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Cycle tours at harvest time

The most beautiful cycle tours in the golden season

When the scent of ripe fruit floats in the air, Mother Nature puts on her most beautiful dress in the most dazzling colours, when the colours of autumn cover the landscape like a filter and the farmers proudly bring home the fruits of their labour, then it's that time again - harvest! Autumn is the time of year in the Eurobike calendar that many of our regular guests have already marked in red. A particularly popular period for cycle tours is during the grape harvest. Do you see yourself cycling through colourful vineyards and are you looking forward to a glass of young wine? You are right, because there is hardly a better time of year for a cycle tour. Do you have a moment? Then we would be happy to introduce you to our most beautiful cycle tours at harvest time.

Out and about in Germany's most popular wine region

You don't have to be a wine connoisseur to guess the name of this region. We are of course talking about the Palatinate and its most famous offspring - Riesling. The fascinating thing about this cycling destination is the climate and its vegetation. Due to the extremely mild climate, the Palatinate and its flora are almost reminiscent of Tuscany. In addition to endless vineyards, there are also exotic almond trees, fig trees and other Mediterranean-like plants in the lovely landscape of the Palatinate. There is a large selection of great cycle tours here. Two particularly beautiful examples, however, are the tour Rhine & Vines with Charm, a tour that stands out thanks to particularly lovingly selected hotels, and the Palatinate Wine Tour Based in One Hotel, during which you stay in the heart of the Palatinate, on the German Wine Route, and can explore the most beautiful corners of the Palatinate.

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Törggelen and cycling - an unbeatable combination

Have you ever heard of Törggelen? Do you know what we're talking about here? A South Tyrolean would probably explain it this way: This is the time in late autumn when you can finally taste the new wine. Törggelen is the fifth season of the year in South Tyrol, a feast for the senses and above all for the taste buds. The new, young wine of the season is tested, drunk and mostly found to be good. In addition, cold and warm delicacies such as roasted chestnuts, speck, rustic bread, sausages and dumplings are served. A culinary fireworks display will await you in autumn in South Tyrol. You can be sure of that. The good news is: You can never go wrong with a cycle tour in South Tyrol - no matter which one you choose. Whether the South Tyrol Based in One Hotel, Reschensee - Lake Garda or Bolzano - Venice - your choice will be the right one.

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Piedmont and its wines

Piedmont is probably one of the most famous wine regions in the Eurobike range. Well-known wines such as the Barolo, the Barbaresco or the Moscato d’Asti are among the figureheads of this culinary stronghold of Italy. And believe us: it is simply a fantastic moment when you cycle through the breathtaking vineyards of the region in autumn, watch the winegrowers harvest and look forward to a drink after the cycle tour. On the beautiful Piedmont tour, for example, you cycle directly through the vineyards of the Barolo area. After a somewhat strenuous ascent, you will be rewarded with an incredible view of the vineyards as far as the eye can see. And the Gourmet Piedmont tour will also delight fans of autumn. Because in three out of seven nights you will be accommodated in typical agriturismi, which will pamper you in the evening with a typical Piedmontese dinner and serve you regional and seasonal products.

The green heart of Austria ...

... this is how Styria is known. Not without reason, because Styria is one of the most popular autumn travel destinations for wine lovers. When the weather is wonderful, the Styrian ‘Buschenschanken’ invite you to enjoy tasty drops and snacks made from regional products. Whether Morillon, Chardonnay, Scheurebe or the famous Styrian Junker - there is something to suit every taste. That is why our cycle tours in Styria are considered true leisure tours, especially in autumn, and are not only pleasing to the eye, but also or above all to the palate. It is entirely up to you whether you choose the Mur Cycle Path or the Insider's Tip in Southern Styria. In any case, you can’t go wrong with any of these tours.

Drink wine on the beautiful blue Danube

What sounds like a fairy tale here is reality on our wonderful cycle tours along the Danube. Cycle relaxed along the course of the mighty Danube, enjoy the view of the lush wine terraces of the Wachau and if you feel like a glass of delicious white wine, then just stop and enjoy it in an authentic wine tavern. Stretch your legs, let the sun shine on your face and taste the regional delicacies that are served with your wine. Our cycle tours along the Danube Cycle Path are offered in all possible variants. However, almost everyone's destination is the venerable capital of Vienna, which, in addition to wonderful wines and the finest cuisine, also has a good portion of culture to offer.

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