Our all-year round cycling destinations


Would you like to cycle in the winter too? We can help you escape the cold weather. You could go to Portugal, islands in the Mediterranean or slightly further away to somewhere like Cuba. Our exciting all-year round cycling destinations aren’t only great because of their rich natural diversity and their wonderful cycle paths but also in terms of the quality of relaxation that they provide. Cycle without your luggage in warm southern climes and keep active with Eurobike.


Even Empress Sissi loved this island that is located in the Pacific Ocean for its mild climate. This island is a wonderfully colourful flower world due to its volcanic origin. The rugged cliffs fall sharply below sea level and shape the coastal landscape. Visit the botanical garden, the lava caves in Sao Vicence or enjoy a speedy decent down to Funchal on basket sledges.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and it is characterised by the wonderful Mt. Etna, Europe’s most active volcano. Due to its central location Sicily has been shaped by trade and sailing since early days and that is why there are lots of Greek temples, Roman theatres and Byzantine churches to admire there. Regain your energy after cycling with traditional Sicilian food. That could be pasta con la sarde or farsu.


On our tours in Sardinia you cycle far away from crowds of tourists through untouched scenery. You can also enjoy the view of the turquoise sea. Despite Sardinia’s beauty it has stayed away from mass tourism so far. About 1.5 million inhabitants live on the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Enjoy the cuisine here, for example try the Carta-di-Musica-bread or lots of the pasta specialities.


In the North on the Karpas peninsula you cycle through red currant, almond and olive groves. Bays will entice you for a swim. Although the island has been split since 1974 by Turkey and Greece, this doesn’t pose a problem for the tour. Due to trading in the Bronze Age, Cyprus has been an important political centre from early on. The flora and fauna is very specific to Cyprus’ scenery because in recent years any new types of flowers have been discovered here. Famagusta, the starting point of your tour, has often been an important trading centre throughout history and you will go past lots of excavations.

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