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This was our Anniversary Year 2022

A review of all anniversary highlights around ‘‘30 years of Eurobike"

Shortly before the turn of the year, we look back happily and in gratitude onto the past twelve months. 2022 was a very special year for us since we celebrated 30 years of Eurobike. Has it really been 30 years since the Eurobike foundation stone was laid? Crazy how time flies! And what has happened in three decades! A very special team and the enjoyment of our guests in what is probably the most amazing form of holidays – cycling – have made Eurobike what it is today. In 30 years of Eurobike we were able to experience many unique moments and get to know special people as well as valuable guests and partners. We have dedicated our anniversary year to these people, moments and milestones, remembered, thanked, celebrated together and braced ourselves for the next 30 years.

Anniversary logo, anniversary campaign, anniversary film, anniversary festivities: all of this and much more has shaped our past 365 days. Let us review the Eurobike anniversary year and “experience“ all our anniversary activities of 2022 in a quick pass-through here in this blog.

30 Years of Cycling Bliss with Eurobike

For 30 years now a lot of passion, know-how and heart and soul went into our cycling holidays. Tours which enable our guests to take an active and beneficial break from everyday life. The positive feedback from our guests, our long-standing partners and our unique team show us that the path our company founders have taken more than a quarter of a century ago was the right one. Only in this way could the vision of a successful cycle holiday brand in Europe become reality.

When we started with a handful of tours in the Salzkammergut, on Majorca and in Tuscany in 1992, the foundation stone was laid for what is probably the most beautiful form of active holidays.

Today, over 400 cycle tours throughout Europe can be explored from a cycling perspective. There are always new cycle paths and routes to discover. Season after season we add new tours to the program and there is still no end in sight even for our cycle tour through Europe after three decades.

To perfectly organise active holidays, choosing the most beautiful routes away from the mainstream and guaranteeing constant, optimal support is the philosophy, which has accompanied us from day one. With individually tailored cycle tours and personal on-site support, we aim to offer first-class quality when it comes to active holidays.

The Success Story of the first Eurobike Cycle Holiday

It was the initial Eurobike tour – and it is just as relevant and popular today as it was then. Since on the Ten Lakes Loop Tour between the Salzkammergut and the Salzburg Lake District, our guests cycle through Austria’s most stunning picture-perfect scenery. Our company founders Herbert Würtinger and Walter Schmid already know how beautiful their homeland is. Right here on their doorstep in the Salzkammergut, they found all the ingredients for a recipe for success that has not lost any of its charm even after 30 years: a unique landscape with picturesque lakes surrounded by mountains serving as magnificent backdrop. We were fortunate to welcome around 50 000 enthusiastic cycling tour guests on the Ten Lakes Loop Tour over 30 years.

But how did this very first Eurobike cycling tour actually come about? How has it changed over the past 30 years? And what is the special charm of the Ten Lakes Loop Tour? Company founder Herbert Würtinger told us about the development of the “mother“ of all Eurobike cycle tours.

Memories from 30 Years of Eurobike

Interviews with our regular guests

30 years of Eurobike – this means above all 30 years of holiday experiences by Eurobike guests, whom we had the pleasure to wecome on our cycle holidays. Your all-round perfect cycle holiday is our incentive. We are proud that so many long-standing loyal customers are part of our Eurobike success story.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we wanted to find out more about your passion for cycle holidays with Eurobike. We wanted to know how many Eurobike cycle tours you have already embarked on, what you particularly appreciate about the brand and what cycle tour wishes for the future you have. We have compiled the pictures and memories of our regular customers from 30 years of Eurobike for you in the Anniversary Blog.

... our long-standing team members

30 years of Eurobike – this also means 30 years of holiday stories and experiences from Eurobike team members, who represent our company with their blood, sweat and tears, their engagement and passion. For the anniversary we have introduced some of their faces to you. Our colleagues, who have shaped this company for many years, will tell you, why they are proud to work at Eurobike and which moments have stuck in their memories most.  

However regardless of whether they have been part of the team for a long time or have only recently joined: every single team member is important to us and is a key component in the more than 30-year success story of Eurobike. Only with the special commitment of each individual can we organise perfect cycle tours for our guests and make them want to embark on a holiday with Eurobike.

... our company founders Herbert & Walter

How did it actually all start? Where did you meet? How did the idea for Eurobike come about? We not only wanted to know this and much more about our company founders Herbert and Walter, but also to capture it all in an anniversary film, since there has never been real videographic footage about the development of Eurobike.

