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The most beautiful wine tours in Italy

Our cycling tours for wine lovers
Small alley in the old town

Cycling holidays in Italy are not only characterized by idyllic landscapes, a mild climate and culinary highlights, but sunny Italy is also a famous wine-growing region and known for its excellent red wines. In this blog post we reveal the most beautiful cycling tours for wine lovers and take you to the most famous wine regions of Italy, which offer an ideal combination of cycling pleasure and enjoyment.

Small alley in the old town

The land of wine

Did you know that Italy has a total of 20 wine-growing regions? Therefore, the wines have a variety of flavors due to the different climates and soils. Wine growing has a long history in Italy, beginning with the conquest by the Greeks. Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese and Montepulciano, these are some of the most popular red wines in the land of pasta, pizza and co. Depending on the soil, those wines taste different and thus offer the right variety for every wine lover.

Cyclist couple surrounded by green vines

Wine loves the mild climate and grows only under the best conditions, usually these are also the most beautiful regions where you can enjoy a cycling holiday. But Italy is not only a perfect destination for enjoying good wine, cycling is also particularly fun here. You'll discover picturesque landscapes, enchanting regions, and you can stop along the way for a culinary treat or a cool glass of wine. Have you already got a taste for it?

Cyclist Piedmont

South Tyrol

Small but impressive is probably the best way to describe the wine-growing region of South Tyrol. Although it is one of the smallest wine-growing regions in Italy, a large part of the area is classified as DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata - a designation for origin-controlled wines from specific growing areas). Not only is this region great for cycling, South Tyrol is also home to fruity, aromatic white wines. A cycling holiday in South Tyrol also offers a special flair at any time of year. While the mountain world passes you by with every pedal stroke, you dive more and more into the Mediterranean south of the region. Classics in this region are the cycling tours Innsbruck - BolzanoSouth Tyrol - based in one hotel or Bolzano - Verona

Cyclist South Tyrol


As a classic red wine country, however, Piedmont is the only wine-growing region that doesn't have a Mediterranean influence. Due to the different climate in this region, the wines impress with a finesse and give the grapes a lot of taste. Barolo, Dolcetto and Barbaresco are particularly popular varieties in Piedmont, which can be enjoyed after a bike ride with a view of the vines. Wine growing has been practiced in this region since ancient times and today the wine growing area in Piedmont is one of the most important in the country. On a cycling tour in Piedmont you can taste these fine wines yourself and experience fantastic cycling stops. How about the cycle tour Gourmet PiedmontPiedmont Round Trip or The cycle tour Turin - Sanremo? Pleasurable moments are guaranteed on the tours.

Bike break wine



Italian flair as far as the eye can see. Along with Piedmont, Tuscany is one of the most important wine-growing regions in Italy and enchants wine lovers with Chianti wines, for example. These wines have a special note, due to the geological soil conditions and the minerals in the soil, the wine gets its character. Due to the gentle hills and the Mediterranean climate, the conditions are also particularly good for excellent wines. Cycling tours in Tuscany include wonderful landscapes, varied routes and plenty of sights. On the Tuscany roundtrip, the cycle tour Florence-Rome or the cycling tour along Tuscany's coast, you will experience a very special flair and immerse yourself in the world of wine.

Tuscany olive groves


The largest island in the Mediterranean is not only a treat for the eyes in terms of scenery, but also produces great wines. Different climate and soil conditions make Sicily a wonderful wine region, the most important grape on the island is the red Nero dʼAvola. Through about 119,000 hectares of vineyards, Sicily is by far one of the largest Italian wine-growing regions. The wine loves the Mediterranean and very hot climate and rewards with delicious wines. White wines dominate here in terms of area. Enjoy a glass or two of wine on a cycling tour in Sicily, on the cycle tour Sicily South East a wonderful and varied bike tour awaits you, which will take you through dreamy towns and impressive natural landscapes.

Sicily bike tour

Tasting wine like a pro

Now you have already learned about the most beautiful wine regions of Italy and maybe you already feel like tasting one or the other glass of wine. We give you our 3 tips so that the wine tasting works and becomes a successful experience.


Swirl the wine glass and look closely at the color. What is the clarity, depth of color, and hue?


Hold the glass in front of your nose and inhale the scent of the wine. What aromas do you perceive? Do any particular aromas stand out? What is the intensity of the smell?


Now it's time to taste. Sip the wine first and then keep it in your mouth for a while. How does the wine feel in your mouth? Creamy or oily? How sweet or sour do you find the taste? An aroma wheel can assist in evaluating the taste.

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