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Shining water as far as the eye can see



A Cycle Tour in the Chiemgau Lake District is a Cultural Delight

You don’t have to cycle very far in Chiemgau in order to be able to see the water. The region in south-east Bavaria has a dense water network consisting of rivers, lakes and other bodies of water too. The largest body of water in Bavaria and also the region’s trademark feature is the expansive Lake Chiemsee. Don’t be surprised if there is a constant slight babble that seems to be following you on your bike tour in Southern Germany.



Enjoyment that just keeps on going kilometre after kilometre: Bike Holidays in Chiemgau

Push hard against those peddles because the Chiemgau delicacies are widely available. A “Brotzeit” (bread time) with cheese, ham and black bread provides you with enough energy for each stage. A meal in Chiemgau is of course not complete without fish though. In all of the guesthouses around the lakes and rivers you will be cooked different dishes. You sure should try a “Steckerlfisch”, which is a fish grilled on a stick in the traditional way a fisherman would do so. A vendace (Renke in German), grilled over a charcoal fire is one of the most popular delicacies in the region.

Traditions meet Fairy Tales in Chiemgau and complement each other perfectly

Rural tradition is to be seen all over Chiemgau. Discover true tradition on your bike tour with Eurobike. The traditional dress is in no way only dragged out of the wardrobe for particular festive events here; instead it is actually worn because they enjoy wearing it and therefore they wear it often. With a bit of luck, you will see a couple of fine examples of people in traditional dress in the town centre when in Rosenheim, Altötting and Wasserburg. In Chiemgau, it is not only the “Lederhosen” (leather shorts) and the “Dirndl” (a traditional style dress) that belongs to the traditional dress but also hats, and shoes as well as plaited hair and make-up for the ladies. All of this is an important part of the tradition!

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