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Our all-year round cycling destinations

cyceling fun all year round

Are you a passionate cyclist and want to sit on the saddle all year round? No problem at all. Because whether it's spring, summer, autumn or winter, your bike doesn't have to gather dust in the cellar or be winterised. We are happy to help you escape the cold season. Our exciting year-round destinations not only score points for their natural diversity and beautiful cycle paths, but you can also relax. Cycle without any luggage in the warm climate of the south and stay active all year round.

Sun all year round

To soak up the sun, you don't have to wait until next summer, on the contrary. You can fly or ride towards the sun whenever you want. Eurobike sends you back to summer even in rainy autumn or snowy winter.

Many destinations like Spain, Portugal or Italy are perfect for year-round tours. And the best thing about these trips, the bike is always with you. While you're freezing at home, a light sea breeze blows in your face during the cycle tour. So what are you waiting for? Enquire now and spend this winter in the sun!


The island of Sardinia is known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise sea, green valleys and picturesque villages. Whoever thinks that this island is bursting with tourists is wrong. Despite its beauty, Sardinia is spared from mass tourism. Far from the crowds, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery undisturbed on your bike.
The Sardinian cuisine with its carta di musica bread or many pasta specialities also invites you to feast at any time. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of this island.


Besides Sardinia, the island of Sicily is also dream destination for the whole year. In the winter months of December, January and February, temperatures still average 15 degrees. Perfect weather conditions for a cycle tour! But it's not only the climate that convinces in Sicily, but also its beautiful landscape, delicious cuisine and the active volcano Etna.
Enjoy the Sicilian flair on your bike along the coast and book a winter holiday on the Italian island this year.


Cycle the Algarve! A long-awaited wish of many travel enthusiasts. But you don't have to rent a car, just a bike. The cycle paths lead directly along the coast.
Dazzling sandy beaches, secluded bays, orange-red rocks and a crystal-clear sea await you there.

Hardly anywhere else lets you combine cycling with relaxation so well - and all year round, too!


A veritable sea of flowers awaits you on the Portuguese island of Madeira. Due to its volcanic origin, a colourful world of flowers can be admired here. And thanks to the mild temperatures, the island also displays its floral splendour in winter. Other highlights of the Madeira tour are the botanical gardens, the lava caves in Sao Vicence and the speedy descent on the basket sledges in Funchal. Do you love spring and would like to extend it? Then the flower island is the perfect year-round destination for you!


Until now, Cyprus has been considered a great insider tip for cycling holidays. Especially in the cooler seasons, more and more cycling tourists are drawn to the eastern Mediterranean island. The best time for an active holiday is between March and May and October to December. Perfect for escaping the cold at home and cycling through carob, almond and olive groves. Traditional Cypriot villages, ruins, sand dunes, archaeological sites and breathtaking panoramic views also await you there.


Cycling holidays in Majorca are no longer insider tips, but they are always worth a cycle tour, even in the cold seasons. At a pleasant 15 degrees and with fewer crowds, you might discover the island differently than in the high season in summer. There, secluded bays, pristine sandy beaches and a turquoise blue sea await you. However, if you prefer to explore the interior, i.e. the heart of Majorca, we have the perfect cycle tour for you - "Majorca - Bull's Eye".

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