The most popular Moderate Cycling Tours at a glance

Who says a cycling tour has to necessarily be exhausting? We have compiled the most popular moderate tours for you across Europe’s most beautiful sceneries. Culinary moments of bliss and cultural treasures inclusive.


Italian Flair in Tuscany

Vines and olive trees as far as the eye can see, marvellous sandy beaches and breathtaking areas: allow yourself to be enchanted and experience an unforgettable moderate cycling holiday in Tuscany. You start in Pisa, arguably at the most renowned lopsided building in the world, the Leaning Tower, and finish in Florence at the Ponte Vecchio – the Cycling Holiday Pisa – Florence is the perfect holiday for cyclists interested in culture.

Our tip: why not make a stopover at one of the wine-growing estates and enjoy a glass of red wine!

Cyclists in front of field

Mediterranean island idyll on Majorca

Marvellous scenery with secluded bays and sleepy Majorquin villages. Majorca’s coastline invites to a moderate cycling holiday with splendid terms – far away from noisy tourist parties. A special highlight of the Cycling Tour Majorca with Charm: You spend your nights either directly at the sea or you have a pool or spa area at your disposal. Pure relaxation guaranteed!

Our tip: optimal seasons for a cycling tour on Mallorca are both spring and autumn.

Boats at Lake Chiemsee

Bavarian Congeniality on Lake Chiemsee

Experience culinary moments of bliss during the Cycling Holiday ‘Lake Chiemsee Impressions. Since Bavarian delicacies and a cold beer are a must whilst on a cycling tour across the region. But that is not all: the idyllic route with a view onto the Alps provides an experience of nature of a special kind. Please remember: pack your swimming things and take a plunge into Lake Chiemsee after the tour.

Cyclists in the vineyards

Wine and enjoyment in South Tyrol

Once upon a time it was the farmers and wine merchants of South Tyrol who gathered in autumn in order to sample and taste the young new wines. Today the so-called ‘Törggelen’ merges a longstanding tradition. Discover South Tyrol’s beauty by bike and enjoy great wines and traditional dishes in the numerous wine taverns selling proprietary new wine, called ‘Buschenschänken’. Bottom line is: during the Cycle Rally South Tyrol truly everyone gets their money’s worth!


Sensual impressions in the South of France

The fragrance of blooming lavender fields, the taste of crispy grilled fish, the sea breeze on your skin and the fabulous view across the landscape. One thing is obvious: you will probably always remember this cycling tour across the South of France. The tour leads you through places which Vincent van Gogh was already delighted with once. You embark on an 8-day tour of discovery – from Provence all the way into Camargue.

Our tip: It is crucial you pack a camera, so you can capture the marvellous nature panorama.

Runway at Lake Wörthersee

Sun, water and nature in Carinthia

Moderate cyclists however totally get their money’s worth in Austria too. Green valleys, crystal clear lakes and majestic mountain peaks – Carinthia invites you for a stay. During the Cycling Holiday ‘Lakes in Carinthia’ the route leads you from Lake Faaker See to Lake Ossiacher See, all the way to Lake Klopeiner See – the perfect opportunity for a dive into the cool water. What do you think?

Incidentally: the Carinthian lake district provides the highest number of sunshine hours in Austria.

Tips for Moderate Cyclists

  • Cycling has to be fun and does not need to turn into training. Take your time.
  • Comfort is important, so invest in a comfortable bike seat. Please make sure you test it beforehand!
  • Also good quality clothing is crucial. Cycle shorts and shirts need to be a good fit in every cycling position and be comfortable.


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