watch the bees at work, and simply enjoy life.

Where is particularly good for spring cycling? Find out here.

Apple trees on the Adige cycle path with snow-covered mountains in the background

Cycling towards spring

Winter is over, so get on your bike and be there when the world wakes up. Feeling the warm rays of sunshine on your skin, being active in the great outdoors, breathing in the fresh air – oh, how wonderful is spring!

Many beautiful regions in Europe have already revealed their full magic in spring. In some, you can already glimpse this blooming season when it is still deep winter in Austria or Germany.

Almond blossom in Majorca - escape the winter.

Thanks to the mild climate, with pleasant temperatures between 15 °C and 20 °C, almond blossom starts particularly early on this Balearic island. Even from mid-January, Majorca’s almond trees transform the island for several weeks into a fragrant sea of pink and white flowers.

The almond blossoms in the southeast of the island are particularly picturesque. In the region around Santanyi and Felantix, countless magnificently blooming almond trees turn a delicate pink. Choose a small side street to marvel at and enjoy!

You can find more magical photo opportunities in the region's southwest, between Andratx and S’Arraco. A little further north, between Valldemossa and Sóller, the backdrop of the Tramuntana mountains rises in the background of the almond plantations.

The Moors brought almond trees to the island in the 10th century, and they still play a significant role in Majorcan cuisine. Almonds are used in many typical sweets, such as turrón or the popular almond cake “Gato de Almendra.”

A finca on the coast of Mallorca

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More than just wine – the almond blossom in the Palatinate

Cycling holidays in spring in Palatinate have an extraordinary charm. Depending on the severity and intensity of the winter, the region turns into an idyllic sea of flowers. This heralds the beginning of spring. The delicate scent of almond blossoms is in the air, and the landscape along the German Wine Route is filled with a delicate rose dress.

Even more highlights are waiting for you along the route between the Rhine, Neckar and the Wine Route. We can particularly recommend Worms to you. The former imperial city is best known for its role in the medieval Nibelungenlied, but architecture lovers will enjoy the imperial cathedral, a monument of Romanesque church architecture.

Those who enjoy sampling different foods in the Palatinate will also get their money’s worth. Try the kiwis, figs, cherries and other specialities like the local ‘Flaaaaschknepp’, which you’ll undoubtedly encounter on the way, and naturally, you can’t miss out on a good glass of wine!

Three cyclists in front of the Wachtenburg, framed by a steel work of art

Danube cycle path with Charm – experience the apricot blossom in Wachau

In March and April, the first warm days have come. The blossoming buds of the apricot trees in the Wachau transform the region into a fragrant sea of apricot blossoms, bathing them in delicate pink and white pastel colours. If the weather holds, this spectacle of nature of around 100,000 trees lasts up to three weeks.

The earliest flowering of the apricot trees begins in the Krems area and continues up the Danube. Therefore, this is the ideal starting point for a cycle tour along the Danube. You will find extensive apricot orchards on the south bank near Rossatz or Arnsdorf and on the north bank between Spitz and Willendorf.

The Lower Austrian Danube region has a lot to offer culinary-wise. Alongside the rustic cellar alley taverns, traditional inns or even exquisite award-winning restaurants invite you to linger. Regional products, like Wachau apricots, asparagus from Marchfeld, or fresh fish from the Danube, are served.

Cyclists on the Danube Cycle Path

The scent of lavender is in the air – a journey through Provence

Can you smell the lavender yet? When it flowers, between mid-June and the end of August, one of France’s most beautiful regions could be described as follows: the scent of lavender hangs in the air, the colour purple shines in its breathtaking intensity, the blue heavens stretch above, and the hum of the bees can be heard.

This wonderful region can be enjoyed with all your senses. But what would a cycling holiday through France be without the culinary highlights? Provencal cuisine is characterised by Mediterranean influences. The chief ingredients are garlic, tomatoes and naturally olive oil. Well-known dishes from this region include ratatouille, bouillabaisse and lavender jam.

Experience the Provencal dream of interesting cities, impressive landscapes and wonderful cycle paths.

Lavender field in Provence
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