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The 10 most beautiful regions for cycling holidays

Eurobike presents the highlights for 2021

Sparkling lakes, imposing mountain landscapes, fascinating cities, picturesque villages and of course the sea: what do all these special places have in common? That’s right, they are best discovered on the saddle of a bike. But where should you go on your next cycle tour with so much choice? Eurobike has summarised the 10 most beautiful regions for cycle tours for you. Let yourself be inspired – and you will soon find yourself in the most magical places on earth!

1. Salzkammergut

The Emperor’s new…cycle paths!

Even Emperor Franz Josef knew it: holidays are perfect in the Salzkammergut. Regardless of whether it is a summer holiday or a cycle tour: the lake district scores with holidaymakers with its impressive mountain landscape and a large number of lakes. A sophisticated network of cycle paths is the icing on the cake.

Our tip: after your day in the saddle, get yourself a crispy ‘Steckerl-Fisch’ on the lake shore!

2. Carinthia

A cycling holiday in the ‘land of friends’

Like the Salzkammergut, Carinthia also impresses with numerous mountains and lakes. In addition, there is an almost Mediterranean flair in the sunny south of Austria, and of course delicious Carinthian cuisine. The famous Kasnudeln are known far beyond the borders of the state. However, many active holidaymakers are also familiar with cycle routes such as the Alpe Adria Cycle Path. The best way to explore the south of Austria is relaxed and leisurely – because the Carinthian motto is: “Homma jo kan Gneat!” (We’re not in a hurry!).

3. Lake Neusiedl

On a tour of discovery in the ‘Everglades of Burgenland’

A very special treat awaits cyclists in eastern Austria: the Lake Neusiedl. It is not only Austria’s largest, but also one of the few steppe lakes in Europe. The mild Pannonian climate and the flat terrain make cycling here particularly pleasant. And the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park, which is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site, makes it all the more exciting! So hop on the saddle – and after a cycle tour you should definitely treat yourself to a delicious glass of Burgenland wine.

4. Southern Bavaria

Out and about in Germany’s most likeable federal state

Hops and malt, may the Lord preserve it! In southern Bavaria, you not only cycle towards the sun, but also often with a cold beer and tasty pretzel. In addition to a large number of breweries, cyclists can also expect a lot of sights and natural treasures.

The ‘boarische’ south is definitely worth a visit!

5. Palatinate

A break in the ‘German Tuscany’

Did you know that kiwis, bananas, figs and cacti thrive in the Palatinate? No wonder that the almost Mediterranean ‘German Tuscany’ is also extremely popular with cyclists.

The sun-drenched Riesling growing area will take you on a journey into the world of diverse sensory impressions – that’s for sure!

6. Baltic Coast

On the trail of the sailors

A distinction is made between at least six different types of coast on the Baltic Sea. There is plenty of landscape diversity on the Baltic Sea. And the region shows its diverse and particularly photogenic lighthouses, chalk cliffs and the endless expanse of water. Add to that salty, fresh air and the gentle cry of seagulls…if that doesn’t make you want to head to the sea, what will? The best way to explore the beautiful Baltic Sea coast and famous islands such as Rügen and Usedom is by bike.

7. Chiemgau

A visit to the fairytale King

In the Chiemgau, cyclists can not only visit the magnificent Herrenchiemsee Palace of Ludwig II, the fairytale king. The Chiemsee is itself a majestic sight – it’s rightly called the ‘Bavarian Sea’. With its 1,400 kilometres of signposted cycle paths, the region invites you to take long tours through a picture-book landscape.

8. South Tyrol

From gelato to ‘Greatschl’

…and from Lake Garda to the Dolomites. South Tyrol combines the best of two countries – Italy and Austria. And not just in terms of landscape and cuisine. The Austrian warmth and Italian joie de vivre also make a cycling holiday there a very special experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the charm of Alto Adige!

9. Veneto

Landscape diversity & cultural treasures

The region around the lagoon city of Venice is considered one of the most beautiful in Italy. The Romans already knew how to appreciate wonderful Veneto.

From cities like Verona, Venice and Padua to impressive mountains to fertile fields and vineyards: those who live ‘dolce vita’ will also love Veneto.

10. The Loire Valley

In the saddle through the garden of France

300 magnificent castles and palaces in the midst of a rural idyll: who wouldn’t feel as though they have been transported back to another era? In the Loire Valley, time really does seem to stand still at times. It is hardly surprising that the romantic, dreamy region is particularly popular with those looking for relaxation and those interested in culture – it combines both like no other. From the saddle to your bike, the gate to the past is sure to open for you too…

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