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5 secret tips for your next cycling tour in Europe

Places of desire that will enchant you too!

Places of desire often carry unique emotions, personal memories, and a sense of nostalgia. These places beckon you to dream, enchant with their culinary delights, natural beauty, or distinctive spots that are unparalleled and evoke positive sentiments. Today, we're thrilled to share 5 exclusive tips with you, enhancing your European cycling tour and offering intriguing recommendations for your upcoming vacation.

1. The magical Wachau

Did you know that the Wachau Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage site? This enchanting valley along the Danube is renowned for its castles, charming villages, and vineyards. However, the region has many more highlights to offer, best explored during a cycling tour in Austria.


Spring transforms the Wachau into a sea of blossoms, as during this season, the landscape along the Danube is bathed in delicate pink, creating a wonderful contrast to the greenery. To ensure you don't miss this marvelous spectacle, preparation is key. You can observe the development of the blossom via webcams and plan your vacation accordingly. If you want to learn more about the apricot blossom time in the Wachau, visit our blog post on the apricot blossom.




Many cyclists are familiar with the ruins of Dürnstein, as the historic old walls not only carry a rich history but also gained fame through the legend of Richard the Lionheart. However, are you also acquainted with Aggstein Castle Ruins? It majestically perches above the Danube and remains a hidden gem. Guided tours through the castle provide insights into the history of the region and offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.

2. The dreamy Tuscany

Imagine yourself sitting in a small side street in the heart of Tuscany, sipping on a cappuccino after an extensive bike ride. Surrounding you are the laughter of locals, a warm breeze, and a magnificent view of Italian Renaissance architecture. There's no need for us to elaborate on why Tuscany is an absolute desirable destination and a hidden gem for your cycling tour in Italy, is there?

The thermal spring in Saturnia

Warm thermal water, a natural waterfall, and an experience that lingers in the memory. The warm springs of Saturnia are a hidden gem for all nature enthusiasts seeking relaxation after a cycling tour. Admission is free, and if you secure your spot in the pool shortly after sunrise, you'll have it almost to yourself.



Thermal bath Saturnia in Tuscany

Giardino Bardini Garden

Tucked away in the heart of Florence, the Bardini Garden is a true hidden gem. This enchanting spot enthralls its visitors, particularly in spring, with an unparalleled abundance of blossoms and a picturesque view of the old town. Unlike other parks, it is less crowded, making it the perfect place for a leisurely stroll.

3. The bavarian Flair

Munich not only features the renowned Hofbräuhaus immortalized in popular songs but also showcases a diverse range of attractions as the capital of Bavaria. The city radiates urban charm, boasts verdant havens, and provides a culinary palette that includes specialties from Weißwurst to Obatzda, creating a truly distinctive experience for a cycling holiday in Bavaria. Venture off the beaten tourist paths, and you'll discover a wealth of other desirable locations and insider tips that are not to be overlooked.

Artists´ Quarter Haidhausen

Cyclists can expect a touch of French flair in the Haidhausen district, making it a hidden gem for art and culture enthusiasts. Winding through charming narrow streets and past historic buildings, this part of the city exudes a special charm. Small art galleries, street art, and numerous cafes contribute to hours of diverse and engaging experiences.



Palatinate fountain bike break

Olympiaberg in Munich

You may have already heard of the Olympiapark, but are you familiar with the Olympiaberg? Standing at 60 meters high, this artificially constructed hill is located right in the middle of Olympiapark in Munich. From its summit, one can gaze upon the Munich skyline and take in the surrounding landscape. Additionally, at Olympiasee, there's a wonderful beer garden that entices guests with traditional Bavarian dishes and beer on warm summer days.

Snack with bread, white sausages, pretzels, Obazda and beer

4. The sun-kissed Algarve

If we had to describe the Algarve in just a few words, we would likely choose sun-kissed, idyllic, and coastal. Especially during a cycling tour along the Algarve, you'll uncover not only dreamy beaches and rugged coastal landscapes but also hidden treasures that will ensure wonderful moments during your vacation.

Lighthouse at Cape St. Vincence

This unique lighthouse is perched on a cliff and is a significant part of the Portuguese heritage. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sunset, painting the sky in a colorful palette, making it the ideal rest stop on your cycling tour through Portugal.



Culinary Faro

The capital of the Algarve, Faro, attracts numerous visitors to its famous Old Town. As you stroll through the charming narrow streets, you can discover the market hall, Mercado Municipal de Faro. Here, you'll find regional specialties and experience the authentic Portuguese atmosphere. The market is home to many small restaurants where you can indulge in a culinary treat. A true hidden gem!

Joscha cycling in Faro

5. The swedish Summer

The mild temperatures, long summer days, and lush landscapes invite you to an unforgettable cycling vacation in Sweden. Enchanting moments, numerous highlights along the routes, and the unique local atmosphere perfectly complement the cycling experience. The region around Stockholm, in particular, offers excellent opportunities for exploration during a cycling vacation. 


Drottningholm Palace

This enchanting palace is located on the island of Lovön near Stockholm and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Once a royal summer residence, it now welcomes visitors to explore the castle park, visit the Chinese Pavilion, or enjoy a break at the castle café.



The port city of Göteborg

The harbor city is situated on the picturesque west coast of Sweden and is renowned for its wide array of fish restaurants, a laid-back atmosphere, and excellent conditions for cycling enthusiasts. While strolling through the Haga district, you'll come across small cafes and vintage shops, where you can savor a cinnamon bun or two. This sweet delicacy symbolizes coziness and the enjoyment of the moment, making it a hidden gem not to be missed during a visit to Sweden.

Typical pastry in Sweden: Cinnamon bun Kanelbullar
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