So, in early summer when the weather was marvellous, we asked Herbert and Walter for an interview and recorded their story on video. And they had a lot to tell! Since together they look back on moving, exciting, challenging, successful and unforgettable years all in the name of Eurobike Cycle Holidays.

... our managing directors Verena & Thomas

How has the Eurobike brand developed? When was Eurobike Hiking Holidays founded? Where are we today? And which special Eurobike moment do you remember the most? We also asked our current managing directors Verena and Thomas about their personal journey at Eurobike and edited their memories together for our anniversary film.

We chose Mount Buchberg not far from our company headquarters situated on the outskirts of Obertrum, as the location for the interviews with our company founders and the management team. Since from up here you enjoy a wonderful view onto the Alpine panorama. If you look at the vastness of the scenery here, you will understand where our passion for cycling and hiking stems from.

Roll the film for the Eurobike Anniversary Film

A unique anniversary film was created featuring exciting interviews of our company founders and current management, voices of our long-standing Eurobike team members and companions as well as emotional impressions from the entire team. Entertaining and with a lot of heart and soul, it recounts the history of our cycle tour brand from the beginnings to the present day in moving pictures. The big Eurobike story celebrated its premiere in video format in mid September as part of our anniversary festivity weekend in Obertrum. Here our Eurobike film was the emotional highlight of the weekend festivities and caused thunderous applause and a few tears in the eyes of our guests. 

We present you our anniverary film online and in full length. Sit back and enjoy 30 minutes full of funny, informative and unseen footage of our company.

Roll the film!


Sponsorship campaign: 30 years – 300 helmets

In celebration of our 30-year company birthday, we wanted to give something to our Eurobike home Obertrum. Naturally, it had to have something related to cycling and be a heartfelt thank you to the region in which we and our team have felt completely at home for so many years. And what would be better suited than equipping the children of Obertrum elementary school with new bike helmets for their cycling test, as safety when cycling is particularly important to us. And so the fourth-graders of Obertrum elementary school were in for a very special surprise when they left the school building in mid April. Just in time for the bike test at the beginning of May, we presented the 4th graders with high-quality brand new UVEX bike helmets. And this sponsorship campaign will continue over the coming years:  since we have rounded up our 30 years to 300 helmets, so that the fourth graders of the years to come at Obertrum primary school can also look forward to new bike helmets.

Anniversary Festivities – a weekend in Obertrum

What was clearly the highlight of our anniversary year: were the big weekend festivities at our company location in Obertrum. An so, on 10th and 11th September 2022, guests from all over Europe came to Obertrum to toast a special success story with us.

The weekend festivities kicked off with the anniversary celebration on Saturday, to which we invited long-standing business partners and companions, the company founders, regular customers, our advertising models and all Eurofun Tourisik team members. Around 250 guests from all over Europe gathered in the marquee set up in Obertrum, including managing directors of the 13 companies of the Eurofun Group. Not only did they all bring colourful, funny and creative anniversary presents, but also lots of memories, anecdotes and joy when reuniting again in Obertrum.  

Sunday was all about family,friends, neighbours and guests of honor from politics and business, who gathered for an atmospheric cyclists‘ brunch in the marquee in Obertrum. Around 400 guests celebrated a jolly anniversary party enjoying “Weißwurst“-saussages and pretzels.

30 years of Eurobike Team Spirit

What accounts for the success of Eurobike … It is above all our highly motivated team, flat company hirarchies, excellent working atmosphere and the lasting appreciation of our entire team. This special Eurobike team spirit also includes numerous company activities. And that for more than 30 years now. Since regular company outings, Christmas parties, summer parties, sports events, team member anniversaries and much more strengthen the sense of community and are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. In addition to the big team activities, we also celebrate a lot of small, spontaneous events because it is simply important to us to regularly spend time together outside of work, to strengthen the team spirit and to engage as a team. Come with us on a journey through 30 years full of team activities – laughter, joy, togetherness and memories that will never be forgotten!

Group photo of the Eurofun team in the Sarca Valley

At this point we would like to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your loyalty and your trust – and that for 30 years!

The Eurobike Cycle Tour continues!
With a dedicated team, fabulour guests, eventful holidays and many, many ideas for the furture.
With this in mind: Here is to the next 30 years of Eurobike!

We wish you a peaceful and tranquil Christmas with your loved ones and a Happy New Year 2023!

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