Cycling Tours in spring

When Spring oozes its charm once the cold Winter months are over, nature awakens with renewed life force. This makes our appetite for outdoor activities increase. Temperatures rise, plants start to sprout and days become longer again, this is the perfect time to hop on your bike! 

Cyclists in a vineyard near Lake Viverone

Tour Suggestions for your Spring Cycling

What could be better than cycling through idyllic scenery warmed by the sun, along rivers or cycling through nature accompanied by a Mediterranean scented sea breeze? We have compiled some of the most stunning cycling tours for you this Spring. Of course, all our tours are also bookable at short notice.

Our 5 Cycle trips perfect for springtime

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Germany / Austria

Danube Cycle Path

8 Days | Self-guided tour
If you fancy a cycle tour through beautiful Austria, you’re in luck. The Danube cycle path is perfect for particularly special leisurely trip! The tour is considered the most popular cycle route in Europe, with its versatility and beautiful landscape.  But that’s not all: The Romans, the Nibelungs, emperors and kings have all trodden this path. What can you expect? Baroque towns, idyllic river landscapes and cultural highlights for sightseeing in between. Hop onto the bike saddle and off you go on an exploration through Austria! Details from the cycle tour Passau - Vienna The starting point of this cycle tour is the baroque town of Schärding or the three-river town of Passau. The decision from where you want to start is entirely up to you. Nature-lovers will be delighted. The Danube Cycle Path has some of the most beautiful landscapes in Austria. The city of Linz, the Marchland and the Wachau are just a few examples of the charming areas in which you make a well-deserved stopover. The special feature: permanent signposts and the beautiful blue Danube as a landmark. If you lose your way, there is nothing to worry about. Because the river is your faithful companion and brings you safe and well to the metropolis of Vienna. Foodies take note! Culinary enjoyment is very important in the districts of Upper and Lower Austria. Regional delicacies, exquisite wines and specially produced cider make up the culinary delights. Highlights of the tour at a glace Wine tasting: The Wachau stands out for its wine production. Between all the orchards and vineyards, a tasting can’t be missed! Melk Abbey: This Wachau landmark is certainly worth a visit. Because the Benedictine monastery is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. You will be impressed! Enjoying coffee in Vienna: When you arrive in the capital, you have really earned yourself a “Verlängerten” (Austrian coffee). Enjoy it as you take in the charm of the city! Useful information about the Danube Cycle Path  Over eight stages you cycle from Passau to Vienna. Numerous breaks provide recovery in between. The easy route is consistently flat, making it ideal for a first family cycling trip. Get all information and many more tour tips for our cycle tours along the Danube Cycle Path.
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